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This year we are making Typing Agent available to all teachers in 3rd-8th grade. After consulting our rockstar typing teachers across the network (shout out to Juston Jackson and JP Payne!), we decided to use Typing Agent for its instruction, student-facing data, and engagement.

Get Started


Students and teachers login through the school splashpage, using their Google login credentials. To login directly from a URL, go to

Typing Agent PD (ppt)

Shout out to JP Payne for putting this together! Lots of best practices here.

About Typing Agent

Thanks to JP Payne (DTA) for putting this together!

Teacher Guide

Best Practices

Typing Videos

Juston Jackson uses these with his students throughout the year to teach and reinforce quality typing habits.
Click on the playlist to see all videos.

Student Tracking

Here is a sample tracker you can have your students use when they finish typing each day.

Typing Instruction: Best Practices (doc)

Games: Turn On Grit Coins

By turning on Grit Coins, students will only be able to complete games by earning grit coins (aka completing activities).