What is Blended Learning?

What does blended look like in the classroom?

There are a variety of blended models that schools across the country use to include technology in their classroom. You will be determining what model best fits your vision for your school. No one model must be followed rigidly, but rather can be adapted to the specific needs of the school. You may also find that mixing and matching different aspects of the models will benefit your students best. Don't feel that these models are prescriptive so much as they are dynamic and adaptable.

Christian Institute: What is Blended Learning?
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Regardless of your choice of blended model, you will also need to identify what key focus areas from our "High 5" signature practices for blended learning. Instead of taking the 'whole hand,' focus on one or two practices that will make a significant impact this year.

Blended Learning Basics Videos

For a general overview of the role blended learning plays in personalizing learning, and how to design your school for success, check out this excellent piece from EdSurge by expert Michael Horn (of the Christensen Institute).

Still confused about what blended learning actually is? Watch a quick clip explaining KIPP Empower's blended program (skip to 2:30 for a quick overview of their blended model):

A Two-Gear Construct for Envisioning Blended Learning (Personalized Instruction & Student-Driven Learning)

Still confused?? Watch a more in-depth definition of Blended Learning.

Edutopia: Blended Learning in the Classroom

Match School Virtual Video Tour

Want to just let loose and follow your own path? Check out's resources. You can view more videos here, as well.