Comparative Civilizations 12

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Benoy's PowerPoint Presentations:


Introduction to C. Civ. 12

Using MLA style (from Purdue University, modified by Mr. Benoy)

Ancient Egypt:

Egyptian Architecture

Ancient Greece:

Greek Pottery

Greek Sculpture

Greek Architecture

Go to Professor Christina Clark's PowerPoint links page for 23 Greek Art & Archeology

Ancient Rome:

Roman Painting

Roman Sculpture

Roman Architecture


Byzantine Icons


Islamic Architecture

Early Medieval:

Early Medieval Art (so called Dark Ages)

Ottonian, Romanesque & Gothic:

Carolingian & Ottonian Architecture

Romanesque Painting

Romanesque Sculpture

Romanesque & Gothic Architecture

Gothic Painting

Gothic Sculpture






Piero della Francesca

Fra Angelico

Jan van Eyck

Leonardo da Vinci

Baroque & Enlightenment

Gianlorenzo Bernini - K. Benoy

Comparative Civilizations 12 is a course which will allow students to develop a basic understanding of the evolution of western art forms from the time of Old Kingdom Egypt to the 17th century.  The main focus is on developments in Europe, but there are two non-European units – Ancient Egypt and Islamic Civilization.  This examination demonstrates how cultural interchange has produced growth and change.  The course will look at trends in architecture, painting, philosophy, sculpture, philosophy, poetry and music.

The Ministry of Education's Instructional Resource Package for Comparative Civilizations 12 is at (Note: this is only available as a .pdf file.

Link to the Archeology Channel for streaming video and other resources on mankind's cultural heritage.

Link to Resources for Comparative Civilizations 12

Link to ArtsEdge weblinks page for terrific arts resources, including Artcyclopedia and ArtLex - a dictionary of art and more. 205 items are given, and a filter device provided to narrow down your search for resources.

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Units in the Course:

Click on the titles below to access material.  Package work can be linked to directly.  Materials pages provide supporting information.  These pages are constantly under construction; you may not find material available yet.

Introduction to Comparative Civilizations 12 material

Ancient Egypt - C.Civ. 12

Ancient Greece - C.Civ. 12

Ancient Rome & Byzantium

Islamic Civilization - C.Civ. 12

A Frozen World; Early Medieval Europe

Great Thaw - C.Civ. 12

Romance & Reality; The Gothic Age

Man, the Measure of All Things; The Early & Northern  Renaissance

The Hero as Artist - C.Civ. 12


Protest & Communication; The Reformation

Grandeur & Obedience

Light of Experience - C.Civ. 12