THEROUX, Paul. 150,000 Iraqis violently killed in 1990-1991 Gulf War

Paul Theroux (famed American travel writer) on horrendous Iraqi deaths in the Gulf War while he was travelling in WW2-conscious Vanuatu in 1990 (1992): “The next day I was paddling again. I brought my radio and listened with my earphones. Israel was hit by 8 missiles. Two people were taken to hospital, with heart failure. Some others were treated for shock. An Israeli woman’s kitchen was destroyed. There was general outrage. You could hear it in their complaining voices. Meanwhile, in Iraq and at the borders of Kuwait, the first of 150,000 people began to die; the nameless, faceless enemy” (Paul Theroux, “The Happy Isles of Oceania. Paddling the Pacific”, Hamish Hamilton, London, 1992; page 212).

[Editor’s note: While Apartheid Israel was bombing Iraq before 1990, during the Gulf War (1990-1991), during the Sanctions War (1990-2003), during the Iraq War (2003-2011), and indeed up to the present, zero (0) Israelis were killed by Iraqis in this 4 decade period. In contrast, Iraqi deaths in the period 1990-2011 totalled 4.6 million, this including 1.7 million violent deaths (0.2 million in the Gulf War) and 2.9 million dying avoidably from US Alliance-imposed deprivation; see “Iraqi Holocaust Iraqi Genocide”: ). ]