History 12

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History PowerPoint Presentations:

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History 12 Introduction

Theories of History

Themes of the 20th Century

Writing History Essays

Using MLA style (from Purdue University, modified by Mr. Benoy)

Studying History

Imperialism & Social Darwinism


Final Exam Preparation


Susan M. Pojer's PowerPoint Palooza - the best collection of teacher-created PowerPoint presentations that I've encountered on the Web.


Benoy's Lecture Notes - Read the base notes for all class lectures - but be sure to note the caveat.


Literary Suggestions

Click here to go to my 20th Century literature suggestions.

Movie Suggestions

Click here to go to my 20th Century historical films page. 


A central purpose of History 12 is to engage students in applying the methods of historical inquiry to the study of the forces that have shaped the 20th century. The organization, content, and orientation of the curriculum reflect this purpose. While History 12 can be described broadly as a history of world affairs in the 20th century, it concentrates on the years between 1919 and 1991, with an emphasis on the West and its relation to world affairs. In order to expand students´ historical awareness of global affairs in the 20th century, the curriculum also incorporates a global perspective where appropriate.

Since most students enrolling in History 12 are College or University bound, I teach using a lecture format to help prepare students for post-secondary studies.

The Ministry of Education's Instructional Resource Package for History 12 is found here.

Be sure to refer to and use the online notes from the International School of Geneva's History Department - this covers most of the material in History 12 and is outstanding.

Sutherland Library Guide to Bibliography formatting

Working BibliographyForm - for gathering bibliographical information

Link to MLA Bibliography examples

Link to Working Bibliography blank grid

Link to The History Guide - Must read notes on most of what we cover in History 12

Link to Oxford University's Modern History Useful Links page

Link to Open School BC Online Resources

Link to Preparing for the History 12 Final Exam

Link to Susan M. Pojer's website (the best history teacher's site that I've come across)

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century

The Historical Atlas of Europe

Tacitus Historical Atlas

World History Atlas (KMLA)

Perry Castaneda Library Historical Map Collection (University of Texas)

Bridging World History - A video series that takes a very broad view - free login required.

Interested in the concept of war - see the fabulous site of Justwartheory.com - links to texts, videos, leactures and a myriad of resources.

Map Blanks (To use with assignments):

Wikipedia's Blank Maps Page.  Scroll down to find what you need.

Blank Maps of Canada

Online Map Generator from Planiglobe.

National Geographic's Xpeditions Atlas

World Atlas.com.  A selection of decent maps.

Maps from NATO - Good European and Atlantic Blanks.


Topic 1 - The Study of History

Topic 2 - Conflict & Challenge; The World of 1919

Topic 3 - Promise & Collapse; 1919-1933

Topic 4 - Turmoil & Tragedy: 1933-1945

Topics 5 & 6 - Transformation & Tension and Progress & Uncertainty