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Self-Paced Lesson: Teach Yourself!

What is eduCanon?

How to Upload (directions)

How-to (short video)

How-to (longer video)

eduCanon PD Presentation

Guiding Questions for Using eduCanon Data

How-to Videos

How to Assign Bulbs (Video Lessons) to Classes

How to Assign a Bulb from the Monitor Tab

Basics of Monitoring eduCanon Lessons

How to see which students watched a video

How to see an aggregate of student performance

How to access data (class average, student specific)

Student Management in eduCanon

Student View!

Student Log-In Video

How do I record a Screencast?

        • [on a Mac] use the Quicktime app already on your computer
        • [on a Chromebook, PC, or Mac] use Screencastify in Google Chrome: add extension here; or you can use CaptureCast Chrome: add extension here.

New Dashboard Overview