Social Studies 8

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PowerPoint Resources for Social Studies 8:

Parent's Guide to Social Studies 8 (Also refer to the pdf handout document for this presentation.)

 Course Outline & Expectations

This course reinforces the idea that distinctive cultures develop in response to a variety of influences through the study of historical trends in Ancient Times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Reformation, in Europe and Asia.  Specific civilizations studied include: the Roman Empire, Byzantium, Medieval Islamic Civilization, India, China, Japan and Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Europe.  Knowledge of geography and associated skills acquired in the elementary grades are reinforced and expanded.  After an introductory unit on basic map and globe reading skills, geographical study will be integrated with history in the remainder of the course.  Current events are also considered an essential part of this course.

Course Outline and Expectations:  Click here. 

Sutherland Library Guide to Bibliography formatting

Working BibliographyForm - for gathering bibliographical information

Link to MLA Bibliography examples

Link to Working Bibliography blank grid

Link to SQ3R Study technique - Your text book is designed for using this technique.  Read the handout and practice what it preaches.

Link to Courtney Middle School Social Studies Resources.  This is a fabulous site with outstanding resources.

Atlas Resources:

World History Atlas (KMLA)

Map Blanks (To use with assignments):Wikipedia's Blank Maps Page.  Scroll down to find what you need.

Online Map Generator from Planiglobe.

National Geographic's Xpeditions Atlas

World  A selection of decent maps.

Maps from NATO - Good European and Atlantic Blanks.


Link to Ancient Rome Material

Link to Byzantine & Islamic Empires 

Link to Medieval Material

Link to The Renaissance & Reformation

Link to Exploration

Link to Chinese History

Link to Japanese History

Link to Indian History