Laalaaji Nilayam




Bringing forth’ Laalaaji Nilayam’ to curious attention; its expeditious recital would be a ‘cloister’ an abode of religious fraternity substantiated by a Naqushbandia (Sufi) mystic, Mahatma Ramchandra, affectionately known as ‘Laalaaji’ (1873-1931). During his life-time, this small house was the habitat of Laalaaji sahib and he lived here for more then some two decades and during this space of time ’Laalaaji Nilayam’ has been the heart-throb of a great socio-spiritual movement, thereby, he worked for the all-round felicity and the upliftment of humanity.

Laalaaji sahib is a Naqushbandia (Sufi) shaykh (spiritual-Master), greatly acknowledge even today. Laalaaji has been admitted Novice in to the tradition without the formal conversion in to Islam by his pir-o-murshad (spiritual-master) Hazrat Maulana Fazl Ahemad Khan Sahib (place be upon him of qusba Raipur, Kaimgangj District Farrukhabad (u.p.) and he is, Laalaaji and Laalaaji alone who brought the Sufism, out from the four-walls of Islam making it accessible to one and all, irrespective of any cast and religious. According to Laalaaji Sahib the Sufism means mysticism as applied to natural science and thus a new genealogy sprung as ”NaqshMuMRa Faith” from the hierarchy of Laalaaji sahib, but of course, adding no genetic name of any particular religion. This is how’ Laalaaji Nilayam’ is felicitous as supreme holy-place, where all and sundry, who owe allegiance to same banyan tree, come from for and wide in millions prevalent in some 92 nations abroad, to genuflect, every off and on.

The realities of things are permanent, the word is transitory and the reality about Laalaaji is that he is the living example of a Hadith of Holi-Quran, which says-“poverty is my pride.” Laalaaji is epitome of simplicity and sacrifice. Laalaaji is one who preached renunciation to the householders, i.e. guarding one’s self against seeing “other then God”, in this world and the ‘world beyond the veil’. These were his ideas to breathe, which kept his eternal body alive and active. Which he was in his physical form and his entity is to the view by the cardiac eye, here in Laalaaji Nilayam even now.

Laalaaji, a house holder of high spiritual excellence, served the Government for his family-livelihood,. He got his house divided in to two portions, out of which, one to used as gynoecium’s and the other one, which, is now known as Laalaaji Nilayam he developed it as a ‘hermitage’, where the disciple house-hold-couples lived in solitary cells in order to practice austerity and self disciplines under sentinel guidance of Laalaaji sahib and again he was Laalaaji and Laalaaji alone who used to arrange their livelihood sharing from his own salary. The floor and the walls of ‘Laalaaji Nilayam’ still use to narrate such facts about the catholicity of Laalaaji Sahib.

The glow of Beatific-vision, which Parampujya Laalaaji Sahib used to focus (Tawajjoh) on the hearts and the souls of the visitors, has un-interruptedly been succeeded by ‘Laalaaji Nilayam’ evidently radiating the same light and the same sensation of eternity and the entrant experiences the living presence of Laalaaji sahib, event now.