Donna and I have been blessed throughout our lives. We've enjoyed good health, good jobs, and good family and friends for years. But life got even better on February 1, 2011, the day we retired. Since then, we've done what we want when we want. We stay up late -- well, Donna does -- and sleep late -- well, Donna does -- any day of the week we wish to. We travel as often as possible in our travel trailer, preferring to stay at state parks whenever possible. We enjoy being outside, whether in our own yard or elsewhere. We really like hiking, and have hiked in parks and other places all over Texas. We just enjoy life in general.

We invite you to share the good life with us on these pages. Drop by often.

I've maintained a blog for the past 2 years or so, and will continue to post items there while transitioning more fully to this website. For now, please use the "Happy Trails Blog" link to the left to quickly access the blog.