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World Individuals Qualifier Results

posted Oct 31, 2009, 11:29 PM by Eric Moberg
Congratulations to the following students for their excellent efforts at the World Individuals Qualifier!  The students competed in a field of 46 students from 10 schools.  A special congratulations to KMLA for winning the Sweepstakes as best all-around school.

The following four students qualified for World Individuals in Lithuania:

    Qualifier: Hanna Kim (KIS)
    Qualifier: Kim, Tae Heun (HAFS)
    Qualifier: Seung Hoon Chae (KMLA)
    Qualifier: Sung Ah Yoon (KMLA)

    1st Alternate: Jung, Ji Yun (HAFS)
    2nd Alternate: Keun Woong Park (KMLA)

    Finalist: 황진하 (CSIA)
    Finalist: Han, Ha-Won (Gimhae)

In addition, the following students performed exceptionally well in specific events:

    After-Dinner Speech:
        1st Place: Seung Hoon Chae (KMLA)
        2nd Place: 김태빈 (CSIA)
        3rd Place: Kuno Choi (Hanyoung)
        3rd Place: Won Woo Choi (KMLA)

        1st Place: Kim, Tae Heun (HAFS)
        2nd Place: Sung Ah Yoon (KMLA)
        2nd Place: Choi, Chang Hyun (HAFS)
        3rd Place: Hanna Kim (KIS)

    Interpretive Reading:
        1st Place: Sejin Paik (KIS)
        2nd Place: Jung, Ji Yun (HAFS)
        3rd Place: Hanna Kim (KIS)
        3rd Place: Kuno Choi (Hanyoung)

        1st Place: Hanna Kim (KIS)
        1st Place: Keun Woong Park (KMLA)
        1st Place: Park, Seongwoo (HAFS)
        2nd Place: Young Hyo Yang (KMLA)