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8th Korea Public Speaking Championship Results

posted Nov 16, 2013, 5:48 PM by Eric Moberg
Congratulations to the following students for their excellent efforts at the 8th Korea Public Speaking Championship!  The students competed in a competitive field with representatives from eight schools.  A special congratulations to Korea International School for winning the Sweepstakes as best all-around school.  Also, congratulations and thanks to Korea International School for successfully hosting the event!

The following six students qualified for World Individuals in Lithuania:
     Qualifier and Korea Public Speaking Champion: Jae Hyun Park (KIS)
     Qualifier: Jeong Eun Oh (GAFL)
     Qualifier: Dongjae Lee (Bugil)
     Qualifier: Ye Lin Hahn (Daewon)
     Qualifier: JongHyup Baek (HAFS)
     Qualifier: Sun Jae Jasmine Lee (KIS)

     1st Alternate: Hyunsoo Kim (Daewon)

In addition, the following students performed exceptionally well in specific events:

     After-Dinner Speech:
        1st Place: JongHyup Baek (HAFS)
        2nd Place: Na Eon Kim (HAFS)
        3rd Place: Gyuyeol Cho (Bugil)

        1st Place: Jae Hyun Park (KIS)
        1st Place: Sun Jae Jasmine Lee (KIS)
        1st Place: Junwon Park (KIS)

     Interpretive Reading:
        1st Place: Jae Hyun Park (KIS)
        1st Place: JongHyup Baek (HAFS)
        1st Place: Sun Jae Jasmine Lee (KIS)
        1st Place: Na Eon Kim (HAFS)

        1st Place: Jae Hyun Park (KIS)
        1st Place: Ye Lin Hahn (Daewon)
        1st Place: Hyunsoo Kim (Daewon)
        1st Place: Junwon Park (KIS)
        1st Place: Chanwu Oh (KIS)
        1st Place: Claire Jeeyoung Pak (KIS)