SABRI, B.J.. How the US engineered the Iraqi Holocaust

B.J. Sabri is an Iraqi- American antiwar activist and writer (see: ).

B.J. Sabri on how the US engineered the Iraqi Holocaust (2006): “Did the United States, under the pretext of “liberating” Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation, engineer and execute an Iraqi holocaust to implement, consolidate, and entrench American imperialism in Iraq, and the Middle East?

By judging from the scale of destruction and death the United States inflicted on Iraq, and by considering the international and regional objectives of war, history of U.S. involvement in the Middle East since the 1930s, control of oil, Israel, U.S.-Israel relations, the answer is yes.

Even so, to back up the charge that the United States committed a holocaust in Iraq, an investigation on the meaning of the term: holocaust is indispensable …

A question, “How did the U.S. engineer the Iraqi holocaust?” And by that, I do not mean the details of the operation but rather the guiding methodology for war and resulting holocaust.

As a starter, considering the colossal imbalance of power between a developing country and a superpower, U.S. planners knew that a war with Iraq would inevitably mean a potential Iraqi holocaust followed by swift massive degradation of Iraq as a functional nation and more deaths.

Gen. Michael J. Dugan, former Chief of Staff of the U. S. Air Force, externalized the deliberations of the administration when he stated (mid summer, 1991) that if war comes, “We will bomb Iraq back into the Stone Age.” [1].

[1]. B.J. Sabri, “The splendid failure of occupation. Part 45: How the U.S. engineered the Iraqi holocaust”, On-Line Journal, 31 May 2006: .