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[This website was started on 14/8/8. Based on my GPC website started on 28/1/7.]

Hello friend, my names is James Stuart. I like to write, draw, program, and build electronic circuits, which has been the basis of many of my YouTube videos as well as a lot of the content on this site. But my efforts are not just seen online; I put my computer skills to good use volunteering for charities and other organizations.

Currently I am working at CEX which buys and sells electronics, DVD's and games.

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I have uploaded many videos which can be viewed from my YouTube channel.

I also have a channel on Dailymotion which you can get to by clicking this link Dailymotion channel.

To see my art then have a look at my channel on Deviant art.

To learn about drawing go to the Drawing page.

If you have been affected by bullying please go to Say No to Bullying.

For information about computers old and new then have a look at the Computers Exposed page.

Dreams can be amazing or terrifying, read more about them on the Dreams page.

Whether you are new to electronics or already know it well you'll be sure to enjoy my page about Electronics.

You will find codes by myself and my friends on the Game codes page.

If you want to have a laugh then check out the jokes page.

Anyone who enjoys music whether playing or listening, why not check out the music page.

You can find more information about me or my family on the My Family and Me page.

To read about and download my programs please go to My Programs By James S.

To learn about programming different types of software then why not have a look at Programming By James S

Want to program your own video game or to learn about how a game works, then go to Program your Own Video Games page.

You can find my stories on the Stories page.

For reviews of video games and hardware that I have played please go to the Video games page.

To learn about how some of the most famous video games work then have a look at the Video Game Secrets page.

To see what others think of me and my projects please visit this page What my friends have to say.

If you need to learn about something or you want to read up on someone you like then it'll probably be on Wikipedia.

There are plenty of interesting articles on HowStuffWorks.

Mega Mario's website http://coburn.matthew.googlepages.com/ A friend of mine, we share similiar interests such as making codes and creating our own games. On his page you'll find the latest information about his projects and discoveries. He is also one of the 'big guys' at this forum http://www.coburndomain.net/ which is a great source of gaming information and a place to talk about gaming.

Frauber's (a.k.a. messiaen) website http://sites.google.com/site/messiaen64/ Frauber has created some great codes as well as discovered a lot about how SM64 works. Be sure to check out his site often for his latest hacks.

If you think frogs are cool then check out Kevin's website where you can find out plenty of information and view photos about those hopping amphibians, at www.wix.com/zam_city/Frogs

Why not check out nintendofan9797's site at:


For video games and more check out Akfamilyhome's site at:


YouTube user nikokiz is a big Super Mario fan so be sure to check out his own channel on YouTube at:


For lots of great codes for various games be sure to have a look at Tyler Bergmann's site at:


pidayman has a great site with jokes and codes at: http://sites.google.com/site/n64cheatcodes/

Brandon is a friend of mine who is very much into SM64 hacks and codes, if you ever need help with using Toad's Tool then why not email him at: Toads_tool64help@hotmail.com Or you can check out his website at http://www.toads-tool64help.highpowersites.com/page/page/5762099.htm

Kyle Nemeth has a great gaming website which you can view at: gamingrealm.org

YouTube user sh6dowflameX has some cool codes and other game related pages on his site at: http://www.freewebs.com/codexfusion/

YouTube user yellowfireyoshi has different coloured Yoshi codes for all those fans of Mario's dino helper. Check them out on his site at: http://yellowfireyoshi.googlepages.com/mariocodes.

Random Davis's website has some really interesting information about inventions and new stuff is being added all the time at: http://r2bl3nd.googlepages.com/

Be sure to check out YouTube user spyke4995's site for his version of Sonic Adventure at:


YouTube user davem314 has lots of codes for SM64 and other games as well as other cool stuff at:


YouTube user marioandsonic3339 has plenty of N64 emulation information and more, at:


Lucas' site has Gameshark codes and other game related stuff at:


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