Consultations by phone or Skype - Consultas por teléfono o Skype

"Happiness is the simple knowing of your own Being as it truly is." ~ Rupert Spira  
"La felicidad es el simple conocer tu propio ser como realmente es." Rupert Spira      
Our suffering comes from nothing more than losing sight of our true nature, which is always and immediately apparent but gets overlooked in the same way we overlook the screen when we get caught up in the images on it.

I can help you see clearly, experientially, the innate health and well-being that shines at the heart of even your greatest distress, be it depression, anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD, grief and loss, mood swings, relationship conflict, parenting issues, life transitions, indecision, or any other mental, or emotional distress. 

Disclaimer: The phone consultations that I provide are not phone counseling or psychotherapy.  
Also, this is not a crisis line.  If in crisis please call a local or national crisis line, and in an emergency call 911.

Ricardo Hidalgo, LMHC
Ricardo Hidalgo, LMHC
I am a licensed mental health counselor in Washington State

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