ALWAN, Taher. "Peace to Baghdad" poem - Stop the War!

Dr Taher Alwan is an Iraqi poet, writer and film producer. Dr. Taher Alwan- born in Baghdad, Iraq, currently living in Brussels Belgium. He is an cademic, film producer, journalist, and human rights activist . He is also a published writer of novels, short stories, poetry and textbooks and was formerly professor of Cinema at Baghdad University . (see: ).

Taher Alwan, poem on the 5th anniversary of the US Alliance invasion of Iraq: “Peace to Baghdad”.

No one is going to Baghdad

No moon is lighting up its nights

No sun is brightening up its days

Its children are orphans

Its women are sad

Its flowers are withered

Baghdad is exhausted by the war

Five years after March 2003

Five years of destruction and sadness

The voices of the mosques cry out:

The bells of the churches ring:

The chimes of the temples sound:

Stop the War!

Stop the massacres!

Stop the rivers of blood!

Give the smile back to Iraqi children!

Give the land to its people!

Stop the War!

Stop the killing!

Bring back Peace!


[1]. Taher Alwan, “Peace to Baghdad” poem as statement for Messages for the People on the 5th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, Brussells Tribunal, March 2008: .