CHOSSUDOVSKY, Michel. Canadian economist on "Criminalization of the state" and US Alliance war crimes in Iraq

Michel Chossudovsky (born 1946) is a Canadian-based economist who graduated from the University of Manchester, UK, and obtained a PhD at the University of North Carolina, U. S. A.. He is professor of economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Canada, editor of Global Research and is the author of numerous books (see: ).

Michel Chossudovsky on mass civilian deaths under US-UN-imposed sanctions on Iraq (2004): “In the following article [in Global Research and entitled “Nobody wants to know WHO killed half a million Iraqi children”], Elias Davidsson suggests that the war crimes committed against the Iraqi people are in the process of being erased by the Western media, which is ultimately complicit in the Criminalization of the State.

The trial of Saddam Hussein is being used precisely for that purpose: to erase the war crimes committed by the Anglo-American coalition during the sanctions regime as well as in its aftermath.

The Criminalization of the State is when those who commit war crimes not only occupy high office within the state system, but also decide "who are the war criminals", when in fact they are the war criminals.

The media becomes criminalised when realties are deliberately turned upside down, when the lie becomes the truth, when the war criminals are presented as defenders of justice and human rights.

The Criminalization of the State describes the current trend, not only in America but broadly in Western society, where not a single head of state or head of government has had the courage to state the obvious:

The Bush administration and its indefectible British ally are responsible for war crimes.

Those who hold high office as well as those who --within the the upper echelons of the financial establishment--- are pulling the strings behind the scenes, are war criminals. And that is precisely why they need Saddam Hussein, as a cover-up of their own war crimes.” [1].

[1]. Elias Davidsson, “Nobody wants to know WHO killed half a million Iraqi children”, Global Research, 11 January 2004: .