William Knight Berry


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Descendants of William Knight Berry (1766-1811)

 (5th Generation of Descent from Progenitor John Berry)

1.   William (Willie) Knight Berry (son of Thomas BERRY and Frances Berry) b. 8 June 1766, d. Aug 1811 in Dublin.

 He married, 11 April 1796, Anna Wills, b. 1775, (daughter of Godfrey Wills of Willsmore, Co. Roscommon and Charlotte Elizabeth Sterling, dau. of Councillor Luke Sterling , Co. Westmeath) d. 1860 in Manchester. Married by Rev. Thomas Gamble at 8 o'clock in the morning at no. 46 Henry St. Present : James Wills, Mrs. Mitchell, Rose Mitchell, Charles Crow, Henry Straton, Mrs. Wills and Miss Sterling.


                      i      Thomas Francis Berry, b. 16 July 1797, d. 3 Feb 1798 Buried in St Mary's Churchyard.

            2.       ii     Godfrey Wills Berry b. 2 Jan 1799.

                      iii    William Knight Berry, b. 23 Jan 1800, d. 21 Oct 1802 in Dublin; buried at Kilbeggan.

            3.       iv    Charlotte Elizabeth Berry b. 24 Nov 1801.

                      v     John Berry, b. 28 Feb 1803, d. 1 Nov 1803.

                      vi    James Middleton Berry, b. 8 Oct 1804 in Dublin, d. 25 Oct 1875 in Manchester; buried Ardwick Cemetery. Present at his Christening were: W.K. Berry and A. Berry, Godfrey, Charlotte, Mrs. Bourer and R.F.Berry. Sponsors were Sterling Berry, Marlboro and Dora Berry, and Lucretia Wills, these last three not present. B.A. 1828. Senior Librarian to Queen Victoria 1839-75.

                      vii   Frances Sophia Berry, b. 9 July 1806 at Summer Hill, d. 11 July 1806 Buried in Kilbeggan vault 24 Sept. 1806.  Present at baptism: W.K.Berry, Mrs. Bourer, Dr Clarke and Fanny McNamara.

                      viii  Anna Lucretia Berry, b. 13 Mar 1808 at Summer Hill, d. 12 Jun 1840; buried in Clifton Churchyard, Bristol.  Her sponsors were Godfrey Wills Berry, Mrs. John Berry, Mrs. Mulock of Bellair, the latter not present but Anna stood for her. Unmarried.

                      ix    Un-named Berry, b. 8 March 1809, d. 8 March 1809.


Sixth Generation

2.  Godfrey Wills Berry (son of William Knight Berry) b. 2 Jan 1799, d. 1868.  L.R.C.S.I.  Medical practitioner of Tyrrelspass, Co. Westmeath.

     He married, 1823, Sarah Frances North, third daughter of John North of Whitewell, County Westmeath, Esq.


                      i      Anne Berry, b. 1824, d. 1871 unmarried.

                      ii     William Knight Berry, b. 1826, d. 1848 at Tyrellspass, buried in Kilbride Churchyard; of Ballyburky. M.D. Unmarried.

                      iii    Sarah Berry, b. 1828.

                      iv    Godfrey Wills Berry, b. 1831 Westmeath. Ed. privately and at T.C.D. B.A. 1851, M.A. 1856. d. unmarried.

                      v     Deborah Margaret Berry, b. c.1833, d. 1862; unmarried

                      vi    Charlotte Elizabeth Berry, b. 1835.

            4.       vii   Marianne Frances Berry b. 1840.

3.  Charlotte Elizabeth Berry (dau. of William Knight Berry) b. 24 Nov 1801 in Dublin, d. 1871 at Altrincham Grammar School; buried  at Newmarket, Flintshire.  Present at her Christening were: W. K. Berry and A. Berry, Godfrey, Mary Magle and Mrs. Morris. Her godfather and godmothers were: Mrs. Berry, Eglish, Mrs. Berry Hume St and J.M. Berry Esq.

     She married, May 1829, Evan Davies, of Llanwest, b. 1794 at Cefn, d 1855 at Newmarket. Congregational Minister.


                      i      Anna Davies, b. 1930, d. 1931 at Llanwrst.

            5.       ii     Samuel Bevan Davies b. 1835.

                      iii    Charlotte Elizabeth Davies, b. 1838 at Llanwrst, d. 1858 in Manchester; unmarried.

Seventh Generation

4.  Marianne Frances Berry (dau. of Godfrey Wills Berry), b.1840 at Tyrrelspass, d. 1890 at Woking.

     She married Rev. Frederick Augustus Gardiner, (son of Rev. Alexander Stoker Gardiner and Augusta Maude Barber), b.1833 in Yorkshire d. 1900 Regents Park, buried in Woking. He was a chaplain in the Prison Service.


            6.       i      Sarah Frances Gardiner b.1864.

            7.       ii     Freda Marian Gardiner b.1867.

            8.       iii    Frederick William Gardiner b.1896.

5.   Samuel Bevan Davies (son of Charlotte Elizabeth Berry), b. 1835 near Llanerchymedd, Anglesy, d. 1901 at Colwyn Bay. Headmaster Dobcross Grammar School; Asst. Master Altrincham Grammar School.

He married, 1865 at Melton Mowbray, Elizabeth Copley Gimson, b.1839 daughter of John Needham Gimson of Tyswell House N. Hants.


            9.       i      Arthur Evan Davies b. 1866.

                      ii     Charlotte Elizabeth Kirby Davies, b. 1869.

                      iii    Edith Copley Davies, b. 1870 at Altrincham, d. 1894 at Settle; unmarried.

                      iv    Hugh Middleton Berry Davies, b. 1872 at Altrincham. Worked for Manchester and County Bank.

            10.     v     Florence Isabella Davies b. 1874.

                      vi    Gertrude Alice Bevan Davies, b. 1875 at Altrincham, d. 1941; unmarried

            11.     vii   Bernard Lovell Bevan Davies b. 1877.

                      viii  Dora Beatrice Davies, b. 1878 at Altrincham. In 1914 lived in Flensburg, Schleswig Holstein.

            12.     ix    Ethel Winifred Norbury Davies b. 1881.

Eighth Generation

6.  Sarah Frances Gardiner (dau. of Marianne Frances Berry), b. 1864 Tyrrelspass, d. 1940 Harrogate.

     She married, 1888, Frank Aylesbury Stuckey, b. 1862 Brighton, d. 1919. He was Headmaster, Leadall House School, Harrogate. Principal, St. George’s College, Harrogate. WW1 2/Lieut. 7th V.B. Prince of Wales Own (West Yorkshire) Regt.


                      i      Hugh Aylesbury Stuckey, b. 1889. Vicar of St. Martin’s Regents Park. d. unmarried.

7.     Freda (Godfreda) Marian Gardiner (dau. of Marianne Frances Berry), b. 1867

She married Arthur George Hetherington; manager London Country Westminster Bank.


13.     i      Dorothy Hetherington.

                      ii     Cyril Hetherington.

                      iii    Barbara Hetherington.

8.  Frederick William Gardiner (son of Marianne Frances Berry), b. 1869. B.A. 1891, M.A. 1924, Cambridge. Headmaster, Warriston, Moffat. Played cricket for Surrey 1889. Sold Loughnagore and Seyhana.

     He married 1899 at Moffat, Agnes Anderson, b. 1872; daughter of John Anderson of Moffet.


            14      i      Fred Anderson Gardiner, b. 1901.

9.  Arthur Evan Davies (son of Samuel Bevan Davies), b. 1866 at Altrincham, d. 1935. Merchant.

     He married, 1896 at Islington, Adelaide Louisa Mordunt, daughter of Frederick Mordunt and Rachael Simmonds.


                      i      Edith Winifred Ellen Davies, b. 1897 at Highgate.

10.  Florence Isabella Davies (dau. of Samuel Bevan Davies), b. 1874 at Altrincham.

       She married, 1900 at the British Consulate in Mexico, William Arnold Hutton, b. 1874. Mechanical and electrical engineer.


                      i      David Bevan Hutton, b. 1902 at Pueblo, Mexico.

                      ii     daughter, died in infancy.

11.  Bernard Lovell Bevan Davies (son of Samuel Bevan Davies), b. 1877 at Altrincham. Went to Australia in 1910; lived in Essendon, Victoria..

       He married, 1910 at Battersea, Grace Ware, b. 1873,  daughter of Rev. John Middleton Ware of Ullingswick, Herefordshire.


                      i      Hubert Noel Davies, b. 1914.

12.  Ethel Winifred Norbury Davies (dau. of Samuel Bevan Davies), b. 1881 at Altrincham. Went to Canada 1909.

       She married, 1907 at Altrincham, Walter Hawthorn, b. 1868 in London. Merchant and ship owner of Cornwall, Ontario


        i   Walter Bevan Hawthorn, b. 1908 at Rhyl.

        ii  Kathleen Hawthorn, b. 1910 at Rhyl.

        iii Ralph Hawthorn, b. 1912 at Cornwall.

13.       Dorothy Hetherington (dau. of Freda Marian Gardiner) b. 11 Oct 1894, at 8 St. George's Square, London.

            She married 1926, at Eton Registra, Windsor, England, Hugh St. John Kenny, b. Secunderabad, Madras Province, India, 1887. 


   15        i   Patricia Aileen Hetherington,  b. 1935 

14. Fred Anderson Gardiner,  (son of Frederick William Gardiner ) b. 1901.  B.A. 1923, Cambridge. Rugby Blue. Headmaster, Warriston and Burnbrae Schools, Moffat. WW2 T/Lieut. Col. O.B.E. 1945. T.D.

       He married Eleanor Anne Whaley of Oxford, b. 1897.


                     i    Peter Grant Gardiner, b. 1935.

Ninth Generation

15.    Patricia Aileen Hetherington, (dau. of Dorothy Hetherington) b. 1935 in London.

 She married, 1967 in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, Frederick Arthur Duffus David.


                      i      Jennifer Anne David, b. 1969 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Solicitor.

                      ii     Amanda Jane David, b. 1970 in Pitlochry, Scotland.  Photographer.

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