Marlborough Parsons Berry

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Descendants of Marlborough Parsons Berry (1773-1842)

 (5th Generation of Descent from Progenitor John Berry)

Last updated on 6/01/2019

1.  Marlborough (Mallie) Parsons Berry (son of Thomas BERRY and Frances Berry), b. 30 May 1773, d. 28 Oct 1842; of Tullamore, King’s Co. On 8 Dec. 1796 he was commissioned as Ensign in the 64th Regiment of Foot (now The Staffordshire Regiment) and became a Lieutenant on 26th March 1799. The next year he transferred to the 3rd Regiment of Foot   "The Buffs" . He served in the West Indies and the Peninsula. As a result of reductions in the Army following the Peace of Amiens, he would have been placed on half-pay, but his friend Colonel Richard Blunt urged him to take the post of Paymaster of the 3rd Foot, to which he was appointed on the 21st October 1802 with rank of Captain.

     Family tradition incorrectly asserts that he took part in the retreat to Corunna. His name, however, does not appear in the list of four officers of his Regiment who were with General Moore. Only the Grenadier Company was with Moore, the remainder of the Regiment being held up at Almeida by bad weather and lack of transport. He, as Paymaster would have been there with the headquarters of his Regiment.

     In September 1808 he returned to the Peninsula and landed in Lisbon with his Regiment. He served with it until he was placed on half-pay as a Lieutenant on the 18th March 1813, on account of ill health. His first wife, Dorothea, rode with him throughout the campaign. On his leaving them the Officers of the Buffs presented him with a silver cup.

     On returning home he built a house called Hollywell near the home of his favourite sister, Catherine (Mrs Mulock) who lived at Bellair near Ballycumber. On 1st January 1824 he was appointed Barrackmaster at Tullamore. He retired from this appointment in 1839.

     He married (1) 1812, Dorothea ?, d. 9 Nov. 1825. Buried at Eglish.

     He married (2) 15 Oct 1827, Martha Turpin (3rd dau. of Rev. Peter Turpin of Brookville Kings Co. and Henrietta Homan. She had 6 brothers and 3 sisters.), b. 1797, d. 1887. 


            2.       i      Thomas Marlborough Berry b. 16 Jan, 1829.

                      ii     Henry Charles Berry, b. 4 March, 1831, baptized 17 Apr 1831 at Tullamore, d. Aug. 22, 1831. Buried at Linally.

            3.       iii    Francis Homan Berry b. 9 Apr 1833.

                      iv    Daughter  (Source: "Turpin Family of Tullamore" - article by Robert W. Brown in 'Irish  Midlands Ancestry"

Sixth Generation

2.  Thomas Marlborough Berry (son of Marlborough Parsons Berry), b. Jan. 16 at Tullamore, 1829, d.14 Dec. 1892 at Blunham. Ed. at Portarlington and T.C.D. B.A. , M.A. 1867. Ord. Pr. 1855. R. of Blunham 1872-92.

     He married, 1863 Sophia Eliza Harris, b. 1837, d. 1924; dau. of Thomas Joseph Clarke Harris of The Shade, Sharnford, Leicestershire and ElizabethWillett.

                                                                                Sophia Eliza Harris (courtesy of Richard Parry-Jones)


  i      Marlborough James Berry, b. 10 Oct 1865 at Burbage, d. 13 Jul 1930 at Torquay of "encephalitis lethargica". Twin of  Francis Willoughby. Educ. privately & at Trinity Coll.,Cambridge,where he was admitted as Pens. 8 Mar 1884, Scholar 1886.  B.A.1887. Seventh wrangler. 1888 Part 2, Class I, Div. I. 2nd Master, Focklinton G.S. 1890-2. 1892-4 teaching in London & Junior Lecturer in mathematics at King's Coll., London. Articled to Cash, Storer & Co. of Cannon St., London, Chartered accountants, I894. Clerk with Lovelock & Lewes, Calcutta from 1899. Ass. Institute of Chartered accountants 1900. Unmarried.

                                                                               Marlborough James Berry (courtesy of Richard Parry-Jones)

ii   Francis Willoughby Berry, b. 10 Oct 1865 at Burbage, d. at Aspley Guise 1942. Twin of Marlborough James.  Educ. privately & at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, where he was admitted as Pens. 23 May 1884. B.A.1888. ord. d.1892, pr. 1894 (Coventry) C. of Bredon 1892-1905. V.of Wendens Ambo 1905-28. Lic. Preacher, Dio.of St Albans,1928-39. W.W.I. Chaplain, 7th V.B. Essex Regt. 30 July 1917. Unmarried.

                                                                            Francis Willoughby Berry (courtesy of Richard Parry-Jones)

iii    Henry William Berry, b. 2 Sep 1868, d. 6 May 1935 on the golf links, Aspley Guise. Assistant Master, Dunchurch Hall, Rugby. Headmaster, Army coaching Establishment, St. Servan, Brittany. Asst. Master  Military School, Egyptian Army 1900.  Mejidieh Order, 4th class, 1913. Order of the Nile, 4th class, 1922.

 He married 6 Aug 1901, Marguerite Constance Eliot, b. 1874, d. 1925;  daughter of Godfrey William Michael Eliot. Lieut. R.N. by Jessie, dau. of George Bartley, Maj. 54th Foot.  No children.

3.  Francis Homan Berry (son of Marlborough Parsons Berry) , b. 9 Apr 1833 at Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Ireland; bapt. Tullamore, d. 6 Jan 1884 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, buried Mount Royal Cemetery. Clerk with London, Liverpool & Globe Insurance Co. Went to Canada in 1871.

 He married 30 May 1861 in Booterstown Church, County Dublin, Eleanore Letitia Foote, b. c.1838 in Ireland, d. 25 Jan. 1896 at  Maple Cottage, Chapel Corner, Dunham, Quebec; buried in Cowansville, Quebec. Married by the Reverend Thomas Marlborough Berry (his brother).

                                                                               Francis Homan Berry (courtesy Richard Parry-Jones)


            4.       i      Marlborough Simon Berry, b. 28 Mar, 1862.

            5.       ii     Charles Francis Berry b. 14 Aug 1863.

                      iii    Frederick William Berry, b. 1 May 1866 at Sydney Avenue in Black Rock, Co., Dublin, d. 7 Dec. 1906 at 337 W.                                 43rd Street, New York; buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal.

                      iv    Thomas George Berry, b. 6 July, 1872 at 109 Dubord Street, Montreal, Quebec.

                      v     Francis Walter Berry, b. 9 August, 1878 at 126 Drolet Street, Montreal, d. 1 July, 1879.

Seventh Generation

4.   Marlborough Simon Berry (son of Francis Homan Berry), b. 28 March, 1862 in Marrion, County Dublin.  Died in his late 60s of stomach ulcers/cancer in the late 1920s.  With the Queen Victoria's Rifles, and Dominion Bridge munitions factory in Lachine Quebec.  He was in the Reserves in WWI.   He married (1) Elizabeth Warren, b. 1857 in Black Rock, Dublin, d. 8 Mar 1897.

        M.S. Berry                         Elizabeth Warren


                      i      Violet Berry.  Died as a toddler.

            6.       ii     Marlborough Robert Randford Berry b. 1889.

            7.       iii    Herbert Berry b. 29 Jan 1891.

            8.       iv    Edna Berry b. 8 Mar 1897.

He married (2) Bella McNulty (his housekeeper)

                     v     Phyllis Berry, b. Sep. 1900 in Montreal; d. 1987.

             9.       vi  Charles Berry b. 1901.

5.  Charles Francis Berry (son of Francis Homan Berry), b. 14 Aug 1863 at Sydney Avenue, Black Rock, County Dublin, d. 25 Feb. 1925 at  1701 Gouin Boulevard, Cartierville, Canada; buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal. He married 11 Oct 1894, Moriah (Minnie) Hughes.

                                                                                    Charles Francis Berry        Moriah Hughes


            10.     i      Francis William Berry b. 1895.

            11.     ii     Douglas Blackader Berry b. 1898.

            12.     iii    Charles Frederick Berry b. 1900.

            13.     iv    Benjamin George Berry b. 1902.

            14.     v     Norman Whitty Berry b. 1911.

Eighth Generation

6.  Marlborough Robert Randford Berry (son of Marlborough Simon Berry), b. 26 Jan 1889 in St. Lambert Quebec, d. 26 Aug 1973 of a stroke at age 84, in St. Agathe Quebec.  He married Beatrice Simonson b. Sep 1893, d. 1965.


                      i      Robert (Bob) Charles Berry b.13 Oct 1917, d. Apr or May 1993, aged 76.

            15.     ii     Arthur (Art) Herbert Berry b. 1920.

7.  Herbert Henry Francis Berry (son of Marlborough Simon Berry), b. 29 Jan 1891, d. Dec 1957 of a heart attack.  He married Clara Mae Brownell, b. 15 Aug 1892 in Cornwall Ont, d. Sept 1966 of pancreatic cancer.  Worked for CP Railroad.


            16.     i      Donald (Don) Herbert Berry b.19 Sept 1923 in Ottawa.  Lives in Toronto.

8.  Edna Muriel Doran Berry (daughter of Marlborough Simon Berry), b. 8 Mar 1897 in Montreal, d. 20 Aug 1986 in Ottawa.  She married John Cottam, b. 1867, a travelling silverware salesman, he lectured in Toronto in 1920s after writing a book called "Every One Shall Say", published in 1926.  Also operated Cottam Bird Seed which was owned by his father, Bartholomew Cottam.  Edna was his second wife.  She married at age 30 when he was age 60, in 1927.


            17.     i      Randford Cottam b. 16 Jan 1929, Detroit, Michigan.

                     18.    ii      Phyllis Cottam b. 2 Mar 1931, Warren, Ohio.

9.    Charles Berry (son of Marlborough Simon Berry), b. 1901, d. 1940s in his 40s.


                             i      Donna Berry, d. 1993 in Vancouver.

   10.  Francis William (Bill) Berry (son of Charles Francis Berry), b. 1895, d. 1962. Worked for Sun Life Insurance Co. He married

Lucinda Barbara Pratt.


            19.     i      Peter Cushing Berry b. 1923.

            20.     ii     Charles Horace Berry b. 1930.

11.     Douglas Blackader Berry (son of CharlesFrancis Berry), b. 1898, d. 1940 of tuberculosis. He married Florence Ada Westall, b. 1899, d. 1943.

                                                                                                                                                Douglas Blackader Berry                       Florence Ada Westal                                                                                                                         


            21.     i      George Charles Berry b. 1929.

            22.     ii     Margaret Florence Berry b. 1925.

       12.     Charles Frederick Berry (son of Charles Francis Berry), b. 1900, d. 1981. He married Ruth Slater, b. 1905, d. 1988.


                      i      Vance Berry.

            23.     ii     Rae Berry.

13.     Benjamin George Berry (son of Charles Francis Berry), b. 7 Dec 1902 in  Montreal, Quebec, Canada, d. 17 Jun 1939.  Died young of pneumonia.

          He married Eleanor Muriel Munro Cameron, who remarried after his death.



            24.     i      Cameron George Berry b. 5 Feb 1938.

14.     Norman Whitty Berry (son of Charles Francis Berry), b. 1911, d. 2001. Brought up his brother Douglas's son, George Berry, when he was orphaned as a teenager. He married

(1) Anne Isabel McEwen (2) Hedwig Johanna Arendt, b. 1921, d. 2005.


            25.     i      Barbara-Anne Berry b. 1937.

            26.     ii     Grace Roberta Berry b. 1938.

            27.     iii    John Douglas Berry b. 1944.

Ninth Generation

15.       Arthur (Art) Herbert Berry (son of Marlborough Robert Randford Berry), b. 15 Dec.1920 in Montreal; d. 8 May 2016 in Mississauga.  Lived in Toronto. W.W. II veteran.

Lieut. Arthur Herbert Berry

He married

(1) Mary Patricia Humphries, b. 18 Feb 1925, d. 30 Nov 1986.  He married (2) Irene Mary Norman, b. 13 Feb 1920, d. 9 Feb 2008.


            28.     i      Donald Kenneth Berry b. 28 Apr 1947 in Montreal, lives in Montreal West.

                      ii     Douglas Randford Berry b. 13 May 1949 in Montreal, lives in Dundas, Ontario. He married Cheri Dianne Weaver, b. Chatham, Ontario, who has 2 daughters from a previous marriage.

            29.     iii    Thomas Arthur Berry b.18 June 1954 in Montreal, lives in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

16.   Donald (Don) Herbert Berry (son of Herbert Henry Francis Berry), b. 19 Sept 1923, lives in Toronto. He married Marjorie Amelia Rice,

        b. 15 Apr 1924.


                      i      Joan Brownell Berry b. 5 Nov 1950 in Toronto, lives in Toronto.  No children.

             30.    ii     Christine Marjorie Berry b. 29 Dec 1953 in Toronto.

17.       Randford Cottam (son of Edna Muriel Doran Berry and John Cottam), b. 16 Jan 1929 in Detroit, Michigan.  Was 11 1/2 when his parents moved to Montreal, in Sep 1940.  He married in 1951 to Kazimiera Janina (Jean) Weinberg (adopted name: Sergent), b. 23 Apr 1930 in Czestochova, Poland. She arrived in Montreal from Poland at the age of 18  in 1949 to live with an uncle (Rev. Adolph Sergent) who officially adopted her.  Aged 9 when Hitler invaded Poland, she had to live in a children's home in Russia for years.  Her parents died during the war, so she became orphaned at the age of 13 in 1943.  Randford moved to Toronto where he was employed by an insurance company  from 1964 until in 1971 he and Kazimiera separated. Randford returned to Montreal. Kazimiera attended University of Toronto and acquired a doctorate in European History. She worked for the federal government as a Russian translator and is the author of books about Russian women pilots in WWII and others.


                      i      Terrence (Terry) Richard Cottam b. 12 Jul 1958 in Montreal, d. 5 Nov 1999.

            31.     ii     Kathleen (Kathy) Barbara Cottam b. 19 Nov 1959 in Montreal.  Lives in Ottawa.

18.  Phyllis Cottam (daughter of Edna Muriel Doran Berry and John Cottam), b. 2 Mar 1931 in Warren, Ohio.  Was 9 1/2 when her parents moved to Montreal, in Sep 1940.  She married Robert (Bob) Blackshaw in 1953.


            32.       i    Brian Blackshaw b. 1 Nov 1965 in Montreal.  He married Elizabeth _________ in ______.

19.  Peter Cushing Berry (son of Francis William Berry), b. 1923, d. 2006. Commander, Royal Cdn Navy; lived in Canada. Married Anne Branston.


            33.     i      Matthew Cushing Berry.

            34.     ii     Michael Berry.

            35.     iii    Frances Berry.

            36.     iv    David Berry.

20.  Charles Horace Berry (son of Francis William Berry), b. 1930 in Ottawa, Canada, d. 2 Sep 2007after a long struggle with cancer. His undergraduate degree was from McGill University in 1951; he then moved to the US, obtaining an M.Sc. from the University of Connecticut in 1953 and a Ph.D in Economics  from the University of Chicago in 1956. From 1955 until 1963 he was a faculty member in economics at Yale University. After two years at the Brookings Institution, Washington, he went  to Princeton in January of 1966 where he taught for thirty years and became Professor of Economics (with a joint appointment in the Department of Economics and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs). Administrative appointments including a four year term as Master of John D. Rockefeller College during the early 1990s. He retired from Princeton in 1997.

In an email to PFB sent Nov 2006, Charles tells of an interesting coincidence experienced by his uncle Norman. “Norman had been a junior officer in the Canadian Navy during the Second World War, and at the end of the was was sent by train from Halifax to Montreal to be discharged - with a bunch of other naval officers.  He shared a seat with another junior officer and both of them slept most of the way to Montreal.  As they left the train in Montreal, they said good-bye and introduced themselves.  Each was a Berry.  Norman said that he thought that they were cousins.  I said to Norman "That must have been Marlborough's son"  He said "No, I think it was Thomas's."  That cousin may have been Vernon Berry, which is consistent with Norman's being unsure of exactly whose son that "cousin" was .”  He married (1) Catherine Lafarge. (2) Gisella Erdody.


            37.     i      William Erdody Berry b. 1967.

                      ii     Rachel Elizabeth Berry, b. 1969; attorney, lives in New York.

            38.     iii    Katherine Alexandra Berry, b. 1972.                         

21.  George Charles Berry (son of Douglas Blackader Berry), b. 1929, d. Sept.2016. He married Beatrice Grace Martin, b. 1928, d. Dec. 2015.


            39.     i      Heather Anne Berry b. 1952.

            40.     ii     Ralph William Berry b. 1955.

                      iii    Alison Florence Berry, b.1956.

            41.     iv    Donald George Berry b.1958.

22.  Margaret Florence Berry (daughter of Douglas Blackader Berry), b. 1923, d. 1985. She married John Campbell Trewin.


            42.     i      David John Trewin b. 1947.

            43.     ii     Lynne Florence Trewin b. 1949.

                      iii    Bruce Gordon Trewin, b. 1951. Lives in France.

                             He married Josephine Bucknell.

            44.     iv    Paul Douglas Trewin b. 1951.

23.  Rae Berry (daughter of Charles Frederick Berry). She married Marcel Legault.


                      i      Danny Legault.

                      ii     Linda Legault.

24.  Cameron George Berry (son of Benjamin George Berry), b.1938 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Petroleum geologist; lives near Windemere, BC. He married 1961, Catherine Eloise Cryderman, b 1939 in  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


            45.     i      Scott Cameron Berry b.1964.

            46.     ii     Christopher William Berry b.1965.

            47.     iii    Jonathan George Berry b. 1965.

            48.     iv    Heather Muriel Berry b. 1969.

            49.     v     Eloise Dorothy Berry b. 1969.

25.  Barbara-Anne Berry (daughter of Norman Whitty Berry), b. 1937.  Was a missionary in Borneo and Bolivia. She married Robert Thonney.


                      i      Paula Thonney, b. 1976.

                      ii     Elizabeth Thonney, b. 1978.

                      iii    Daniel John Thonney, b. 1981.

                      iv    David Thonney, b. 1983.

26.  Grace Roberta Berry(daughter of Norman Whitty Berry), b. 1938. She married Lorne Cameron Perry, b. 1931.


            50.     i      Barbara Kim Perry.

            51.     ii     Susan Dona Perry.

27.  John Douglas Berry (son of Norman Whitty Berry), b. 1944, Montreal; investment specialist. He married Marjorie Ethel, b. 1948.


                      i      Charles Douglas Berry, b. 1973.

                      ii     Carol Marjorie Berry, b. 1977. She married Douglas Perry, b. 1970.

                      iii    Edward Thomas Berry, b. 1980.

Tenth Generation

28.  Donald Kenneth Berry (son of Arthur Herbert Berry), b. 1947 in Montreal; lives in Montreal West. He married, 1978, Susyn Borer


                      i      Michael David Berry b. 12 Apr 1979 in Montreal. He married 2012 in Montreal, Tamara Dawn  Fisher, b. 1981.                                     Lives in Montreal.                                    

                    ii     Paul Edward Berry b. 24 Feb 1981 in Montreal.

29. Thomas Arthur Berry (son of Arthur (Art) Herbert Berry), b. 28 Apr 1947 in Montreal, lives in Annapolis Royal, NS.  He married Robyn Dubois.


              i    Tom Berry twin of Jody, b. 1975 in Brampton.

                   ii     Jody Berry twin of Tom, b. 1975 in Brampton.

                   iii    Peter Berry b. 1984 in Nova Scotia.

                   iv    Amy Berry, b. 1986 in Nova Scotia.

30. Christine Marjorie Berry (daughter of Donald (Don) Herbert Berry), b. 29 Dec 1953 in Toronto, lives in Ottawa.  Married Aug 1977 to

        Vincent St. Pierre in Ottawa.


          52.               i     André St. Pierre b. 12 Dec 1979 in Ottawa.

                             ii     Alex St. Pierre b. 12 Aug 1983 in Ottawa.

                             iii     Elizabeth St. Pierre b. 26 Dec 1988 in Ottawa.

31.  Kathleen (Kathy) Barbara Cottam (dau. of Randford Cottam), b. 1959 in Montreal. Married, 1993 in Ottawa, Matthew D’Arcy Dillon b.         Dec 6 1964; pilot in Canadian Forces (son of Carol and Mel Dillon, Perth, Ontario).


                      i      Alexa Dillon, b. 1996 in Ottawa.

                      ii     Evan Dillon, b 1999 in Ottawa.

32.   Brian Blackshaw (son of  Phyllis Cottam), b. 1 Nov 1965 in Montreal.  He married Elizabeth _________ in ______.


                                    Madeleine (Maddy) Blackshaw b. 2 Apr 2005 in San Francisco?.

                                    Charlotte (Charly) Blackshaw b. 9 Mar 2007 in Ottawa.

33.  Matthew Cushing Berry (son of Peter Cushing Berry) b. Ottawa. He married Nancy Gaden (dau. of Jean Gaden and Chantal Vene), b. 17 Sep                                                 1957 in Bordeaux, France, d. 20 Sep 2009.


                      i      Margaux Frances Berry b. 1987, Nantes, France.

34.  Michael Berry (son of Peter Cushing Berry). He married Lindsay Whyte.


                      i      Nicole Berry.

                      ii     Julia Berry.

                      iii    Adam Berry.

35.  Frances Berry (daughter of Peter Cushing Berry). She married Nicholas Milner.


                      i      Tobin Milner.

36.  David Berry (son of Peter Cushing Berry). He married Fiona Winter.


                      i      Christian Peter Berry.

                      ii     Jillian Jane Berry.

                      iii    Shannon Berry.


37.  William Erdody Berry (son of Charles Horace Berry), b. 1967. He married Svea Saake.


                      i      Annika Berry, b. 2004.

                      ii     Alexandra Berry, b. 2006.

38.  Katherine Alexandra Berry (dau. of Charles Horace Berry), b. 1972.  She married John Langmaid.


                       i           Sarah Elizabeth Langmaid, b. 13 Jun 2008 in Hartford, CT

39.    Heather Anne Berry   (dau. of George Charles Berry), b. 1952. She married Stephen John Moore, b. 1943.


                      i      Andrew Stephen Moore, b. 1977.

53.                  ii     Anthony George Moore, b. 1979.

                      iii    Kathryn Alison Moore, b. 1983.

40.  Ralph William Berry (son of George Charles Berry), b. 1955. He married Miriam Ruth Hunter, b. 1964.


                      i      Heidi Miriam Berry.

                      ii     Kristin May Berry.

41. Donald George Berry (son of George Charles Berry), b. 1958. He married Heather Geyer, b. 1963, d. 2009. He remarried Deb Northmore in 2013.


                      i      Justin Donald Berry, b. 1989.

54.                 ii     Calvin George Berry, b. 1991.

                      iii    Emily Victoria Berry, b. 1993.

                      iv    Gillian Leah Berry, b. 1997.

42.  David John Trewin (son of Margaret Florence Berry), b. 1947. He married Joan Titley.


                      i      Heather Trewin.

                      ii     Brian Trewin.

                      iii    Stephen Trewin.

43.  Lynne Florence Trewin (dau. of Margaret Florence Berry), b. 1949. She married David Addleman.


                      i      Benjamin Addleman.

                      ii     Jonothan Addleman.

                      iii    Joseph Addleman.

44.  Paul Douglas Trewin (son of Margaret Florence Berry), b. 1951. He married Heather MacLeod.


                      i      Cynthia Trewin.

                      ii     Colin Trewin.

45.  Scott Cameron Berry (son of Cameron George Berry), b.1964 in Calgary.; petroleum landman. He married Sharon Wells b. 1966 in New Zealand.


                      i      Cameron Ian Berry, b. 1994 in Calgary.

                      ii     Emma Catherine Berry, b. 1998 in Calgary.

                      iii    Liam Scott Berry, b. 2005 in Calgary.

  46.    Christopher William Berry (son of Cameron George Berry), b.1965 in Peel Co. Ontario; twin of Jonathan George; economist/businessman. He married Pamela van Helden.


                      i      Stephanie Eloise Berry, b. 1997.

                      ii     William David Berry, b. 1999 in Calgary.

                      iii    Annette Sandra  Berry, b. 2000 in Calgary.

47.  Jonathan George Berry (son of Cameron George Berry), b.1965 in Peel Co. Ontario; twin of Christopher William; highschool teacher/administrator.


                      i      Madeline McLeod  Berry, b. 2000 in Victoria.

                      ii     Isabelle McLeod  Berry, b. 2003 in Victoria.

48.  Heather Muriel Berry (dau. of Cameron George Berry), b. 1969 in Toronto; twin of Eloise Dorothy; health in the workplace coordinator. She married Douglas Caul.


                      i      Spencer David  Caul, b. 1998 in Victoria.

                      ii     Nicholas Berry  Caul, b. 2002 in Victoria.

                      iii    Sophie Eloise Caul, b.  in Victoria. Twin of Lucy.

                      iv    Lucy Heather Caul, b.  in Victoria. Twin of Sophie.

49.  Eloise Dorothy Berry (dau. of Cameron George Berry), b. 1969 in Toronto; twin of Heather Muriel; Computer systems analyst. She married Robert Van Walleghem.


                      i      Aidan Berry Van Walleghem, b. 2000 in Calgary.

                      ii     Benjamin Robert Van Walleghem, b. 2002 in Calgary.

                      iii    Thomas Christopher  Van Walleghem, b. 2004 in Calgary.

                      iv    James Russell Van Walleghem, b. 2007 in Calgary.

50.  Barbara Kim Cameron (dau. of Grace Roberta Berry). She married James Watts, b. 1964.


                      i      Sophie Kim Watts.

                      ii     Micah James Watts.

51.  Susan Dona Cameron (daughter of Grace Roberta Berry). She married Paul Huston, b. 1969.


                      i      Anne Laura Huston.

                      ii     Rebecca Joyce Huston.

52.   André St. Pierre (son of Christine Marjorie Berry), b. 12 Dec 1979 in Ottawa.  He married Rebecca Mead, 19__.


                      i      Isabelle St. Pierre, b. Dec 2007.

                      ii     Vivienne Marjorie St. Pierre, b. Aug 2009.

53.    Anthony George Moore (son of Heather Anne Berry


         i      Elizabeth Heather Moore .  b. 2008.

ii.     James Anthony Moore   b.2010

54.    Calvin George Berry (son of Donald George Berry) b. 1991. He married Katie O'Neill.


i.     Noah George Berry  b. 2017


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