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Descendants of Sterling Berry (1771-1828)

 (5th Generation of Descent from Progenitor John Berry)

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1.   Sterling BERRY (son of Thomas BERRY and Frances Berry)  b. 10 Oct. 1771 at Eglish Castle, d. 10 April 1828 at Blackhall St. Dublin. Buried at Eglish. Merchant, Grand Canal, Dublin. Pigot & Co.'s Leinster Directory of 1824 for Tullamore, carries the entry  "Berry, Sterling and Francis, Carriers from Grand Canal Harbour to Edenderry, Phillipstown, Tullamore, Gillen, and Shannon Harbour every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and arrive in Dublin every Monday, Wednesday and Friday".

               Sterling Berry

Sterling,  at the age of twenty eight was apparently still sowing his wild oats and failing to settle down to earning his living as a linen salesman. In a letter of 13th Sept. 1797 Frances Berry writes of her son Sterling that his ...."Father is still so enraged he can't hear his name mentioned with any degree of patience"...

            He married Dec 1806, Dorothea Winslow, b. 1780, (daughter of Daniel Winslow of Herbertstown, Co. Westmeath and Dorothea Tyghe ). She had married first in 1799, Cosby Adams of Drum, Co. Monaghan who d.s.p. She died 30 July 1826. Buried at Eglish.


              2.        i      Alicia  Berry, d. Dec 1849.

                         She married 2 July 1844, William Rowley Bluett, (son of Richard Bluett, Capt. R.N. and Maria Fisher). B.A. at T.C.D. Vicar of Clonea, Co. Clare1851-75. They had a son, William who died hours after birth on 16 Dec. 1849.

                      ii     Frances Berry, b. 1813, d. 24 May 1825; buried at Eglish.

            3.       iii    Thomas Berry b. 31 Jan 1814.

            4.      iv    Sophia Berry b. 1815.

            5.       v     Marlborough Sterling BERRY b. 10 Feb. 1816.

            6.       vi    William Winslow Berry b. 11 June 1817.

                      vii   Maria Berry, b. 1819, d. 6 Nov 1824; buried at Eglish. Twin of John.

                      viii  John Berry, b. 1819, d. 19 Feb. 1825; buried at Eglish. Twin of Maria.

            7.       ix    Hester Jane Berry b. 5 Jul 1823.

Sixth Generation

2.    Alicia  Berry (daughter of Sterling Berry), d. Dec 1849 at Limerick. She married 2 July 1844, William Rowley Bluett, (son of Richard Bluett, Capt. R.N. and Maria Fisher). B.A. at T.C.D.  Vicar of Clonea, Co. Clare1851-75.


                            i         William Berry, died hours after birth on 16 Dec. 1849.

3.   Thomas Berry (son of Sterling Berry),  b. 31 Jan 1814, d. 7 Mar 1888 at Leixlip. Commonly known as “Little Tom”.  Lived at Blackcastle, Leixlip. Owned 294 acres in Co. Galway. Secretary of the Glendalough [diocese] Finance Committee. Agent to Miss Nesbitt of Tulberdaly.

     He married (1) 7 July 1835, Anne Jane Williams, daughter of Thomas Williams of Dublin, b. 1816, d. 5 June 1843 at Rathgar.


                      i      Sterling Thomas Berry, b. 2 Feb 1837, d. 19 Jan 1865 in Calcutta of cholera; buried in Chowringghee Cemetery, Calcutta. In Mercantile Marine; 3rd Officer of Result.


                      ii     Mary Frances Berry, b. 1839, d. 19 Aug 1907.

                             She married 16 Oct 1888, Thomas Skipton (son of Pitt Skipton of Londonderry)b. 1852, d. 1930 at Bournmouth.                                  Priest.  No issue

            8.       iii    John Berry b. 25 May 1841.

            9.       iv    William Winslow Berry b. 22 Jul 1842.

He married (2) Sarah Alicia Seymour, (daughter of Robert Seymour) d. 1899.


                      v     Sarah Berry, d. 5 Jun 1872.

                             She married, 5 June 1867, James Floyd b. in C. Wicklow c.1836, d. 1901. B.A., LL.B., LL.D. Ordained priest in 1864. They had issue. James Sterling Floyd, d. 1922, emigrated to Victoria, British Columbia in1887 from Leixlip, Ireland where he was a municipal auditor and accountant for the Municipalities of Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay and Esquimalt. He married Esther Mary Johnston. More information on their descendants has recently been communicated to me by William Thomas Floyd and his son, George Sterling Floyd and is to be included on this page.

4.     Sophia Berry (daughter of Sterling Berry), b. 1815 in Dublin, Ireland, d. 1855 in Dublin, Ireland.

     She married Thomas Tomlinson (son of Daniel Tomlinson), b.1806 in Dublin, Ireland, d. 1889.


                      i      Thomas Tomlinson, b. 1838, d. 1877.  B.A., M.A. Admitted to Middle Temple 1863; called 1869. Unmarried.

            10.       ii     Sterling Tomlinson b. 1839.

            11.     iii    William Winslow Tomlinson b. 1840.

            12.     iv    Robert Tomlinson b. 15 Feb 1841.

                      v     Dorothea Tomlinson, b. 1843, d. 1915.

                      vi    Alicia Tomlinson, b. 1845, d. 1862.

                      vii   Samuel Tomlinson, b. 1846, d. 1846.

                      viii  Charles Tomlinson, b. 1848, d. 1878. He married, 1873, Ellen Beauchamp.

                      ix    Francis Tomlinson, b. 1849, d. 1868.

                      x     Sophia Jane Tomlinson, b. 1851, d. 1929. She married William R. Lawton.

                      xi    Anna Lucretia Tomlinson, b. 1852, d. 1880.

                      xii   Fanny Tomlinson, b. 1855, d. 1855.

5. Marlborough Sterling BERRY (son of Sterling Berry) b. 10 Feb. 1816 in Dublin, d. 16 Jan.1890. Entered Trinity College Dublin 5 Nov 1832, aged 16. Ordained deacon in 1840 and priest in 1841 by the Archbishop of Dublin. He was curate of Trowbridge Parish Church, Wilts. for 12 years until 1858 and was Vicar of  nearby West Ashton until 1890. Copy of photograph of MSB in his dotage obtained from West Ashton, as well as photos of his grave and the church. He owned 213 acres in Co. Leitrim, valued at £81.15.0 p.a.

     He married 6 Jan. 1846 in Rathdowny, Co. Laois, Elizabeth Frances Marsh, b. 1820, (eldest daughter of Digby Marsh of Brookfield, Co Dublin) d.         1891.


            13.     i      Angelina Elizabeth Berry b. 20 Nov 1846.

            14.     ii     Digby Marsh BERRY b. 2 Feb 1848.

                      iii    Sophia Jane Berry, b. 14 March 1849 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, d. 1866.

6. William Winslow Berry (son of Sterling Berry) b. 11 June 1817, d. 24 March 1891.  Rector of Clondalkin & R.D. of Newcastle Co. Down.

      He married, 24 Sept. 1845, Jane Langley, b. 1819 daughter of Thomas Langley and Fridzweda Seymour of Galway.


                      i      Maria Fridzweda Berry, b. 18 Sep 1846 at Carlow, d. c.1927. Lady Resident, G.F.S. Queen Victoria Home, Rostrevor. Unmarried

                      ii     Dorothea Alicia Berry, b. 26 Sep 1851 at Dundrum, d. 22 Apr 1866 at Portarlington.

            15.     iii    Thomas Sterling Berry b. 1854.

            16.     iv    Sophia Frances Jane Berry b. 1859.

7.     Hester Jane Berry (daughter of Sterling Berry) b. 5 Jul 1823 at Blackhall St. Dublin, d. 18 Dec 1898 at Blackrock. 

     She married 26 Aug 1852 at Bray, Augustus Frederick George Bluett, b. 3 Sep1821 at Kilkenny, (son of Richard Bluett, Capt. R.N. and Maria Fisher). Priest; Inc  of Eglish 1869-95.


                      i      Maria Dorothea Bluett, b. 13 Sep 1853 in Dublin, d. 9 Mar 1934 at Blackrock.

            17.     ii     Richard Douglas Bluett b. 1855.

                      iii    Sterling Henry Bluett, b. 12 May 1861 at Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, d. 24 Jul1882 at Zermatt, Switzerland.

Seventh Generation

8. John Berry (son of Thomas Berry), b. 25 May 1841 in Tullamore, Kings County, Ireland, d. after 1888 in Renwicktown, Marlborough, New Zealand; buried in Upper Wairau, Blenheim, NZ. Engineer. Fought in American Civil War according to L.A.W. although his family believe he worked on the railways as an engineer. Arrived in New Zealand in 1876 and became a schoolmaster in Okaramio, Pelorus Sound.

He married Anna Jane Houghton Cawte, b. 2 Jun 1852 in  Alma, Victoria, Australia, d. 21 Sep 1927 in Renwicktown, Marlborough, NZ; buried in Upper Wairau, Blenheim, N.Z.


                      i      John Sterling Berry, b. 1880 in Taratahi, Greytown Wairarapa, d. 1893 in Havelock, Marlborough.

            18.     ii     Charles Edward Berry, b. 1882.

                      iii    Cecil Featherstonehaugh Berry, b 1884 in Blenheim, Marlborough, d. 1915 at Bauchop Hill, Gallipoli in WW1.

                      iv    Emily Mary Frances Berry, b. 1886 in Okaramio, Pelorus, d. 1952 in Nelson.

                             She married 1909 at Pelorous Sound, George Peter Williams, b. 1866 in Aukland, d. 1932 in Nelson. They had nine children (More information on her descendants is available).

                      v     Almericus Eglish Berry, b.1888 in Okaramio, Pelorus, d. 1976 at Blenheim, Marlborough. [The name 'Almericus' originates from the de Courcy family of his grandmother, Anne Jane Williams].

                             He married 1933, in Wellington, Iris Myrtle Atheline Pope, b. 1891 in Wellington, d. 1970 in Wellington. She had a daughter by a previous marriage.

9.   William Winslow Berry (son of Thomas Berry), b. 22 Jul 1842, bapt. At Tullamore, d. Mar 1888 in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.


     He married Zaldah Suzette Fannin, b. c.1855 in Ireland, d. 9 Feb 1908 in Melbourne East, Australia (daughter of William Fannin and Susette Lemon).


                      i      William Thomas Berry, b. 1870 in Penola, Mt. Gambia,  S. Australia., d. 1870 aged 16 weeks in Penola.

             19     ii     Anne (Annie) Sarah Berry, b. 1874

                      iii    Sterling Thomas Berry, b. 1875 in Hamilton, Victoria, Aust., d. 1882 in Hamilton of natural causes [Digger Inquest Index 1840-1895].

                      iv    Winslow de Courcy Berry, b. 1877 in Cavendish ,Victoria, Australia, d. 1959 in Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.

Winslow and Mabel 1921

                             He married Mabel Charlotte Maude Allison. According to family legend, Winslow and Mabel were performers. Mabel was probably a concert pianist. They had no children.

            20.     v     Alfred Seymour Berry b. 1882.

                      vi    Thomas William Sterling Berry, b. 1885 in Balmain, Victoria, Australia, d. 1886 in Portland, Victoria, Australia.

10.  Sterling Tomlinson (son of Sophia Berry), b. 1839 at Kilbride, d. 1892 at Malahide. Clergy, Dean's Vicar at St Patrick's, Dublin

     He married 1871, Miriam Watson Bond, (daughter of Isaac Bond of Fimby, Cumberland) b. 1841 in Edinburgh, d. 1900 at Malahide.


            21.     i      Winifred Julia Tomlinson b. 15 Feb 1874.

                      ii     Miriam Sophia Tomlinson, b. 1875 at malahide, d. 1937 in Cornwall.

                             She married William Swinton Ryan, Rector of St. Mallian.

                      iii    Sterling Francis Tomlinson, b.21 Feb 1876 at Malahide, d. 3 Apr 1947 at Edmonton; unmarried.

                      iv    William Charles Tomlinson, b. 5 Jan 1878 at Malahide, d. 26 Nov. 1946 at Malahide. Accountant with Jameson's Distillery.

                             He married Ada Knowles, b. at Windsor. They had issue – [see L.A.W. for more].

                      v     Henry Swinborne Tomlinson, b. 5 Jul 1882 in Dublin, d.26 Sep 1905. Solicitor.

                             He married 15 Aug 1903, Sarah Moloney. They had a child – died in infancy.

11.      William Winslow Tomlinson, (son of Sophia Berry) b. 1840, d. 1922 in Bristol.  L.R.C.S.I. & L.R.C.P.I. Demonstrator in Anatomy  at T.C.D. WW1  Brigade Surgeon Lt. Col. A.M.S.

                 He married 1881, Annie Maud Mary Druitt, b. 1860, d. 1927.


                      i      Evelyn Mary Tomlinson, b. 1881.

                             She married 1909, Herbert Sayer Thynne, b. 1879 at Seend, d. 1 Feb 1953 at Hampton Dene. Chairman and  Managing Director H.&G Thynne, Ltd. Hereford glazed tile manufacturers. WW1 served at Gallipoli and Palestine.                                 They had issue[ for details see L.A.W.]

                      ii     Harold Winslow Tomlinson, b. 1883. Col. R.E. WW1  Mesopotamia; taken prisoner at surrender of Kut 1916. Chief Engineer War Office 1939. WW2Deputy Chief Engineer, Eastern Command.

                             He married Nellie Henrietta Myln. They had issue [ for details see L.A.W.]

            22.     iii    Sir Percy Stanley Tomlinson b. 1884.

                      iv    Mary Sophia Tomlinson, b. 1886.

            23.     v     Sterling Charles Tomlinson b. 1892.

12.  Robert Tomlinson (son of Sophia Berry), b. 15 Feb 1841 in Ireland, d. 18 Sep 1913 in Meanskinisht (Cedarville), BC Canada. Ireland B.A.  Degree and course in Medicine. Also a Reverend.

       He married, 24 Apr 1868 in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, Alice Mary Woods, b. 27 Mar 1851 in Birr North Ireland, (daughter of Richard Woods of Victoria, B.C. Registrar of the Supreme Court Sheriff) d. 7 Nov 1933 in Meanskinisht (Cedervale), BC Canada.


            24.     i      Robert Tomlinson b. 5 Feb 1870.

                      ii     Sophia Tomlinson, b. 7 Jul 1871 in Kincolith BC, Canada, d. 7 Jul 1871 in Kincolith BC, Canada.

            25.     iii    Alice Tomlinson b. 28 Jun 1872.

                      iv    Elizabeth (Lilly) Tomlinson, b. 15 Feb 1876 in Kincolith BC, Canada, d. 27 Oct 1919 in Vancouver, BC Canada.

                         She married 31 May 1906 in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Joseph Wilmot Graham, b. 1868, d. 30 Mar 1951 in Lytton, British Columbia Canada.

            26.     v     Thomas Richard Tomlinson b. 15 Feb 1878.

                      vi    Anna Lucretia Tomlinson, b. 23 Jan 1880 in Ankitlas British Columbia Canada, d. 8 Sept 1969 in Enderby, British Columbia Canada.

                             She married 1938, Walter Moberly.

                      vii   Edward Sterling Tomlinson, b. 22 Feb 1882 in Ankitlas British Columbia Canada, d. Sep 1882 in Ankitlas British Columbia Canada.

                      viii  Kathleen Eleanor (Nellie) Tomlinson, b. 8 Jul 1883 in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, d. 10 Apr 1939 in Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada.

                             She married, 6 Aug 1919 in Sidney, BC Canada, George Douglas, b. 1876, d. 3 Jun 1939 in Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada.

                      ix    Son Tomlinson, b. 28 Feb 1892, d. 14 Apr 1892.

13.  Angelina Elizabeth Berry (daughter of Marlborough Sterling BERRY), b. 20 Nov 1846 in Hatfield, Herts., d. 19 Oct 1910. In a letter written in1880 by her younger brother, Digby Berry, to his fiance Fannie O'Sullivan on a ship bound for Mauritius, it appears that Angelina and her children may also have been on board. Digby  writes "As it is I think I must go to dinner, & keep Angel company". And later "Give my love to Martie, & take Angel & the children's for yourself".

                  She married Dec 1867, George Herbert Marriott, b. 1832, d. 1918, as his second wife.  


 i      Herbert Marriott, b. 23 Oct 1868 at Weston-Super-Mare, d. 31 May 1943 at Ashby de la Zouche, unmarried. Educ. at home and C.C.C.,  Cambridge where admitted as Pens. 1 Oct. 1886. Ridley Hall. B.A. 1889. Ordained d. 1891; p. 1992 (Winchester). C. of St. John the Baptist, Woking, 1891-5. St Barnabas, Clapham Common, 1895-7. Christ Church, Woking, 1897-1901. C.F. in South Africa 1901-2. Queens Medal. C. of Newbridge, Co. Kildare 1902-4. C.  in C. of Ecclesiastical District of Holy Apostles, Leicester, 1904-16. WW1 T.C.F. 4th class 1 Apr 1916. Served in France and Egypt. Relinquished his commission and appointed Honorary C.F., 3rd class 1 Apr. 1922. B.W.M. Victory Medal. Vicar of Blackfordby, Leics., with Smisby, Derbyshire 1922- 40. Unmarried.

            27.         ii     Basil Sterling Talbot Marriott, b. 22 Mar 1870.                            

                      iii    Sophia Caroline Marriott, b. 6 Aug 1871, at Fowey, d. 1896 at Chudleigh, unmarried; buried in Chudleigh. 

                      iv    Charlotte Elizabeth Marriott, b. 30 Oct 1872 in Tangier, d. May 1873 in Seville.

         28.         v     Edward Augustin Marriott, b. 13 Aug

                      v     Charles Digby Marriott, b. 1875, d. 1898 unmarried.

                      vi    Emily Minna Marriott, b. 1878, d. 1936 unmarried.

          29.       vii   Alfred Randolph Marriott, b. 18 Jan 1880.

                      viii  Cyril Herbert Marriott, b. 11 Nov 1886 at Jerusalem, d. 17 Dec 1886 in Jerusalem.

                      ix    John Frances Laycock Marriott, b. 23 Mar 1889 at Plymouth, d. 26 Jan 1915 at Aldershot of 'spotted fever'. Engineer.  Educ. at C.C.C. Cambridge; BA 1910 WW1 T/2/Lt, 7th Battalion  D.C.L.I

14.         Digby Marsh BERRY, (son of Marlborough Sterling BERRY), b. Trowbridge, Wilts, England, 2 Feb 1848; d. at sea on SS Medic off Albany, W. Australia, 5 Oct 1922. Educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wimborne, Minster and Magdelen College Oxford (BA 1871, MA 1876). Ord D 1872, P 1873 (Sarum), he was C. of Trowbridge 1872-6, tutor, London College Divinity 1875-80, R. St John's Hall, Highbury; 1880-4, Chaplain St James Cathedral and Bishop's Chaplain at Pt. Louis, Mauritius; C. St Paul's church (later Cathedral), and acting Warden, Trinity College, University of Melbourne; Inc. All Saints Northcote, 1885, St Thomas' Moonee Ponds (Essendon) 1888 and Holy Trinity, East Melbourne, 1895; appointed Domestic Chaplain to Bp. F. F .Goe 1889 and Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral 1895 - 1899 (where there is a plaque on his pew). Officiating Minister 1907-1922 of Christ Church Hillbrow, Johannesburg. (See Biography of D.M.Berry by L. M. Abbott).

  He married, 19 May 1881 in St James Cathedral, Port Louis, Mauritius, Frances (Fanny) Ellen Fitzweda O'Sullivan, b. 1853 in England, d. 29  Oct. 1937 in Melbourne; daughter of Matthew O'Sullivan, MD, Surgeon Major Indian Medical Service, then of St Kilda, Victoria and his first wife, Frances (Fanny) Adelaide Langley. (There is some doubt about her identity).

            Fanny amd Canon Digby Berry


            30.     ii     Catherine Frances Fitzweda Berry b. 14 March 1882.

            31.     i      Fleetwood Sterling Digby BERRY b. 22 May 1886.

15.  Thomas Sterling Berry (son of William Winslow Berry), b. 10 Jan 1854 at Portarlington, d. 25 Feb1931 at Queenstown; ed. Portarlington School; TCD Sch. 1874, Heb. and French Prizes 1871-5, BA (Sen. Mod. Eth. and Log.) 1875, Archbp. King's (1) and Bp. Forster's (1) Prizes 1875, Elrington Th., Warren, Bibl. Gr. (1), Downes (1) Prizes 1876, Div. Test. (1) and Th. Exhib. 1877, BD 1878, MA 1882, DD 1884; d. 1877 (Kilmore for Dublin); p. 1878 (Chester for Dublin); c. Christ Church, Kingstown 1877-9; c. St George's 1879-84; Assist. to Regius Prof. Div. 1895, Ev.Pr.TCD 1879-84 and 1895-1913; I. Birr (Killaloe) 1884-92; Preb. Tulloh (Killaloe) 1891-2; I. Booterstown 1892-1913; Donnellan Lect. 1889-90; Assist. to Archbp King's Lect. 18935; Preb. Dunlavin, St Patrick's Cath. 1903-18; Bishop of Killaloe 1913-24, retired.

        Rev. Thomas Sterling Berry

 Published: Christianity and Buddhism: Donnellan Lects 1889-90 (SPCK, 1990). Holy Scripture: Human, Progressive and Divine (SPCK). The Problem of Human Suffering in the Light of Revelation (RTS). Lesson Notes for Sunday School Teachers (APCK). Contributed to: Dictionary of Church Biography.

 Bryan Berry in a letter dated 22 July 1997 recalls " Father [FSD Berry] frequently told us the story of his uncle (the Bishop of Killaloe) who was tipped off by his gardener that he was to be ambushed on his way to church one Sunday. Nothing daunted he whipped his pony-trap over a low wall into the fiendish Catholics' midst and they all went off to the pub. At best an apocryphal story".

 He married 5 Nov. 1878 in Ballinlough, Sarah Fridzweda Seymour, b. 1 Oct 1850 at Clonfert, d. 13 Dec.1928, younger daughter of Robert Butson Seymour, of Clonfert, Co. Galway.


            32.     i      Winslow Seymour Sterling Berry b. 1880.

                      ii     Elizabeth Violet Georgine Berry, b. 29 Jan 1882, d 1962 in Dublin. Unmarried

            33.     iii    Robert Seymour Sterling Berry b. 1885.

                      iv    Fridzweda Jane Marion Berry, b. 4 Oct 1888 at Birr, d. 1977, buried at Deane’s Grange, Dublin; B.A. ,M.A.; lecturer Alexandra College. Unmarried

16.  Sophia Frances Jane Berry (dau. of William Winslow Berry), b. 30 Jun 1859 at Portarlington, d. 5 Oct 1942 in London..

       She married 1890, David Howell, b 10 Sep 1870 in London, d. 12 Oct 1946 at Hayes, Middlesex. Superintendant, London & Manchester insurance Co.


                      i      Edward Basil Howell, b 7 Dec 1892. WW1 served with R.A.M.C. in Mesopotamia. Married and had issue.

                      ii     Frank Leonard Howell, b. 8 Dec 1893 at Harlesden. Journalist. WW1 served in France; B.W.M. Medal.  WW2R.N.V.R.Lieut. served at Admiralty Intelligence.

                             He married 17 Mar 1944, Mary Beckerleg of Penzance, b. 31 Dec 1888. No issue

                      iii    Kathleen Minnie Howell, b. 20 Oct 1894 at Harlesden, d. 12 Oct 1951; unmarried.

                      iv    George Harold Howell, b 3 Feb 1899 at Hampstead. Civil Servant.

                             He married Francis Gladys Gray, b. 3 Dec 1899 at Ealing. They had issue.

17.  Richard Douglas Bluett (son of Hester Jane Berry), b. 16 Feb 1855, Co Wicklow, d. 5 Apr 1906 the Rectory, Delgany. Priest

       He married 1890, Anne Nason Shedlock Hemphill, b. 1863, daughter of Rev. Richard Hemphill, Inc. of Northstrand.


                      i      Augustus Sterling Bluett, b.1891.

                             He married 1930, Maud H. Cherry, daughter of Rt. Hon. Richard Robert Cherry P.C., Lord Chief Justice. They had issue.

                      ii     Richard Hemphill Bluett, b. 5 Apr 1893 at Clontarf, d. 5 Aug 1893.

                      iii    Avarnia Hemphill Bluett, b. 3 May 1894, d. 27 May 1906.

                      iv    Annie Noel Bluett, b. 22 Dec 1895, d.18 May 1932; unmarried

                      v     Douglas Bluett, b. 1897 at Delgany. WW1 served in Serbia.  Ed. T.C.D. B.A. M.B.BCh., B.A.O., M.A.  R.A.M.C.  Maj. Gen. 1956. WW2 served in N. Africa France and Germany A.D.M.S. 10th & 11th Armoured Div. 39/45 Star,                                   Africa Star,France & Germany Star, War Medal, O.B.E.                                         

                             He married Johanna Catherine Simpson-Smith, b. 1908. No issue.

                      vi    Mary Elizabeth Bluett, b. 8 Jan1900 at Delgany, d. 8 Sep 1900 at Greystones.

                      vii   Elizabeth Dorothy Bluett, b.16 Oct 1903 in Dublin.

                             She married 20 Nov. 1937, Cecil Graham Craddock, ord. p. 1923 R. of  St Philip’s Manchester, V. of St John,  Lindow, V. of Tintwistle1949-52. No issue.

Eighth Generation

18.  Charles Edward Berry (son of John Berry). b.1882 in Waingawa, NZ.Greytown d.1971 in Blenheim NZ.

       He married Annie North, b 3 Sep 1883, d. 8 May 1971 in Blenheim.


                      i      Kathleen Annie Berry, b. 1912 in Blenheim.

                             She married Nolan Francis Prouting, b 25 Apr 1908,d 7 Oct 1985 in Hamilton. They had six children.

                            (More information on her descendants is available).

                      ii     Estelle Alma Berry, b. 1916 in Havelock.

                             She married Howard Joseph Williams. No issue.

                      iii    Doris Mary Berry, b. 1918 in Blenheim, d. 2002 in Mosgiel.

                             She married (1) Bert Hodson. They had six children. She married (2) Alexander McKay McClymont. (More information on her descendants is available).

            34.     iv    John Edward Berry, b. 1921

                      v     Sheila Houghton Berry, b. 1922 in Blenheim.

                             She married Francis John (Frank) Boyd, b. 1924 in Kaikoura. They had three children. (More information on her descendants is available).

19. Anne (Annie) Sarah Berry (dau. of William Winslow Berry), b. 1874, d. 11 May 1911 at Wendouree Lunatic Asylum, Ballarat.  Buried in Ballarat Cemetery C.O.E. Sect. 7 Loc. 4. "Previously removed" may be buried with a baby. Annie was an epileptic.

                                                                                                           Annie and son, Cyril

     She married John Wilson. [apparently no official record].


            35.     i      Cyril John Wilson b. 21 Jan 1894 or 1898.

20.  Alfred Seymour Berry (son of William Winslow Berry), b. 1882 in Balmoral, Victoria, Aust, d. 1963 in Frankston, Victoria, Aust.


       He married 1904 in Fitzroy, Ada May Ashmore, b. 1884 d.1968 in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. (daughter of Harry Ashmore and Annie                  Alison).


             36     i      Doris Zaldah Berry, b. 1904.

             37     ii     Henry Cromwell Berry, b. 1906.

             38     iii    Clarence de Courcy Berry, b. 1907.

             39     iv    Gladys Freda Berry, b. 1909.

                      v     Stanley Seymour Berry, b. 1918 in Northcote, Victoria, Australia, d. 1930 in Kilmore, Vic. of suspected mushroom poisoning.

21.  Winifred Julia Tomlinson (daughter of Sterling Tomlinson), b. 15 Feb 1874 in Dublin, Ireland, d. 13 Sep. 1936 at Rostrevor, Co. Down.

       She married 1902, Bernard Lascelles Ward, b. 1879, died 24 Mar 1944; killed in action in France. Clerk in Guinness brewery


                      i      Miriam Beatrice Ward, b. 1903 ; WW2 served in Middle East. Supt. Sanders Soldiers home, Lisburn, Co. Antrim. M.B.E. 1954 . Unmarried

22. Sir Percy Stanley Tomlinson (son of William Winslow Tomlinson), b. 1884, d. 1951.  M.R.C.S. F.R.C.P.  D.S.O.  Major General K.B.E. C.B. K.H.P.

       He married 1920, Gertrude Muriel Barr.


                      i      Anthony Winslow Tomlinson, d. 1941, in active service.

            40.     ii     Valerie Joan Tomlinson.

23.  Sterling Charles Tomlinson (son of William Winslow Tomlinson), b. 1892.  Bt Major R.G.A.

       He married Unknown.


                      i      Son.

24. Robert Tomlinson (Son of Robert Tomlinson), b. 5 Feb 1870 in Kincolith BC, Canada, d. Jan 1959 in Ketchican, Alaska USA.  i/c Methodist Indian Mission, B.C.

       He married (1) 30 Jul 1913 in Port Simpson, British Columbia Canada, Fanny Ethel Collins, b. 1882, d. 26 Apr 1919 in Kispiox, B.C. daughter of Nathaniel Collins of Orangeville, Ontario.


                      i      Ethel Mary Tomlinson, b. 1914.

       He married (2) 1921, Roxy Irene Drysdale.

25.  Alice Tomlinson (daughter of Robert Tomlinson), b. 28 Jun 1872 in Kincolith BC, Canada, d. 18 Nov 1938 in Cedarville, BC Canada.

       She married, 15 Jun 1905 in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, Archibald Stephen Tordiffe of Ladysmith Vancouver, b. 1882, d. 25 Mar 1964 in Matsqui, British Columbia Canada.


                      i      Edward Sterling Tordiffe, b. 1906.

                      ii     Pauline Alice Tordiffe, b. 1907.

                      iii    Stafford Robert Tordiffe.

                      iv    Francis Archibald Percival Tordiffe, b. 1912, d. 1912.

26.  Thomas Richard Tomlinson (son of Robert Tomlinson), b.15 Feb 1878 in Kincolith BC, Canada, d. 6 Aug 1954 in Cedervale, BC Canada.  i/c mission at Meanskiniskt.

       He married 3 Nov 1917 in Calgary Alberta Canada, Agnes Glover Parr, b. 22 Apr 1884 in Wells Warwickshire, England, (daughter of ? Glover and ? Wells) d. 1951 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia Canada.


            41.     i      Agnes Kathleen Tomlinson b. 10 Apr 1919.

                      ii     Walter Richard Tomlinson, b. 5 Feb 1921 in Cedervale, BC Canada.

                             He married 1942 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Francis ?.

                      iii    Mary Florence Tomlinson, b. 16 Oct 1924 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia Canada.

                             She married (1) Clarence Salene.

                             She married (2) Larsen Crocker.

27.  Basil Sterling Talbot Marriott (son of Angelina Elizabeth Berry), b. 22 Mar 1870 at Montacute, d. 21 Feb. 1939 at Birmingham, buried in Quinton Cemetery.  Graduated Montreal Diocesan Theological College, 1893. Ord. d. & p. Montreal. Buckingham parish, Quebec,
    1894-97. Chambly, 1898-9.
Holy Trinity Bristol between 1898 and 1903. Curate of Delph, Diocese of  Lichfield after being Curate of St Peter,  Great Yarmouth 1903-1906.
 At Brierly Hill, Lichfield in 1927.  His relationship with Mary Dublin would have ended his career as a priest.
      He married(1) Daisy Cecilia Bareham,  the adopted daughter of Rev. Alfred Bareham of Ontario. Daisy was found abandoned on the Bareham's doorstep. De facto (2) Mary Ann Dublin, b. 1889.

                      Children by Daisy:

                      i      Dorothy Marriott, b. 18 Aug 1895, d. 7 Nov 1895.

            42.     ii     Cyril Herbert Alfred Marriott b. 28 Sep 1897.

                      iii    Daisy Kathleen Sterling Marriott, b. 30 Mar 1899 in Quebec, lived in Cairo in 1937. 

                      iv    Sophia Victoria Marriott, b. 6 Dec 1900 in Bristol; School teacher.

            43.     v     Ruth Emily Marriott b. 29 Jul 1904

                       Children by Mary Ann:

   44.       vi  Basil John Marriott b. 1909

    vii   Theodore Marriott. b. 13 Nov. 1910, d. June 1987.

             viii   Mary Marriott b. 1913.

                         ix   Ruby Marriott b. 1916.

                          x   Dorothy Pearl Marriott b. 1921.

                          xi  Randolph Marriott b. 28 Sept. 1924, d. July 1993.

                         xii   Denbigh Marriott b. June 27 1927 in Birmingham District, d. 1928.

       28.       Edward Augustin Marriott (son of Angelina Elizabeth Berry), b. 13 Aug 1874 at Plymouth, d. 21 Mar 1942 at Harrow.  Educ. at C.C.C. Cambridge, where admitted as Pens. 1892 and at Ridley Hall. B.A 1895, M.A 1905. Ordained d. 197 (Bath & Wells) p. 1900;
                   c. of Lyncombe 1897-9; St Philip, Islington 1899-1902; St John, Southall 1902-4; Inc. of St James, Alperton, 1904-9; London Diocesan  Sec., Q.V.C.F. & Clerical Pensions Inst. 1910-20;  Sec. London Diocesan Board of Finance 1913-18;  V.  of St Peter's Harrow & Chaplain Harrow Isolation Hosp. He married Ada May Godfrey Stone, b. 29 Nov. 1869 at Bath, d. 13 Feb 1955 at Rugby.


                      i      Elfrida May Berry Marriott, b. 8 Dec. 1910 at Acton.

29.  Alfred Randolph Marriott (son of Angelina Elizabeth Berry),  b. 1880, d. ? Vicar of Newtown Linford, Leicestershire 1919-32; R. Redmile, Leics. 1932-42; V. Colston Bassett 1942-50.

    Rev. Alfred Marriott with Sunday School group c. 1925.

   He married 1904, Edith Annie Clarke, b. 1874, (daughter of Francis Mallard Clarke).


                      i      Randolph Charles Digby Marriott, b. 16 Sep 1906 at Woking. Actor.

                  45.       ii      Harvey Francis Marriott  b. 1910.  

30.    Catherine Frances Fitzweda (Kitty) Berry (daughter of Digby Marsh Berry), b. 14 March 1882 in Mauritius, d. 1944 in Melbourne. She married 1901, Horace J. Hannah.

Kitty and Horace Hannah c. 1901


            46.     i      Estelle Fitzweda Hannah b. 1904.

                      ii     Helen Hannah, b. 1906, d. 1932.

            47.     iii    Brooking Hannah b. 1908.

            48.     iv    Horace Wellesley Hannah b. 1913.

            49.     v     Shirley Hannah b. 1916.

                      vi    Valerie Hannah, b. 1923.

31.  Fleetwood Sterling Digby (Dickie) BERRY (son of Digby Marsh Berry), b. 22 May 1886 at Northcote in Melbourne, d. 29 May 1965 in Johannesburg ; Ed. at  Melbourne Church of England Grammar School and at Guy's Hospital, London; M.R.C.S. (Eng.)  L.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1910. Obstetric Resident and Clinical Assistant, Guy's Hosp. He returned to S. Africa in 1910 to became a general practitioner in Johannesburg . WW1 1915-18 served in East Africa with S.A.M.C. Lieut. Capt. 1915 Star and B.W.M. Victory Medal.

F.S.D. Berry 1934

      He married  28 Jan1908 at Christ Church, Johannesburg, Erica Northcroft, b. 11 Oct. 1892 in Hokitika, New Zealand, (daughter of Leonard Northcroft and Louise James) d. 1979 in Johannesburg.  Her father and brothers were in the Boer War. Violet her older sister and brothers settled in SA; she matriculated at Jeppe High School, Johannesburg.

Erica Margaret Northcroft 1937


            50.     i      Guy Fleetwood BERRY b. 28 Dec.1913.

            51.     ii     Erica  Frances Fleetwood Berry b.1915.

            52.     iii    Shirley Fleetwood Berry b. 1919.

                                         53.     iv    Bryan Fleetwood BERRY b. 1921.

32.  Winslow  Seymour  Sterling Berry (son of Thomas Sterling Berry), b. 8 Jun 1880 in Dublin, d. 9 Jan1948 at Clonfert, Kilcullen. B.A.  M.B.  B.Ch., B.A.O. at T.C.D. (1904),  served as Capt. R.A.M.C. during the Great War, afterwards Medical Officer at Richhill, Co. Armagh. M.O.H. Kingstown.

       He married 14 Sept.1914, Louisa Mary Seymour Murphy, d. 30 Sept 1955 in Ballycogley; dau. of Rev. Henry Charles Murphy, R. of Rathanagan & Canon of Tuam.


                      i      Douglas Berry, b. 2 Oct 1905 at Clonfert, Richhill, d. 9 Feb 1910, Clonfert.

             54     ii     Brian Thomas Sterling Berry, b. 1909.

                      iii    Ethne Fridsweda Kathleen Mary Berry, b. 9 Dec 1912, d. Nov. 18 1977 in Harrogate. Deaconess at St Matthew's .

                             She married 8 April 1942, John Howard Cruse, Bishop of Knaresborough 1965-72 [added in longhand to biog. of  William Winslow Berry]. No children.

33.  Robert  Seymour Brendon Sterling Berry (son of Thomas Sterling Berry), b. 13 Jul 1885 at Birr, d. 23 Aug 1930.  B.A., M.A. at T.C.D., O.B.E, ord. D. 1908 , P. 1909 ; C. St. James's, Birch, Manchester; R. of Bridgewater 1923.  WW1 served in France;  drowned at Hayle, Cornwall endeavoring to save his daughter from drowning.

       He married Sep. 13, 1910, Marguerite Spafford, 2nd daughter of Frederick Spafford of Birch.


            55.     i      Cyril Brendon Berry b. 1913.

                      ii     Doreen Marguerite Berry, b. 23 Dec. 1916. WW2 part time firewoman telephonist, BBC Rumanian Programme                                 Organiser. Unmarried

Ninth Generation

34.  John Edward Berry (son of Charles Edward Berry); b. 11 Jan 1921 in Blenheim, d. 17 May 1973 in Havelock..

       He married Doreen Isabell Jackson, b.17 Jul 1926 in Wellington, d. 24 Feb 2002 in Nelson.


             56    i      Gordon Edward Berry, b 1946 in Blenheim

35.    Cyril John Wilson  (son of Anne Sarah Berry), b. 21 Jan 1894 or 1898 in Carlton, Vic., d. 1973 in Myrtleford.

       He married 22 Dec.1923 at St Phillips Church, Urana, N.S.W., Christine Cadman, b. at Islington, London. Christine emigrated to Australia in 1920 with her mother Emma. Cyril and Christine worked on a sheep property outside the township of Urana. He was placed in the Sunderland Home for Children by his grandmother, Zaldah Chalmers when he was 8 and told his mother had died after spilling a pot of boiling jam on herself. Entry in the orphanage log states that both William and Zaldah Chalmers were unwell and unable to care for him.  [J.Jewell]. Enlisted in WW1 and WW2.


            57      i      Zaldah Christine Wilson, b. 1933.

            58      ii     Alan John Wilson b. 1936.

36. Doris Zaldah Berry (dau. of Alfred Seymour Berry, b. 1904 in Carlton, Victoria Aust, d. 1966 in Kew,  Vic.

       She married 12 Feb. 1931 in Victoria, Duncan Robert Moore, b. 1894, d. 25 Apr 1959 in Kilmore, Victoria.


                      i      Gladys Moore (twin).

                      ii     Yvonne Moore (twin).

37                Henry Cromwell Berry (son of Alfred Seymour Berry), b. 12 Jan 1906 in Fitzroy South, Vic., d. 16 Jan 1977 in Warrnambool, Vic.

Settled first in Bushfield, 5 miles from Warrnambool, then moved into Warrnambool. Employee of Warrnambool Shire Council, most of his                       working life.

He married Mabel Jane Daisy Smith, b. 5 Feb 1909 in Koroit, Vic., d. 20 Jul 1981 in Warrnambool Vic.


                      i      George Berry, b. 1932 in Warrnambool,  Vic.  Unmarried. Worked for the Warrnambool Shire Council.

            59.     ii     Stanley William Berry b. 1938.

            60.     iii    David John Berry b. 1944.

                      iv    Maureen Patricia Berry, b. 1952 in Warrnambool, Vic.  Unmarried. Office worker; later involved in home help.

38.  Clarence de Courcy Berry (son of Alfred Seymour Berry), b. 28 Apr 1907 in Fitzroy, Victoria,  Australia, d. 21 Sep 1996 in Kilmore, Vic. Lived much of his life in Kilmore, Victoria; he wrote an autobiography "Reflections of a Good Life".

Clarence Berry aged 84

 He married Isabel Jean Chapman, b. 5 Mar 1918, d. 3 Nov 1995 in Kilmore, Vic.  The Chapman family go back to the 1860's in the Kilmore area.


                      i      Marion Jean Berry, b. 24 Sept 1939, d. 1 Nov 1941.

              61.   ii     Alan Stanley Berry, b. 21 May 1941.

              62.   iii    Alison Berry, b. 1 Feb 1943.

    39.       Gladys Freda Berry (dau. of Alfred Seymour Berry), b. 1909 in Northcote, Victoria, Australia. d.1978 in Fitzroy.

            She married (1) John Arthur Owen; divorced.

            She married (2) Riseley.


                                        63.       Joan Owen b. 22 Mar 1930.

                                 64.       John Owen b. 10 Mar 1937.

40.  Valerie Joan Tomlinson (daughter of Sir Percy Stanley Tomlinson);   Sgt. W.A.A.J.

       She married 1944, William Douglas MacKintosh of Kitchener, Ontario.


                      i      Caterona Margaret MacKintosh, b. 1947.

41.  Agnes Kathleen Tomlinson (daughter of Thomas Richard Tomlinson) , b.1919 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia Canada.

       She married, 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, John Albert Johnson, b. 11 May 1910 in Worberg, Sweden, (son of John Anderson and Johanna Johnson).


         65.        i      Kathleen Anna Johnson b.1938.

                      ii     Margaret Ruth Johnson, b.1940 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

                             She married 1960 in Cedervale, BC Canada, Alvin Hobenshield.

        66.       iii      John Richard Albin Johnson, b.1942

                      iv    Judy Alice Johnson, b.1945 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

                             She married 1964 in Terrace, British Columbia Canada, Leo Leroy (Larry) Degerness, b.1943 in Flin Flon Manitoba Canada, (son of Ernest Morris Degerness and Fairy Mabel Young).

42.  Cyril Herbert Alfred Marriott (son of Basil Sterling Talbot Marriott), b. 28 Sep 1897 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada, d. Sep 1977 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England. Educ, at Trent Coll. Derbyshire.

             WW1 R.N. Asst. Clerk 1915, Clerk 1916. A/Pay.Sub. Lieut. 1918. Served in H.M.A Africa. Secretary's Clerk to Admiral Jellicoe in Iron Duke, to Admiral Beatty in Iron Duke and Queen Elizabeth; to Rear Admiral Goodenough in Orion and to Rear Admiral Woolcombe in Colossus. Sec. to Flag Capt. A.J. Davies in King George V. 1915 Star ; B.W. M. Victory Medal.

         Joined Consular Service and served in Copenhagen 1919-21. Braila, Roumania 1921, Stockholm 1924; New York 1924; Antwerp 1927-30. Panama 1933 (Charge d'Affaires); Galatz 1934. Deputy Commissioner, European Commission of the Danube 1934; Bahia 1937; Porto Alegre 1941; Foreign Office Copenhagen 1944/45.  British Consul-General in Haifa in January 1949 when the Jewish state was declared. As such he read a telegram to Israeli Foreign Minister Shertok from British Prime Minister Bevan in which Britain formerly recognized Israel, the 33rd such country to do so. Political Advisor to G.O.C., British Forces in Palestine 1948; Consul General, Zurich 1949. C.B.E. 1949.  

         He married Helen Mary Milne, b. 27 Jul 1886 in Knighton, Leicestershire, England, (daughter of James Milne and Rhoda Stuart)  d. Dec 1964 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England


                      i      Elizabeth Jeanette Sterling Marriott, b. 22 Jan 1921 in Copenhagen.  WW2 W.R.A.F. Flt. O., Equipment Branch.

                      ii     Helen Joan Talbot Marriott, b. 27 May 1922 at Braila, Roumania. Secretary.

            67.     iii    John Milne Patrick Marriott b. 8 Jul 1924.

43.     Ruth Emily Marriott (dau. of Basil Sterling Talbot Marriott), b. 29 Jul 1904 at Great Yarmouth.  She married Peter Kenneth Llewellyn Fry, b.     22 Oct 1904 at Clifton. Engineer; Manager Chatham Dockyard 1943-6.


                      i      Ann Patricia Fry, b. 23 Sept 1928 at Chislehurst.  She married James Rodney Spring.

                      ii     Helen Gillian Talbot Fry, b. 30 Sep 1929 at Chislehurst. Nurse.

                     iii    Peter George Robin (Plantagenet Somerset) Fry, b. 3 Jan 1931 at Tenterden, d. 1996. Distinguished historian. He added “Somerset” to his surname by deed poll, and “Plantagenet” was a nickname.

44.  Basil John Marriott (son of  of Basil Sterling Talbot Marriott). b. c. 1910. He married (1) Doris Marcia Lewesjohns.  He married (2)  Patricia Rose Sutton.

                             Children by Doris Lewesjohns:

                        68.     i      Basil Sterling Marriott b. 1933.

                             Children by Patricia Rose Sutton:

                                   i    Catherine Marriott b. 1953 Leeds.

                                   ii    Susan Marriott b. 1956 Leeds.

                                   iii    Pauline Marriott b. 1961 Warwickshire.

45.     Harvey Francis Marriott (son of Alfred Randolph Marriot b. 1 Apr 1910 at Huddersfield.  WW2 R.A.F.V.R. Flt. Lieut.. He married Kitty Schofield.


                                    i           David John Digby Marriott.

46.  Estelle Fitzweda Hannah, (daughter of Catherine Frances Fitzweda Berry) b. 1904.

        She married 1929, John (Jack) Mackay, b.1901, d.1965.


            69.     i      Ian McKinlay Mackay b. 14 June 1933.

47.  Brooking Hannah (son of Catherine Frances Fitzweda Berry), b. 1908, d. 27 Oct. 1994.

       He married 1946, Betty Bertha Colbourn, b.2 May 1913, d.30 Mar 1988.


            70.     i      Thessalie Hannah b.1947.

            71.     ii     Digby John Hannah b.1949.

                     iii    Rendle BrookingHannah.

                     iv     Murray Colbourn Hannah.

48.  Horace Wellesley Hannah (son of Catherine Frances Fitzweda Berry), b. 1913, d. 1998 in Melbourne.

       He married (1) 1941, Marjorie Moulton.


            72.     i      Lister Hannah b.1943.

       He married (2) Barbara Metcalf.


                      ii     Timothy Hannah, b.1947; medical practitioner; resident in Australia..

                      iii    John Hannah, b 1948, d. 1948?.

                      iv    David Hannah, b. 1948.

                             He married Marjorie ?.

            73.     v     Andrew Hannah b. 1950.

            74.     vi    Paul Hannah b. 1956.

49.  Shirley Hannah (daughter of Catherine Frances Fitzweda Berry), b. 1916.

       She married,1947 in Tanzania, Arthur Dietrich Feuerheerd, b. 1910, d. 1967.  ADF was born in UK of an English mother; grew up in Germany. His father was an officer in the German Army. Went to Tanganyika as a teacher in 1932. Became a missionary after marrying Shirley. He was a missionary and teacher until he died of leukaemia (Charis Radford, Shirley's daughter).


                      i      Charis Margaret Feuerheerd, b.1949 in Tanzania.  Spent 10 years in Nigeria.

                             She married, 1971, Bryan Vincent Radford, b. 1948 in Cape Town. No children.

            75.     ii     Erica Ruth Feuerheerd b. 1950.

            76.     iii    Naomi Christine Feuerheerd b.1953.

            77.     iv    Helen Stephanie Feuerheerd b.1956.

50.         Guy Fleetwood BERRY (son of Fleetwood Sterling Digby Berry), b.1913 in Johannesburg, d. 2000 in Johannesburg; ed. at King Edward Prep. School and in 1928 Michaelhouse, Natal; matriculated 1931; BSc. and  MB.Ch.B (Wits); R.M.O. 1st S.A. Irish Regt. in W.W.2 ; taken prisoner at Sidi Rezegh and released; 39/45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal, Africa Service Medal. General practitioner in Johannesburg. He had a great interest in, and exceptional knowledge of natural history, which he enthusiastically imparted to many.

       He married, 2 Feb 1943 in Johannesburg, Ann Venn Walker, b.27 Sep 1918 in Pietermaritzburg, (daughter of Robert Anderson Walker and Georgina Grace Venn. See for a genealogy of the Venn family of Somerset). d. 1988 of cancer in Scottburgh; buried at St Patrick's Church, Umzinto, Natal; ed. Roedean, Jhb., 1935 Head Girl, first class matric and games colours for hockey, cricket, tennis and swimming and full games pocket. Qualified as MB. B. CH.  (Wits.) 1941; awarded bronze medal of the S.A. Medical Association for most distinguished graduate of the year, in addition to the Association of University Women's prize for the most distinguished woman graduate. M.O. to Roedean School; head of Cytology Unit, S.A. Institute for Medical Research in 1976. Senior Cytopathologist,  University School of Pathology and S.A.I.M.R..  Fellow of the International Academy of Cytology. Awarded M.D. in 1977 (Wits). She trained a generation of technologists and medical graduates and when the S.A.I.M.R. created a School of Cytotechnology at its Baragwanath Branch Laboratory, this was named the Ann Berry School of Cytotechnology. An avid student of nature, her interest in wild flowers, grasses, shells, birds and animals was more than that of an amateur. She was an excellent photographer and watercolorist, particularly of plants 


            78.     i      Patrick Fleetwood BERRY b.1944.

            79.     ii     David Fleetwood BERRY b.1945.

                      iii    Richard Fleetwood BERRY, b.1945, d. at birth, triplet brother of David and Martin.

                      iv    Martin Fleetwood BERRY, b.1945, d. at birth, triplet brother of David and Richard.

                       v     Jonathan Fleetwood (Judgie) BERRY, b.1949, d. 1962 in Durban of tetanus; buried at St Patrick's Church,Umzinto.


51.  Erica  Frances Fleetwood Berry (daughter of Fleetwood Sterling Digby Berry), b. 8 Sep1915 in Johannesburg, d.2006 in Prince Albert, S.             Africa. Lecturer in fine art Wits. Uni.; distinguished watercolorist.


       She married,  Bruce Mitchell, b.1909 in Johannesburg, Ferreira Deep Gold Mine, Transvaal, d.1995, in Johannesburg.  Accountant and Springbok cricketer, representing S.A. in 42 Test matches 1929-1946. WW2 Transvaal Scottish; served in N. Africa; 39/45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal, Africa Service Medal.


             80.         i      Erica Ann Mitchell, b. 1951

52.  Shirley Fleetwood Berry (daughter of Fleetwood Sterling Digby Berry), b. 25 Feb.1919 in Johannesburg, d. 19 Mar. 2014 in Swellendam.

       She married James Maxwell Bromley-Gans, b.1916, d.1983. He was a Colliery Manager, Tweefontein, then worked in the Gans engineering                   business.  


            81.     i      Andrew Maxwell Bromley-Gans b.1944.

            82.     ii     Phillip Bromley-Gans b. 1945.

            83.     iii    Rosemary Bromley-Gans b.1951

53.  Bryan Fleetwood Berry (son of Fleetwood Sterling Digby Berry), b. 27 Apr. 1921 in Johannesburg, d. 7 Oct. 2010 in Nelspruit.  Ed. at Michaelhouse, Natal; B.Sc. (Wits) Mining engineer. WW2 S.A.A.F. radar; served in N. Africa 39/45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal, Africa Service Medal. He worked for Haggie Steel Wire Ropes before he retired to farm near Lydenburg.

         He married Maureen May, b1924 in Zomba, Nyasaland, d. 1997 in Lydenburg.


                      i      Richard Fleetwood Berry, b. 1954, d. 1975.

            84.     ii     Stephen Digby Berry b. 1957.

54.  Brian Thomas Sterling-Berry (son of Winslow Seymour Sterling Berry, b. 9 Feb 1909 at Clonfert, Richhill. Farmer of Ballycogley, Abelinton, Co. Wexford. [It is not known when or why this branch adopted the hyphenating name].

      He married 7 Sep 1949, Iris Graham dau. of Hector R.L. Graham of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.


           85.     i      Christopher Seymour Graham Sterling-Berry, b. 1951 at Wexford.

                      ii     Rosemary Sterling-Berry.

55.  Cyril Brendon Berry (son of Robert Seymour Sterling Berry), b. 12 Jan.1913 Croston, Lancs. Secretary, Imperial Tobacco Co. WW2.

In action at Sicily, Italy Palestine, Greece and N. Africa. 39/45 Star, Africa Star with "8", Italian Star, War Medal. O.B.E. 

                He married Dorothy Hadley.


                      i      Dana Joan Berry, b.5 Jun1939 in London.

                      ii     Susan Brenda Berry, b.24 Oct 1942 at Clifton, Bristol.

Tenth Generation

56.  Gordon Edward Berry, (son of John Edward Berry) b. 1946 in Blenheim, N.Z..

                             He married Theresa Mary McKenzie, b. 1950 in Takaka, Nelson.


           86.     i      Gaye Margaret Berry b. 1974.

           87.     ii     Myles John Berry b.1975.

                    iii    Bryon Edward Berry b 1976 Blenheim. 

57.  Zaldah Christine Wilson, (dau. of Cyril John Wilson) b. 18 May 1933 at Merbein, Victoria, resident in Tolmie. Motor spare parts, chainsaw shop operator; manager general store. Ed. at Tatura Primary school & Convent only to grade 8. She married 1956, in Mansfield, Vic., Bernard Anthony Kirley, b. 9 Jan 1931 in Culcairn, NSW.  (son of Patrick Kirley and Charlotte Anderson). Occupation timber feller, dozer driver, chainsaw/mower shop operator.

       Educated at St. Patrick’s, Clucairn.


                      i      Karen Christine Kirley.

                      ii     Shane Patrick Kirley.

                      iii    David John Kirley, d. 1975 in Tolmie, Victoria Australia.

                      iv    Paul Harold Kirley.

                      v     Cathryn Jane Kirley.

                      vi    Anthony James Kirley.

                      vii   Leigh William Kirley.

                      viii  Matthew Steven Kirley.

                      ix    Teresa Ann Kirley.

                      x     Loisa Maree Kirley.

                      xi    Joseph Andrew Kirley.

58.  Alan John Wilson (son of Cyril John Wilson), b. 1936.

       He married 1960 at Myrtleford, Patricia Imelda Rogers, b. 1939 in Cronulla, NSW.  (dau. of Samuel John Rogers & Imelda Myra Gondolf).


                      i      Judith Anne Wilson, b. 11 May 1961 in Myrtleford, d. 11 May 1961 in Myrtleford.

            88      ii     Julie Margret Wilson b. 1962.

            89      iii    Vivian Christine Wilson, b.1963.

            90       iv    Mary Therese Wilson, b.1964                                                    

            91      v     Gerard Alan Wilson, b.1965                                

                      vi    Patricia Jean Wilson, b.1965 in Myrtleford, Vic. Twin of Gerard.

           92      vii   Suzanne Linda  Wilson, b.1966.

           93      viii  Vicki Lorraine Wilson, b.1967.

59.     Stanley William Berry (son of Henry Cromwell Berry), b. 20 Apr 1938 in Warrnambool,  Vic. Never knew his grandparents, but recalls his grandfather had an orchard near Melbourne and his father went there occasionally. Remembers his family was very poor and struggled in the depression. Conscripted and as camp was near Kilmore, used to visit his uncle Clarence at weekends. Worked for the P.M.O.  (forerunner of Australia Post and Telstra), starting as a telegram boy, then a postman, switchboard operator and ended career as Postal Manager at Warrnambool.

         He married Lorraine Patricia Forrester, b. 5 Aug 1940 in Warrnambool, Vic.


           94.     i      Carolyn Patricia Berry, b. 1957.

           95.     ii     Peter John Berry, b. 1959.

             96.     iii    Mark Anthony Berry, b. 1964.

60.  David John Berry (son of Henry Cromwell Berry), b. 1944 in Warrnambool,  Vic., resident in Keysborough, Vic.  Worked in office business machines.

    He married Mary Ethel Fish, b. 1945 in Warrnambool, Vic.


                      i      Tracey Marie Berry, b. 1973 at  Swan Hill , Vic.  She married Adam James Conyers, (son of Ernie Conyers, Wandin North,  Melbourne. Vic. and Sue Foley, Swan Hill Vic.) b. 1 Apr 1970, d. 26 Mar 2006 of cancer. No children.

            97.     ii     Kathleen Anne Berry b. 1976.

61.     Alan Stanley Berry (son of Clarence de Courcy Berry), b. 1941 in Kilmore, Vic.

 He married Paulene Margaret McKenzie, b 1947. Resident in Cairns


                      i      Jason Maxwell Alan Berry, b. 1975.  He married Glenda Johnson.

62.     Alison Berry (daughter of Clarence de Courcy Berry ), b. 1943 at Kilmore, Vic.  She married, 1969 at Kilmore, John Robert Thomson, b. 1936. They farm near Kilmore.


            98.     i      Alexander John Thomson, b 1970.

            99.     ii     Jennifer Alison Thomson, b. 1971.

             100.     iii    Lisa Michelle Thomson, b. 1972.

63.  Joan Owen, (dau. of Gladys Freda Berry) b. 22 Mar 1930.  She married George Herbert Dummett. 


                      i      Daughter, b. 3 Jan 1961, d. Jan 1961.

      101.       ii     Leanne Dummett, b. 27 Jun 1961 (adopted daughter).          

64.  John Owen (son of Gladys Freda Berry), b. 10 Mar 1937.  He married Jan Unknown


                      i      Carol Owen, b. 14 May 1968.

                      ii     Dianne Owen, b. 13 Jul 1969.

                      iii    Jeanette Owen, b. 24 Sep 1971.

                      iv    Ian Owen, b. 1 Mar 1973 (twin of Barbara).

                      v     Barbara Owen, b. 1 Mar 1973 (twin of Ian).

65. Kathleen Anna Johnson (daughter of Agnes Kathleen Tomlinson), b. 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, d.1979 in Kitimat, British Columbia Canada.

     She married, 1957 in Cedervale, BC Canada, Clifford Carl Degerness, b. 20 May 1934 in Rose Valley Sask. Canada, (son of Ernest Morris Degerness and Fairy Mabel Young).


           102.     i      Carl Albert Degerness b. 1958.

          103.     ii     Kathleen Annette Degerness b. 1959.

          104.     iii    John Clifford Degerness b. 1962.

          105.     iv    Alan Morris Degerness b. 1964.

          106.     v     Mandell Sean Degerness b. 1970.

       107.   vi    Wayne Rudolph Degerness b. 1976.

    66.     John Richard Albin Johnson (son of Agnes Kathleen Tomlinson), b.1942 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

            He married, 1967 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Carell Brown


            108    i      Richard Allen Johnson, b. 1975.

ii       Lisa Shannon Johnson, b 1979

67.  John Milne Patrick Marriott (son of Cyril Herbert Alfred Marriott), b. 8 Jul 1924 in Leicester, d. 2006 in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England. Wool merchant.  WW2 Rating in R.N.

           He married Monica Baxter.


                      i      Stephen Marriott.

                      ii     son.

                      iii    Josephine Mary Marriott, b. 20 Nov 1952 in Leicester District, Leicestershire, England, d. 7 Mar 1959 in Leicester District, Leicestershire, England.  

 68.  Basil Sterling Marriott (son of Basil John Marriott), b. 1933.  He married Margaret Cecilia Emerson.


                      i      Estelle Marriott, b. 1958.

                      ii     Debbie Marriott, b. 1960.

                      iii    Susan Marriott, b. 1962.

            109.   iv    Kevin Marriott b. 1965.

  69.  Ian McKinlay Mackay, (son of Estelle Fitzweda Hannah), b.1933.

       He married (2) Unknown.

       He married (3) 1978, Ethel Carstairs, b. 1941 in New Zealand.


                      i      Stephen Mackay

70.  Thessalie Hannah, (daughter of Brooking Hannah), b.1947. Resident in Australia.

       She married 1970, Herman Reeders, b. 1948, d. 1998.


                      i      Narenda Reeders, b.1975.

                      ii     Eleana Catherine Reeders, b. 1977.

71.  Digby John Hannah (son of Brooking Hannah), b. 1949. Resident in Australia.

       He married 1971, Lynley, b.1948.


                      i      Rani Hannah, b 1977.  Adopted.

                      ii     Taegan Hannah, b. 1980.

                      iii    Tyeli Hannah, b. 1984.  Adopted.

72.  Lister Hannah (son of Horace Wellesley Hannah), b.1943. Resident in Australia.

       He married Dandene Badcock, b. in New Zealand.


                      i      Samantha Jane Hannah, b. 1972 in Canada.

                      ii     Tristan Ann Hannah, b. 1973, d. 1985 in Munich.

                      iii    Richard Wellersley Hannah, b. 1977 in Tanzania.

                      iv    Michael Grant Hannah, b. 1981 in London.

                      v     Stephanie Hannah, b. 1986 in Munich.

73.  Andrew Hannah (son of Horace Wellesley Hannah), b.1950. Resident in Australia.

       He married, 1979 in Tanzania, Beverley Court, b.1949.


                      i      Lincoln Thomas Hannah, b. 1978 in London.

                      ii     Miriam Angela Hannah, b. 1982 in Australia.

                      iii    Martin Hannah, b. 1982 in Australia.

                      iv    Geoffrey Hannah, b. 1987 in Australia.

74.  Paul Hannah (son of Horace Wellesley Hannah), b. 1956; general practitioner on Gold Coast, Australia.

       He married 1993, Susan Holmes.


                      i      Danielle Hannah, b. 1995.

                      ii     Jordan Hannah, b. 1996.

75.  Erica Ruth Feuerheerd (Berry) (daughter of Shirley Hannah), b. in Tanzania. Changed surname to Berry by deed poll in 1984. She married Greg Higgins. Resident in Australia.


                      i    Caitlin Charis Berry, b.1987 in Fremantle.

76.  Naomi Christine Feuerheerd (daughter of Shirley Hannah), b.1953.

       She married 20 July 1979 in Melbourne, Alan Jarvie, b 1972 in Scotland, d. ?. Resident in Australia.


                      i      Kate Laura Jarvie, b.1980 in Melbourne, d. ?.

                      ii     Jessica Clare Jarvie, b.1981 in Melbourne.

                      iii    Peter McCrimmon Jarvie, b. 1983.

77.  Helen Stephanie Feuerheerd (daughter of Shirley Hannah),  b. 1956 in Germany. Resident in Australia.

       She married Andrew Henderson, b. 1957.


                      i      Autumn Grace Henderson, b. 1987 in Perth.

                      ii     Emily Oshah Henderson, b. in Perth, Australia.

78.  Patrick Fleetwood BERRY (son of Guy Fleetwood Berry), b.1944, Johannesburg; ed. St John's College, Johannesburg; matric.1961.  B.Sc. Hons. Zool. 1965 (Natal), M.Sc. Ph.D (Natal). Marine biologist, Oceanographic Research Inst., Durban 1966-1979. Emigrated to Perth,  Australia, 1980; Director, Natural Science, Western Australian Museum; retired 2004.

He married (1) 1969 in Pretoria, Gillian Claire Margaret Lomberg, b.1942 in Pretoria, d. 2011 in Perth (dau. of Malcolm Charles Lomberg and Valda Margaret Adams, formerly of Cape Town). Actor; radio drama producer with ABC; retired 2008. See obituary . He married (2) 2014 in Perth, Gillian Anne Barton, b.1945 in Sheffield England (dau. of  Dr John Douglas Michael Barton and Mavis McDonald Cooper, formerly of Pietermaritzburg).

       Gillian Claire Margaret Lomberg

                             Children by Gillian:

                      i      daughter, b.1970 d.1970, Durban.

            109.   ii     Oliver Fleetwood BERRY b. 1973.

            110.   iii    Matthew Fleetwood BERRY b. 1975.

79.  David Fleetwood BERRY (son of Guy Fleetwood Berry), b.1945, Johannesburg; ed. Forest Town School for Cerebral Palsied Children, St Johns Preparatory School and St Johns College. BA Economics and Psychology (Natal). Career in the insurance industry; retired 2005. Resident in South Africa

       He married Hilna Denise Botes.


i      Georgina Venn Berry, b. 1978 in Johannesburg. Lecturer at the Language School, University of the Witwatersrand, where she heads  the TESOL Department (teaching English to foreign language speakers). 

               She married, 16 Nov. 2005 Ma Lin (Jason), eldest son of Ma LiZhi and Huang YongHong of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China. 

            Jason has a degree in Visual Arts, but his career path has been varied - from farming on the ancestral lands to professional  photographer. They met when Georgina was teaching in Lanzhou for two years. Resident in South Africa.

    80.    Erica Ann Mitchell (adopted dau. of Erica Frances Fleetwood Berry), b. 1951.

      She married, 1971 Gregory John Kerr, b. 1949. Lives in Prince Albert where she breeds horses.


                  i     Joanna Kerr b. 1981.

81.  Andrew Maxwell Bromley-Gans (son of Shirley Fleetwood Berry), b. 1944 in Johannesburg. Resident in South Africa

       He married Philippa Anne Crozier.


      111.     i      Jamie Dane Bromley-Gans, b.1974.

                  ii     Joanna Elizabeth Bromley-Ganss, b.1975.

                        She married, 2009, Peter Jan de Beer.

       112.    iii    Jeanna Victoria Bromley-Gans, b.1981.

                        She married 2003 in St. Agnes, Kloof , S. Africa, Hans Phillip Andrew Schneemann.

82.  Philip Bromley-Gans (son of Shirley Fleetwood Berry), b.1947. Resident in South Africa

       He married (1) 1987 in Liberal Catholic Church, Yeoville, Lydia Anne Phelan, b. 1951. Divorced 1993.


                      i      Philip James Bromley-Gans, b.1987.

            He married (2) 1998, Esmé Rose Lourens, b. 1950.

83.  Rosemary Bromley-Gans (dau. of Shirley Fleetwood Berry), b. 1951 in Johannesburg. Resident in South Africa

       She married (1) 1971 in Johannesburg, Hendrik van der Heever, b. 1949. Divorced 2001.


                      i      Charl van der Heever, b. 1973 in Johannesburg. Living in New Zealand.

      113          ii       Elise van der Heever, b. 1974.

    She married (2), 2004 in Christchurch, Swellendam, Jacobus Gabreel Dunn, b. 1946.

84.  Stephen Digby Berry (adopted son of Bryan Fleetwood Berry) b. 1957. Resident in South Africa

       He married Janet Elizabeth Fairbairn.


                      i      Richard Oliver Berry, b. 1989.

                      ii     Matthew James Fairbairn Berry, b. 1992.

85.  Christopher Seymour Graham Sterling-Berry (son of Brian Thomas Sterling-Berry), b 1951 at Wexford.


                      i      Christina (Tina) Sterling-Berry.

Eleventh Generation

    86.      Gaye Margaret Berry (dau. of Gordon Edward Berry) b.1974 in Marlborough.

      She married Graeme Edward Bloomfield, b.1958 in Motueka, Nelson.

                      Step Children:

                      i      Nikki Marie Bloomfield, b. 1979 in Christchurch.

                              She married Matt Elliott.

                      ii     Joseph Graeme Bloomfield, b. 1980 in Christchurch.

                             He married Laura Kate Ferguson, b. 1980 in Nelson.

                      iii    Dominic Manu Bloomfield, b 1982 in Christchurch.

                      iv    Benjamin Edward Bloomfield, b. 1984 in Nelson.


                      i      Stella Pearl Bloomfield, b 2007 in Nelson

87.       Myles John Berry (son of Gordon Edward Berry) b.1975 in Marlborough.

       He married Miwa Kimura, b.1970 in Kanagawa Japan.


                      i      Kaito Moe Berry, b. 2001 in Invercargill.

                      ii     Hana Maggie Berry, b. 2005 in Blenheim.

88.  Julie Margret Wilson (dau. of Alan John Wilson),  b.1962 in Myrtleford, Victoria.

       She married, 1988 in Sale, Vic., Peter Desmond Jewell; (son of Victor Patrick Jewell & Joan Margaret Doherty,  Warrnambool).


                      i      Eliza Jewell, b. 1990 in Myrtleford Victoria.

                      ii     Daniel Jewell, b. 1992 in Myrtleford Victoria.

                      iii    Samuel Jewell, b.1993 in Myrtleford Victoria. Twin

                      iv    Lily Jewell, b.1993 in Myrtleford Victoria. Twin

89.  Vivian Christine Wilson (dau. of Alan John Wilson),  b. 4 Sep 1963 in   Myrtleford Victoria.  She married, 1987 in Sale, Vic., Wallace Stewart Prow, b. 1961 in  Surrey Hills, Victoria.  (son of James Prow and Margaret Wilson).


                      i      Jasmine Vicki Prow, b. 1989 in Sale, Victoria.

                      ii     Alannah Margaret Prow, b 1990 in Sale, Victoria.

                      iii    Lachlan Jame Prow, b. 1992 in  Sale, Victoria.

90.  Mary Therese Wilson, (dau. of Alan John Wilson),  b. 12 Oct 1964 in  Myrtleford, Vic.  She married, 1986 in Sale, Vic., Ian Lewis Elkin.


                      i      Michael Elkin.

                      ii     Ashleigh Elkin.

                      iii    Adam Elkin.

91.  Gerard Alan Wilson (son of Alan John Wilson),  b. 25 Nov 1965 in   Mansfield, Victoria.  Twin of Patricia. He married, 1990 in Monbulk, Vic., Sheryl Anne Garbutt, b. 29 Mar 1969 in  Melbourne, Vic.


                      i      Sarah Ann Wilson, b. 1992.

                      ii     Laura Christine Wilson, b. 1994.

                      iii    Rachael Imelda Wilson, b. 1994.

                      iv    Adrian John Wilson, b. 1996.

92.  Suzanne Linda Wilson (dau. of Alan John Wilson),  b. 1966 in Myrtleford, Vic.  She married Mark Anthony Skeen, b. 22 Apr 1963.


                      i      Luke Daniel Skeen, b. 1989 in Sale, Victoria.

                      ii     Ryan Matthew Skeen, b. 1991 in Sale, Victoria.

                      iii    Shaun Anthony Skeen, b 1992 in  Sale, Victoria.

                      iv    Damien Peter Skeen, b. 1994 in Sale, Victoria.

93.  Vicki Lorraine Wilson (dau. of Alan John Wilson),  b. 1967 in   Myrtleford, Vic.  She married (1) Graeme Ferguson.  She married (2) 1989 in Sale, Andrew Lemon (son of Brian Lemon and Bridget Unknown).


                      i      Christopher Ferguson.

                      ii     James Ferguson.

                      iii    Eric Thomas Lemon, b. in Sale, Vic.

                      iv    Chloe Lemon, b. in Sale, Vic.

94.  Carolyn Patricia Berry, (dau. of Stanley William Berry) b. 1957 at Warrnambool, Vic.  She married Peter William Hussey, b. 1977 at Warrnambool, Vic.


                      i      Sianne Ahra Hussey, b. 1989  in Korea. Adopted daughter.

                      ii     Aaron Sang Chul Hussey, b. 1993 in Korea. Adopted son.

95.  Peter John Berry (son of Stanley William Berry), b. 6 Feb 1959 at Warrnambool, Vic.  Partner (1) Sarah Nield, d. 6 Oct 1987 in traffic accident. He married (2) Jennifer Judd.


                             by Sarah

                      i      Aja Amethyst Berry, b. 1982, d. 6 Oct 1987 in traffic accident.

                             by Jennifer

                      ii     Ruby Rose Berry, b. 1991 in Warrnambool, Vic.

                      iii    Lily May Berry, b. 1993 in Moruya, NSW.

96.  Mark Anthony Berry (son of Stanley William Berry), b. 1964 at Warrnambool, Vic.  He married Carolyn Jane Brewster.


                      i      Amelia Jane Berry, b. 1994 in Portland, Vic.

                      ii     Lucas Joseph Berry, b. 1999 in Portland Vic.

97.  Kathleen Anne Berry (dau. of David John Berry), b. 1976 in Melbourne.  She married Bruce Andrew Rushton, (son of Anthony (Tony) Rushton, Beaconsfield, Melbourne, Vic. (deceased) and Dulcie Lillian Rushton) b. 1969 in Berwick, Melbourne. 


                      i      Darren John Rushton, b. 1998 at Swan Hill , Vic.

                      ii     Melissa Jade Rushton, b. 2000 in Swan Hill, Vic.

                      iii    Lachlan James Rushton, b. 2002.

98.  Alexander John Thomson (son of Alison Berry), b. 1970 in Melbourne.  He married, 2001, Leesa Maree Pisasale, b. 1971.


                          i      Zachary James Thomson, b. 1995 (son of Leesa, adopted by Alexander).

                      ii     Millarni Ariana Thomson, b. 2003 in Deniliquin NSW.

                      iii    Khobien Alexander Thomson, b. 2005 in Deniliquin NSW.

99.  Jennifer Alison Thomson (dau. of Alison Berry), b. 1971 in Kilmore.  She married, 1993 at Kilmore, Timothy James Crump, b. 1968.


                      i      Chelsea Isabel Crump, b. 23 Dec 1998 in Kilmore, Vic.

                      ii     Jemma Rose Crump, b. 2002 in Kilmore, Vic.

100.  Lisa Michelle Thomson (dau. of Alison Berry), b. 1972 in Kilmore, Vic.  She married, 2000 in Kew, Melbourne, Lachlan Charles Hyndman,  b. 1975.


                        i    Jade Stephanie Hyndman, b. 2002 in Box Hill,  Melbourne.

                                       ii   Carly Alison Hyndman, b. 2002 in Box Hill,  Melbourne.

101.  Leanne Dummett, b. 27 Jun 1961 (adopted dau. of Joan Owen). She married Craig Davidson.


                      i      Andrew Davidson.

                      ii     Matthew Davidson.

                      iii    Samantha Davidson.

                                    iv    Michael Davidson.

102.  Carl Albert Degerness (son of Kathleen Anna Johnson), b.1958 in Terrace, British Columbia Canada.

       He married (1) Gina.


                      i      Luke Degerness, b. 1993 in Kitimat, British Columbia Canada.

       He married (2) 1978, Denise Pike.

       He married (3) 1981 in Kitimat, British Columbia Canada, Barbara Taylor.


                      ii     Terry Degerness, b. 1983.

       He married (4) 2001 in Terrace, B.C., Linda ?

103.  Kathleen Annette Degerness (daughter of Kathleen Anna Johnson),  b. 1959 in Terrace, British Columbia Canada.

       She married (1) 1978, Craig Bellamy.

       She married (2) 1981 in Kitimat, British Columbia Canada, Donald Lewis.


                      i      Valerie Lewis, b. in Smithers, BC Canada.

                             She married (3) 10 Apr 1993, Paul Ross.


                      ii     James Ross, b. 1993 in Smithers, BC Canada.

104.  John Clifford Degerness (son of Kathleen Anna Johnson), b. 1962 in Terrace, British Columbia Canada.

       He married (1) Joy Sparkes, b.1963 in  Kitimat, British Columbia Canada, (daughter of Victor Sparkes and Maxine Hardy).


                      i      Dawn Louise Sparkes, b.1983 in Kitimat, British Columbia Canada.

       He married (2) 1991 in Kitimat, British Columbia Canada, Elke Muench, b.1958 in Offenburg, Germany.

105.  Alan Morris Degerness (son of Kathleen Anna Johnson), b. 1964 in Terrace, British Columbia Canada.

       He married 1989, Debbie Jackson.


                      i      Nicole Degerness, b. 1989.

106.  Mandell Sean Degerness (son of Kathleen Anna Johnson), b.1970 in Terrace, British Columbia Canada.

       He married 1993, Shelley ?.


                      i      Degerness.

                      ii     Degerness.

107.     Wayne Rudolph Degerness (son of Kathleen Anna Johnson), b.1976 in Kitimat, British Columbia Canada.

            His partner Jackie Foster.


                      i      Sheanne Degerness, b. 1999 in Vancouver, BC.

                      ii     Michaella Degerness, b. 2003

108.        Richard Allen Johnson (son of John Richard Albin Johnson) , b. 1975.

      He married, in Toronto Ontario in 2004, Melanie A. Badali.


                      i      Liam Badali Johnson b.2009

109.   Kevin Marriott (son of Basil Sterling Marriott), b. 1965.  He married Gina Wakefield.


                          i      Andrew Sterling Marriott, b. 1989.

                          ii     Jade Louise Marriott, b. 1991.

  110.     Oliver Fleetwood BERRY (son of Patrick Fleetwood BERRY), b.1973 in Durban. PhD (Massey Uni); molecular biologist. Resident in Australia.

            He married Nicola Jane Mitchell, b. 1972 in Subiaco, Perth, (daughter of David Stuart Mitchell and Rae Jeanette Wilson); Ph.D (Adelaide); zoologist.


                      i      Huxley Fleetwood BERRY, b. 2003, Canberra.

                      ii     Geordie Thomas Fleetwood BERRY, b. 2005, Perth. 

111.     Matthew Fleetwood BERRY (son of Patrick Fleetwood BERRY), b.1975 in Durban. B.A.; outdoor education instructor. Resident in Australia.

            He married Sophie Elizabeth Nicoll,  teacher.


                      i      Stella Ruby BERRY, b. 2006 in Perth.

                     ii     Mae Gillian BERRY, b. 2009 in Perth

112.     Jamie Dane Bromley-Gans, b.1974. (son of Andrew Maxwell Bromley-Gans)

            He married, 2001 in Highbury Chapel , S. Africa, Monika Huber.


                      i      Byron Dane Bromley-Gans, b. 2006

113.     Jeanna Victoria Bromley-Gans, b.1981. (dau. of Andrew Maxwell Bromley-Gans)

            She married 2003 in St. Agnes, Kloof , S. Africa, Hans Phillip Andrew Schneemann.


                      i      Daniel Harald Schneemann, b. 2006.

                           ii     Benjamin Andrew Schneemann, b. 2008.

114.     Elise van der Heever, b. 1974. (dau. of Rosemary Bromley-Gans)

            She married (1) 1998, Gary Stuart Roscoe, b. 1960. Divorced 2002.

            She married (2) 2008, Daryl Craig Blundell, b. 1969.            


                      i      Zachary Blundell, b. 2009

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