Laalaaji's Life and Mission


Brief account of life and mission of: H. H. Shri Laalaaji Maharaj

Born on, Monday the February 03, 1873 [AD] Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji, affectionately known as Laalaaji Maharaj stands 35th in the Golden Sufi Saints Hierocracy of Naqshbandiya-Mujaddadiya-Mazahariya] descending right from the Prophet of Islam. He is the first non-muslim Naqshbandiya Sufi saint initiated by the ceremony of bay’t in to this great ‘Silsila’, by his ‘Pir’ [Spiritual-Master] - Hazrat Maulaanaa Shah Fazl Ahmed Khan [1857-1907], stands 34th in this Hierocracy, called ’Sjijra Shareef’.The unique feature of the Naqshbandiya Sufis is that they do their practices in silence. This group of eminent Sufis named after a great saint known as Hazrat Harun, renamed as ’Naqshbandi’ by his Spiritual Master, who loved him most amongst all his disciples and for this reason most of the other disciples were jealous with Harun. A related story about renaming Hazrat Harun is that - One day the Master had to go out and ordered Hazrat to paint a certain quantity of earthen-pots, black, with the inscription ‘Allah’ in white. But Harun, owing to many devotional practices, forgot to do it. When the Master arrived back, the other disciples immediately informed him of the forgetfulness of Harun. The Master enquired from him about the work entrusted to. Harun replied in affirmation, yes. All the disciples were furious. He is not only forgetful but a liar, they said. The Master went in to the room where the earthen-pots were standing. Harun, by profession was a pot-painter. But as Harun glanced at the pots standing there, owing to his great devotion and the grace of God, all the pots were standing black with the white lettering as ordered. Since then, his Master gave him the name : ’Naqshabndi’, the ‘impresser’.

As claimed by the scholars that the Sufis were found much before the Prophet of Islam, it is the ancient Wisdom. Much before a sect called “Kambal Posh” [blanket wearers], and they went to every prophet. These researches are much contextual to the story related to the birth of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji.

His father, Chaudhri Harbax Rai Adhauliya was then posted as Excise Superintendent, Farrukhabad. He belonged to a Jaageerdaar [great landlord] family of Bhogaon [district - Mainpuri]. Despite all his splendid magnificent material state, Chaudhry Sahib was childless. His mother, Mrs Durga Devi was a great Devotee of the Lord and a great lover of ‘Rama Charit Manas’. She was sad because she had had no issue. One day, inadvertently a ‘Kambalposh-mazzub [ascetic] appeared at their door and asked for alms. The saint expressed a desire to have fish for meals. It is well to remember that meat and fish were taboo in the ladies’ quarters, of a ‘Vaishnava-family]. It so happened that very day, the Nawab of Shamsabad had sent two cooked fish as gift to be used in male-quarters. This fact was within the knowledge of their maid-servant and she informed her mistress. She sought of her mistress’s permission to fetch the same for the use of the ‘Kambalposh-ascetic’ from the male-quarters. This was done, she brought the plate of the cooked fish for him, who enjoyed his meals with fish and was ostensibly very pleased. The maid was precisely waiting for such an occasion asked for a separate favour for her mistress. She narrated how the couple were still childless and how unhappy the mistress was on this account. The maid prayed that the saint might grant the boon of a child for the couple. After a few moments he beamed and raising his fingers towards heaven said “one ——- two —— on——two ——“ and muttering this he departed never to be seen back again. The first son born on Monday the 03rd February 1873 [AD] to Mrs. Durga Devi of grace was Mahatma Ram Chandra and the second one born on Thursday October 07, 1875 [AD]

While a child, he inculcated in himself a deep love of music, and had an amazing aptitude for producing an exact imitation of the intonation etc of any song which he had heard only once. His mother’s spiritual-life hd a great effect on him and he had at that young age, developed a strong love for Reality. His mother breathed her last when he was only seen years of age and he was brought up by another Muslim lady who loved him very dearly and whose affection were repaid by him in full. Laalaaji had deep regard for her all her life.

After completing the primary education at home by one Maulawi, who exhaustively educated in Urdu, Persian and Arabic. later on he was admitted in Christian High School, Farrukhabad for further education from where he passed his middle class ‘Anglo vernacular examination’ in April 1891. Laalaaji’s father also passed away soon after getting both the brothers married. During Chaudhry Sahib’s life time both the brothers were living with him in house allotted by the Government and were enjoying a princely life. But soon after his father’s death he had to vacate the house and shifted in to small rented house in mohalla - Nitaganja in the Farrukhabad town. For his livelihood he met to the then Collector who was quite friendly with Chaudhry Sahib and pleased to appointed him as ‘paid apperentice’ in his office.

It was perhaps the God’s arrangement that incidentally he came in the contact with his Spiritual Master, and was formally initiated by him [without conversion in to Islam] on June 06, 1896 and was granted full powers of the ’Full fledged Master’ [Guru] on October 11, 1896 [AD]. And, in return for this conferment he [Maulvi Fazl Ahmed Khan Sahib, R.A] asked as his ‘Dakshina’ - “you should go on serving the lonely-astray persons and lash with love selflessly and without expectation of any reward. I hale you should in the same way as I have bestowed today these riches on you in the name of the Lord. Never endeavour to be Master but, as befitting to the times. Always have the service of mankind as your Moto and always to serve the children of God, considering yourself merely as their peon and doorman. These are critical times and people are seen to so many shortcomings that inspire of having the inner desire and will to do so, they are unable to tread the path of spirituality without anybody’s help. It is they who will clear your attention.” All-through his life he spread his Mission with the aforesaid ideal before him.

Laalaaji’s gracefulness was an outward expression of his inward harmony of soul. There cannot be a more glorious object in creation than a human being replete with benevolence, meditating in what manner he may render himself most acceptable to the Creator by doing good to His creatures.

By nature he was always calm but was easily moved by the pains and pleasures of others. Possessed of a melodious voice, he was an adept at employing sweet language for communicating his thoughts and captivating the hearts of his audience. Really could he angered. Not given to superfluous talk, he spoke as little as possible; but in answering questions put to him he dealt with them exhaustively, he seldom was the questioner left in doubt.

Laalaaji was very much against rituals and favoured widow marriage as well as female education. One of his wishes that the children of Satsangis marry amongst themselves ; but early or late marriages did not find favour with him.

Laalaaji established regular Satsang from the year 1914 and started training his followers. He did not put off this work even during his illness. After his retirement on 30th June 1928 [AD] he began to give all his time to his noble work. He spent two or three hours every day on dictating books, articles and letters to Satsangis. He was a great scholar of Urdu, Persian and Arabic, and had had a sound knowledge of Hindi and Sanskrit. He had disclosed the hitherto unknown secrets of Vedas, illuminatingly interpreting important riches and bringing Reality of light. Controversial phrases and words commonly used in scripture but generally misunderstood, were explained in such a simple way and in such easily understandable words coined by him that real knowledge became common property.

A few days before his ’NIRVANA’ he said “many liberated souls are present around my bed. This is sure proof that the hour to be with my beloved has come. In the end he underwent an attack of diarrhoea and consequently became so much weak that he could not walk by himself. On August 14, 1931 he came to the Puja Room unaided, and all by himself lay on his bed with his eyes closed, never be opened again. At 01.00 AM in the night [between 14th and 15th August 1931] the light, which had illumined and enlightened the hearts of groaning humanity with unparalleled love and changed the face of the earth, allowed itself to be extinguished. This great house of mad men, which we call the world was left to be lit up by the small and big sparks he had lit.

His spiritual teachings can be summed up as below -

[01] Engage your self in practice of listing to every heart-beat, super imposing there with the nomenclature of the Lord [Ajapa Jaap].

[02] Keep your heart pure, away from the corrupting influences of undesirable things and undesirable company.

[03] Always keep attuned to the Lord, your attention should never for a moment deviating there from.

[04] Concentrate your attention on the heart and keep your heart centred in the Lord.

[05] endeavour to attain kin-ship and and attachment to eternal truth, the Lord of Universe.

[06] Gradually erase the identity of self, try to merge in, and attain oneness with God.

[07] Sacrifice life in this grand endeavour.

This alone is the easiest and most certain shortcut to attain eternal bliss.

During his last days Laallaaji lived in a hose [know known as Laalaaji NIlayam] situated in Talaiya Lane [renamed as Mahatma Ram Chandra Marg] Fatehgarh UP. To pay homage and glorify the liturgical fealty of the place the family persons have installed his tangible presence, where Laalaaji Maharaj lived to expound the purpose of human life i.e. self-realization untill left his physical remainders and resumed in the main stream of eternity.

His ’SAMAADHEE MANDIR’, where his last remains have been put in, is situated at road-side, 01/114 Nevada, Kanpur-road, Fatehgarh UP.

Here the seekers after truth throng in ever increasing numbers, as year pass on and assemble once in a year in Easter Holiday, from Good-Friday to Sunday, in the annual conjuration, Bhandaaraa to quench their spiritual thirst and renew the bonds of love.

The tradition of Revered Laalaaji Maharaj was ably carried on by his son Mahatma Jagmohan Narain to he passes on August 31, 1944. And there after the elder son Mahatma Akhilesh Kumar carried on the work of the Mission by publication of the works of Laalaaji Maharaj and by editing a monthly ‘Adhyatma Dhaaraa’ till his untimely departure on 15th May 1974. Now the burden of carrying on the torch of his Grandfather has fallen on shri Dinesh Kumar Saxena.

Many missionaries, like ‘Ramashram Satsang Mathura, Shri Ram Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur etc, are also engaged in propagating the tenets of Revered Laalaaji Maharaj through the registered Societies and non-profit companies.

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Laalaaji breathed his last at Fatehgarh (in the house referred to above) on Saturday the August 15, 1931 and his tradition was ably carried on by his son, Mahatma Jagmohan Narain,

till his demise on Thursday the August 31, 1944.

After passing away the later, his son-Mahatma Akhilesh Kumar carried on the work of the mission by publication of the work of his grandfather and by editing a periodical “Adhyaatma Dhaara” till his untimely death on May 15, 1974. Now the burden of carrying on the torch of the Master has fallen on Mahatma Dinaysh kumar, his younger grandson.

The present Dean of the Seat:

Born on October 28, 1944 Mahatma Dinesh Kumar Saxena,

the grandson, spiritual and de jure heir of Mahatma Ramchandra Ji (Laalaaji) Maharaj is the present-day Dean of this Seat. A graduate of the Agra University, Dinesh Kumar Ji is a householder-saint. After completing about 36 years of his acknowledged services in the Railways, he opted for voluntary retirement in the year of 2002 and is now whole-time servant of ‘Humanity’. His permanent dwelling abode is; ‘Laalaaji Nilayam’, 01/45-A Talaiya Lane, Mahatma Shri Ramchandra Marg, Fatehgarh (UP) India 209601. The aspirants can meet him, with prior appointment. His day-to-day movement is available on 'Facebook'. Presently, he is in LAALAAJI NILAYAM, FATEHGARH. During next three months he will be in Chennai. <>