Good Eats

Donna and I enjoy food. There are few things we aren't willing to at least try. Our experience living in the Middle East in the 1980s exposed us to numerous foreign cuisines that we have developed a love affair with, especially Indian, Lebanese, and Thai cuisines.

As a rule, we try to eat a healthy diet. We both enjoy a good salad, and vegetables are always on the table. We support local farmers' markets when available. Although we eat meat, we may go several days or even weeks without any type of meat in our meals. When we do eat meat, we normally -- but not always -- keep the portions small.

But we do have our weaknesses. I guess my greatest weakness is traditional BBQ, such as brisket with generous helpings of potato salad, cole slaw, and beans, and sides of onion and pickles and white bread. This is comfort food for me, and it always takes me back to my childhood growing up in East Texas. Both of my parents enjoyed BBQ, and I am usually reminded of them when I have a plate of smoked Que in front of me.

Both Donna and I have a weakness for Mexican food, especially chips and salsa. My standard Mexican food fare is cheese enchiladas, but I occasionally enjoy a good beef fajita plate. Donna likes taco salads. We both enjoy bean chalupas and nachos. And it's mighty hard to eat good Mexican food without an ice cold draft beer.

Generally, we avoid fried foods, though we do have occasional lapses. Every once in a while, we get a yearning for southern fried chicken, and I'm on a continuous quest for the perfect chicken fried steak. Other than these fried foods and any frying done in Mexican food (chips, tortillas, etc.), about the only fried food we get is with an occasional order of fries. We do not fry in our house at all, so the only fried food we get is when we eat out. We both enjoy a good, old-fashioned hamburger, though these are difficult to find. Normally when we have a burger, we just make it ourselves, usually when we are camping.

When I started this blog, I decided I would occasionally write about places where we have eaten. I will simply link to those blog entries from this site. I'll arrange the entries in ABC order by town.


As we travel about, I'll be adding new entries.