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Descendants of John Berry (1764-1815)

 (5th Generation of Descent from Progenitor John Berry)

(updated on 3/10/2014)

1.  John Berry (son of Thomas Berry and Frances Berry)  b. 8 Jul 1764, d. 1815 Buried at Eglish, resident at Cloneen, King's Co.; Dublin. In 1801 leased lands including at Cloneen from Thomas Sterling Berry. In the will of Mary Geoghegan, widow,  living at Conlinstown, Co. Westmeath dated 10 August 1807, John Berry of Ann Street, Dublin and James Middleton Berry of Middletown Co. Westmeath are named as executors.

     He married, 21 Nov 1804, Elizabeth Charlotte Bury, (daughter of William Bury, Major 12th Dragoons) d. 1845. 


                      i      Thomas Berry, b. c. 1805, d. Jan 1837. Buried at St George’s Dublin. Lived in Dorset St. Dublin.

            2.       ii     Frances Sophia Berry b. 12 Dec 1809.

            3.       iii    Elizabeth Bury Berry b. 1811.

Sixth Generation

2.             Frances Sophia Berry (daughter of John Berry) b. 12 Dec 1809, d. 12 Aug 1863;  buried at Leghorn in Italy; she was adopted by her aunt, Mrs Homan-Mulock (Catherine (Fannie) Frances Berry), wife of Thomas Homan Mulock b. 1765, d. 1843, who had no children.

 She married, 5 Feb 1828, Thomas Mulock Molloy (Homan-Mulock) b. 5 May 1798, (son of Laurence Molloy) d. 25 June 1889, at Liss Church in the Parish of Kilnagarna, near Ballycumber King’s County. Thomas Molloy assumed the name and arms of Homan-Mulock (i.e. Thomas Homan-Mulock of Bellair) by Royal License, dated 3 March 1843. According to his granddaughter,  Frances Ethel Homan-Mulock, in her book "All that I have met", Thomas Molloy changed his name so as to inherit the estate of Bellair from his maternal uncle. Thomas Molloy went to Trinity where he got his MA and MB in 1825. The next year he became a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and started practicing as a doctor. He was a J.P. and High Sheriff of King’s Co. Lived in France and Italy betwwen 1852 and 1863. Thomas lived the latter part of his life as a country gentleman at Bellair. He died there aged 92 and was buried at nearby Liss Churchyard, as were most of the Homan-Mulocks. His wife had died 25 years ahead of him at the age of 54. She raised 15 children and all but one of them lived to maturity. Bellair was passed in 1889 to William Berry Homan-Mulock, the 9th son, born in 1848, and on his death in the early 1900s Bellair was left to his youngest daughter, Hester Enid Homan-Mulock  (Nutting) who made it over to  her niece, Sheila Wingfield, Viscountess Powerscourt.

                    Stained glass windows in Liss Church commissioned by Mrs Mulock  (photos courtesy Brian Pey) (click to enlarge)


                      i      Frances Elizabeth Homan-Mulock, b. 1828, d. 1849; never married.

                      ii     Thomas Homan Homan-Mulock, b. 1830, d. 1844; never married.

                      iii    John Berry Homan-Mulock, b. 1832, d. 1885.  M.D. Lt. Col. Connaught Rangers. 

                             He married, 1883, Anne Selina Ormsby (daughter of Owen Lloyd Ormsby of Ballinamon, Co Galway), d. 1883. No children.

            4.       iv    Elizabeth Georgina Homan-Mulock, b. 1883

                      v    Thomas Lawrence Homan-Mulock, b. 1834  d. 1854 in Sydney N.S.W. Went to Australia in 1851; never married.

                      vi    Richard Homan Homan-Mulock, b. 1836; went to Australia in 1851; never heard of again.

            5.       vii   Mary Mulock Homan-Mulock, b. 1838

                      viii  Lawrence Bomford Homan-Mulock, b. 1840, d. 1863; buried at Liss; never married.

                      ix    William Bury Homan-Mulock, b. 1841, d. 1921; buried at Liss; B.A.  D.L.  J.P.  Indian Civil Service. Retired on succeeding to Bellair. High Sheriff, Kings Co. 1895. Died unmarried.

                      x     Hester Jane Homan-Mulock, b. 1842, d. 1929. She translated several of the works of Eddouard Rod.Bewley (1908) states that Mrs Alfred Austen is in possession of the Berry family decent compiled by her and Sir Edmund Bewley.

                             She married, 1865, Alfred Austin, b. 1835, d. 1913, Poet Laureate. No children.

            6.       xi    Anne (Nina) Homan Homan-Mulock.

                      xii   Henry Pilkington Homan-Mulock, b. 1846, d. 1923.  Of Moorock Lodge; I.C.S.  (Indian Civil Service) retired. Unmarried.

                      xiii  Homan Homan-Mulock, b. 1847, d. 1861 in Florence; unmarried.

            7.       xiv  Francis Berry Homan-Mulock, b. 1848

            8.       xv   George Phillips (Homan)-Mulock, b. 1851

3.Elizabeth Bury Berry (daughter of John Berry) b. 1811, d. 30 Nov 1861.

She married, 18 Nov 1845, William O'Brien Adams, b. 1804.  M.A. M.B.  FUQCPI  of Kingstown.


            9.       i      Allen Neason Adams b. 1846.

                      ii     William O'Brien Adams, b. 1850, d. 1904.  M.A.

                      iii    John James Adams, b. 1854, d. 1878 after a fall from his horse. M.B. Ch.B. Twin of Charles

  iv    Charles Bury Adams, b. 1854, d. 1903 in workhouse infirmary.  T.C.D., B.A. 1875. King's Co. Rifles. 2nd  Lt. R.  Berkshire Regt. 1874. Resigned his commission 24 Jan. 1882. Twin of John. He married, 1877, in Bombay, Mary Alice Ryan, d. 1901 in lunatic asylum, Bombay; dau. of Patrick Ryan Barrister-at Law, Inner Temple, and Acting Presidency Magistrate, Bombay.

Seventh Generation

4.  Elizabeth Georgina Homan-Mulock (daughter of Frances Sophia Berry), b. 1833, d. 1869.

     She married, 1858, Peter Macfarlane Syme, R.A. b. 1826, d. 1893, Capt. Royal Bengal Artillary.


            10.     i      Florence Mary Syme.

            11.     ii     Charles Mulock Syme.

5.  Mary Mulock Homan-Mulock (daughter of Frances Sophia Berry), b. 1838.

     She married (1), 1864, George Winton Price, b. 1828, d. 1865 of Nice. No issue.

     She married (2) Frederick Pepys Cockerell, b. 1833, d. 1878.


            12.     i      Hester Anne Cockerell b. 1868.

                      ii     Robert Rennie Pepys Cockerell, d. 1902.  B.A. Barrister (M.T.)

                             He married Helen Violet Montgomery, b. 1876, Barrister-at-law,  daughter of Col. James Alexander Laurence Montgomery C.S.I.

                      iii    Frances Mary Cockerell, b. 1871.

                             She married Henry Cecil Noel, divorced 1925, b. 1868, d. 1931, Capt. 17th Lancers. Capt.  M.G.C.  J.P.  No Children.

            13.     iv    Frederick William Pepys Cockerell b. 1876.

                      v     Lawrence Homan Mulock Pepys Cockerell, b. 1878. Lt. 66th Royal Berks. Regt. during Boer War.

6.  Anne (Nina) Homan Homan-Mulock (daughter of Frances Sophia Berry), b. 1844, d. 1926. A friend of Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales. Author of "Helene" 1883, "Rachel" 1885, "There's Rue for you" 1880, "The second Lady Delcombe" and "Mrs Siddons" 1887, "Life of Emperor of Austria" and "Life of Lafcadio  O'Hearne".

     She married Arthur Challis Kennard, b. 1831, d. 1903;  of 17 Eaton Place.


            14.     i      Arthur Molloy Kennard b. 1867.

            15.     ii     Nina Frances Kennard. b. 1870

            16.     iii    Hester Charlotte Kennard.

            17.     iv    Sir Howard William Kennard b. 1878.

7.   Francis Berry Homan-Mulock (son of Frances Sophia Berry), b. 1848, d. 193?; Indian Civic Service.  Of Ballycumber House, King's County. Indian Civil Service (retired).

            He married Ethel Annie Braddon, (daughter of the Right Honorable Sir Edward Nicolas Coventry Braddon, P.C., K.C.M.G. Premier of Tasmania).


            18.     i      Frances Ethel Homan-Mulock b. 1879.

                      ii     Edward Homan Homan-Mulock, b. 1881; S.I. Branch Diplomatic Service.

                             He married Elsie Mabel Henderson  (daughter of Henry Joseph H. Henderson, Indian Imperial Police).

            19.     iii    Enid Hester Homan-Mulock b. 1882.

8.  George Phillips Mulock (son of Frances Sophia Berry), b. 1851, d. 1898.  W.I.C.E. He seems to have dropped the ‘Homan’ as part of his name by around 1875 [R. B. D. Hughes pers. comm].

     He married (1) Clara Lugsdin, b. 1856, d. 1882.


            20.     i      Clara Frances Mulock.

                      ii     Nina A. L. Mulock; never married.

            21.     iii    Nellie Bell Mulock.

                      iv    George Francis Arthur Mulock, Lt. Royal Navy.

He married (2) Jane Elizabeth Collister; daughter of James Collister.


                      v     Henry Collister Mulock, b. 1891.

9.  Allen Neason Adams (son of Elizabeth Bury Berry), b. 1846, d. 1893.  Lt. Col.  K.O.S.B.

     He married Anne Melian O'Donovan, b. 1859 (daughter of Anthony Winthrop O'Donovan of Liss).


                      i      Henry William Allen Adams, b. 1884.  ?Comdr. R. N.  Younger Brother of Trinity House.

                             He married (1) Gladys Annabella Macdonald (daughter of Col. H.C. Macdonald  108th Foot).

                             He married (2) Betty  Melian Adams, b. 1910.

 Eighth Generation

10.  Florence Mary Syme (daughter of Elizabeth Georgina Homan-Mulock), d. 1927.

       She married Edmond Alexander Holmes, b. 1850, d. 1936, Chief Inspector of Elementary Schools (H.M.I.S.). Author of numerous publications.


                      i      Florence Ruth Holmes, b. 1881 at Wilsborough, Kent; unmarried.

                      ii     Robert Arbuthnot Holmes, b.1883, d. 1883.

            22.     iii    Sir Maurice Gerald Holmes b.1885.

                      iv    Verena Winifred Holmes b. 1889; unmarried.

11.  Charles Mulock Syme (son of Elizabeth Georgina Homan-Mulock), d. 1883

       He married in India Flora Teresa Bedwell; daughter of Robert Bielsny Bedwell.


            23.     i      Florence Mary Syme b. 1883.

12.  Hester Anne Cockerell (daughter of Mary Mulock Homan-Mulock), b. 1868, d. 1933.

       She married Edward Travers Dames Longworth, b. 1861, d. 1907, of Lynwood, Co. Westmeath, B.A.  Barrister (K.I.) J.P.  D.L.  H.S. 1900.


                      i      Mary Dames Longworth, b. 1893, d. 1893.

            24.     ii     Hester Francis Dames Longworth b. 1894.

                      iii    Travers Robert Dames Longworth, b. 1896.  of Glynwood, Lt. Irish Guards.

                      iv    Pamela Frederica Dames Longworth, b. 1899.

                             She married Patrick Murphy; on staff of Evening Post.

                      v     Paulina Pepys Dames Longworth, b. 1904.

13.  Frederick William Pepys Cockerell (son of Mary Mulock Homan-Mulock), b. 1876, d. 1932.  Barrister (L.I.)  Lt. Col.  R.A.R.O. O.B.E.  M.C. i/c Upper Silisia Plebiscite Commission. Asst. Commissioner for Barotseland; served in Rhodesian field Force during Boer War.

       He married (1) Felicia Louisa Marie Stewart , b. 1899; divorced 1928 (daughter of James Stewart of The Grove, Exton, Hants).

       He married (2) Grace Adile Corbett  (daughter of Joseph Corbett).

                             Children: (by Felicia)

                      i      John Lawrence Pepys Cockerell, b. 1924. WW2 Lieut. K.R.R.C. Joined Colonial Service 1948. Gold Coast; Suhum;Asamahtlese. Asst. Govt. Agent, Salaga, Northern Territories in Jan 1952.

                      ii     Mary Georgina Felicia Pepys Cockerell, b. 1926.

14.  Arthur Molloy Kennard (son of Anne Homan Homan-Mulock), b. 1867, d. 1917 at Kersehill, Falkirk. Fought and wounded in both Boer War and WW1. Major R.H.A. ; D.S.O.  Major R.A.  T/Lt Col  D.S.O.  J.P. D.L.

       He married Evelyn Mary Kennedy, b. 1874 (daughter of Lord David Kennedy and widow of Charles Helbert Lt. RWT).


                      i      David Arthur Kennard.  Major Coldstream Guards. M.C. & Bar.

15.  Nina Frances Kennard (daughter of Anne Homan Homan-Mulock), b 1872

       She married James Augustus Grant, b. 1867, d. 1932  of Househill.  Ist Bat.  J.P.  M.P.  D.L. Son of Colonel James Grant, African Explorer.


            25.     i      Margaret Nina Sophie Grant b. 1897.

                      ii     Hester Mary Grant, b. 1899.

                             She married William Darley Bridge, b. 1923.  M.C.  Capt 1st Coldstream Guards.

16.  Hester Charlotte Kennard (daughter of Anne Homan Homan-Mulock).

       She married Hon. Alistair Macpherson Grant D.L (3rd son of Sir G. Macpherson Grant of Ballinalloch Castle).


            26.     i      Nina Marion Macpherson Grant b. 1905.

                      ii     Susan Hester McPherson Grant, b. 1910.

                      iii    Anne Frances Mcpherson Grant, b. 1914.

17.  Sir Howard William Kennard (son of Anne Homan Homan-Mulock), b. 1878; Diplomatic Service.  K.C.M.G.  G.V.O.  Ambassador to Poland.

       He married Harriet Norris (daughter of Jonathan Norris of New York).


                      i      son

18.  Frances Ethel Homan-Mulock (daughter of Francis Berry Homan-Mulock), b. 1879.  Author of "All that I have Met".

       She married Claude Beddington, b. 1868, d. 1940, Major Wld. & Cld. Yeomanry.  M.A.  Lt.Col. Westmorland & Cumberland Yeo. Killed in action with the R. N.


                      i      Guy Beddington, b. 1902, d. 1925 of tuberculosis in Munich.

            27.     ii     Sheila Beddington b. 1906.

                      iv    Niall Beddington, b. 1913, d. 1935 in a skiing accident in Switzerland.


19.  Enid Hester Homan-Mulock (daughter of Francis Berry Homan-Mulock) , b. 1882.

       She married Sir Harold Stansmon Nutting, b. 1882, d. 1972;  D.L.  Master of the Quorum; 2nd B of St Helen's Booterstown, Capt. 17th Lancers.


                      i      John Victor Francis Nutting, b. 1914, d. 1940.  Lt. R. Scots ?  Killed in active service.

            28.     ii     Edward Christian Francis Nutting b. 1917.

            29.     iii    Harold Anthony Nutting b. 1920.

20.  Clara Frances Homan-Mulock (daughter of George Phillips Homan-Mulock).

       She married William Brown.


                      i      William Mulock Brown b 1902.

                      ii     Eric Brown b. 1904.

                      iii    Gretchen (Margaret) Brown b. 1908, d. 2001. Married John Preston Brown. No children.

21.  Nellie Bell Homan-Mulock (daughter of George Phillips Homan-Mulock).

       She married Louis George Pickin.


                      i      Nina Pickin.

                      ii     Molly Mulock Pickin.

Ninth Generation

22.  Sir Maurice Gerald Holmes (son of Florence Mary Syme), b. 1885.  Called to the Bar, Inner Temple 1919. Perm. Sec. Board of Education, author.  WW1 O/Major A.S.C. C.B.E KCB DAQMG .

       He married, 1917 in Cairo, Ivy Dunsford (daughter of Brig. General Francis P. Shaw Dunsford).


                      i      Daphne Holmes, b. 1919 in London. WW2 A.T.S. Jun. Cmdr. 1940.

                             She married, 1944,  Keith Bell Lt. Col. Gordon Highlanders. They had issue.

                      ii     Barbara Holmes, 1920 in London. WW2 Civil Defence. She married, 1946, Francis Hugh Addison Phillips. Professional singer and broadcaster with BBC. They had issue.

23.  Florence Mary Syme (daughter of Charles Mulock Syme), b. 1883.

       She married Edward Merivale Steward, b. 1881, d. 1947.  I.A. Major General  O.B.E.  C.B.  C.S.I.


                      i      Edward K. Steward, d. 1945 in killed in Burma. Col. R.A.

                      ii     Reginald Steward.

                      iii    Child.

                      iv    Campbell Steward.  Capt. R.A.S.C.

24.  Hester Francis Dames Longworth (daughter of Hester Anne Cockerell), b. 1894.

       She married Thomas Hassard Montgomery of Cadogan House, Shrewsbury.  J.P.  T/Major A.S.C.  D.S.O.


                      i      Daughter.

                      ii     Daughter.

25.  Margaret Nina Sophie Grant (daughter of Nina Frances Kennard), b. 1897.

       She married Sir Auselue William Edward Guisi, b. 1888 of ?Elwon Court;  6th Bat.  Capt. R. Gloucestershire Hussars  J.P.  H.S. Gloucestershire Hussars 1926.


                      i      Philippa Margaret Guisi, b. 1926.

                      ii     John Grant Guisi, b. 1927.

                      iii    Christopher James Guisi, b. 1930.

26. Nina Marion Macpherson Grant (daughter of Hester Charlotte Kennard), b. 1907, d 1979; Baroness Deramore, C. St. J. OBE

       She married Sir  Stephen Nicholas de ‘Yarburgh-Bateson, b.1903, d.1964 ; 6th Baron Deramore, Squad.Ldr. RA  VR.


                      i      Jane Faith de ‘Yarburgh-Bateson, b. 1933.

27.  Sheila Beddington (daughter of Frances Ethel Homan-Mulock), b. 1906, d.1992 in Ireland. Author and poet.

       She married Hon. Mervyn Patrick Wingfield, b. 1905, d.1973. 9th Viscount Powerscourt.  8th Hussars. Palestine Police. Major R. Irish Ins.


                      i      Grania Sybil Enid Wingfield, b. 1934.

                      ii     Mervyn Niall Wingfield, b. 1935.

                      iii    Guy Claude Patrick Wingfield, b. 1940                  

28.  Edward Christian Francis Nutting (son of Hester Nina Homan-Mulock), b. 1917, d. 1943.  ?/Lt Royal Horse Guards. Died on active service.

       He married Lady Rosemary Alexandra Eliot, b. 1919  (daughter of the Earl of St Germans).


                      i      Davinia Rosemary Enid Nutting, b. 1940.

29.  Harold Anthony Nutting (son of Hester Nina Homan-Mulock), b. 1920.  M.P.  Foreign Office.

       He married Gillian Leonora Strutt, b. 1918 (daughter of Capt. Edward J. Strutt).


                      i      John G. Nutting, b. 1942.

                      ii     David Anthony Nutting, b. 1944.

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