DAVIDSSON, Elias. Jewish anti-Zionist writer exposes US-UN mass murder of half a million Iraqi children under Sanctions

Elias Davidsson is a Palestine-born, anti-racist, humanitarian, anti-Zionist Jewish writer whose parents were refugees from Nazi Germany. He is the director of PRICE, Reykjavik, Iceland (see: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/DAV401A.html ).

Elias Davidsson on US and UN complicity in the deaths of half a million Iraqi children under Sanctions (2004): “Between 1990 and 2002 over half a million Iraqi children have died as a result of UN-imposed economic sanctions (source: UNICEF). The Security Council and individual members of the Council, particularly the US and the UK, have repeatedly charged Saddam Hussein for these deaths (for having obstructed relief, diverted humanitarian goods, etc.). However the Council, in a document from 1995 recognized that economic sanctions have adverse humanitarian consequences, particularly on vulnerable segments of the population, such a children. It is therefore, highly significant, that neither the US nor Iraqis have indicated their intent to charge Saddam Hussein for the deaths of these children.

If Saddam Hussein will NOT be CHARGED for the deaths of half a million children in Iraq, the question remains unanswered: Who was responsible for these deaths? Perhaps those who maintained the most stringent economic sanctions since World War II ?

The international community, human rights organisations, and all those who care for justice, should demand that an independent international commission be established to determine the responsibilities for these deaths. It is unacceptable that 500.000 children would die in one country without anybody examining legal and criminal responsibilities for such carnage. Should the United Nations Organisation refuse to endorse the investigation of one of the major crimes of the 20th Century, it would be best to close down that organisation.” [1].

[1]. Elias Davidsson, “Nobody wants to know WHO killed half a million Iraqi children”, Global Research, 11 January 2004: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/DAV401A.html .