Bajtar tax-xewk 

Nagfani is  the Hindi name for a  Prickly Pear or Opuntia plant, which is a cactus plant belonging to Cactaceae family. 

Prickly pears grow abundantly in Malta. The fruit of the plant can be eaten and they taste wonderful.

This fruit has to be picked at the right time (literally). The time to pick is early morning before the sun has a chance to harden the spines. Early morning the spines of the fruit are not that hard, they get hard after the sun has been shining on them for a while.

If you are not going to eat the fruit at that time store your prickly pears in a bucket of water, this softens the spines too and keep in the shade.

To get the fruit off the plant you best use some king of heavy duty gloves.

We did not have such things when we did this and used to manage using rolled up newspapers or bits of cardboard, works too but watch out and don't touch any of the plant or fruit with bare hands.

The prickly pears are ready to eat when they turn to a bright colour from the original green colour. The inside of the fruit also has many colours when ripe. Some are orange but you also can get light green and purple as well.

Bajtar tax-xewk peeled  and ready to be eaten. 

visit this site if you need to remove some spines .....ouch

video by Francesca Vella Aug 2016 - Manikata Malta