Marjoram is a culinary herb and is from the same family as oregano.

In the USA it is called oregano. In Malta it is known as "Merqtux". It is very popular amongst the traditional cooks of Malta. Many varieties of marjoram with different-sized leaves( leaves can be green, yellow or variegated) and will have different taste. Each has a different flavour depending on the climate in which it has been grown.

I have had this plant since 2014 (was a present from my sister Theresa), I have propagated about 5 or 6 plants which are doing very well. I make use of it on a regular basis in soups, stews and also on pizzas, roast and is a popular addition to salad dressings. Very nice flavour. Can be used fresh or dried form.

Visit this site for Marjoram recipes.

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