ABDULSALAM, Fatih. "US and those running the country" responsible for Iraqi Holocaust

Fatih Abdulsalam is a novelist of Iraqi origin. He resides in London and is a newspaper columnist. He has a Ph.D. in modern literature. His novels include The Discovery of Zaggoura (2000), When the WhaleÂ’s Back Blazes (in Arabic, 1993), and A Suburb for Birds' Memories (1987). His short stories include "The Milk of Oxen" (1999), "The Male of the Mulberry" (1993), "Newton the Sheikh" (1986), and "End of Night. Beginning of Day" (1982). The author has also written books of literary criticism, including Addressing Literature in a Countryside Personality (2001) and Dialogue in Stories (1999) (see: http://www.amazon.com/When-Whales-Blazes-Fatih-Abdulsalam/dp/1587361558 ).

Fatih Abdulsalam writing about the ongojng Iraqi Holocaust (2010): "Arab media’s main concern today is the formation of the new Iraqi government. Otherwise, Iraq would have been a totally neglected topic, particularly by television news and current affairs. Arab television’s main target is paying attention to superficial events. As Iraqi factions squabble over posts, assassinations have taken a new dimension in the country, turning into a phenomenon world has never seen before. The number of Iraqis being assassinated every day is probably ten times as much as that of the early years of U.S. occupation of the country which started in 2003. There is lack of responsibility towards what is happening in Iraq. The U.S. and those ruling the country are the first to blame for this lack of responsibility. Why all this silence towards what is happening inside Iraq? The Arabs are totally reticent. It seems the Arabs would not care even if non-Iraqis are going to form the new government. But it is totally wrong to pay lip-service to what is happening in Iraq. The repercussions of the Iraqi crisis will certainly carry a torrent of hell that will also burn countries. Just image one single day of killings that take place in Iraq. It is of course very difficult even to imagine such a situation. Only Iraqis have demonstrated that they are the type of human beings capable of tolerating these conditions. But for how long? It might not be possible even for Iraqis to bear their own holocaust for ever while their rulers look on from their lofty stands." [1].

[1]. Fatih Abdulsalam, "The Iraqi Holocaust", Azzaman, 4 October 2010: http://www.azzaman.com/english/index.asp?fname=news\2010-10-04\kurd.htm .