Punica granatum (rummiena)

How to eat a pomegranate

When ripe (usually late summer) the fruit can be eaten. First of all the harder outer skin has to be peeled back carefully, to uncover the lovely juicy edible 'seeds'. Care must be taken with the yellow inner covering of the 'seeds', as this is very bitter and would completely spoil the enjoyment of this fruit. The 'seeds' are ususally a vibrant pinky red when ripe - again take care as their juice can stain clothing and skin if it comes in contact with it! Enjoy!!

Video taken at Manikata 2016. Cats and pomegranates



Ir-rummien (POMEGRANATE) can be found in abundance in-Malta.The pomegranate originated from Asia (Iran to northern India) and now can be found across the whole Mediterranean region. The tree also can be found in California and other parts of the USA.