Comino "Kemmuna"

Formerly called Ephestia, Kemmuna is a small island  between the islands of Malta and Gozo.
Kemmuna only measures 3.5 square kilometres (1.4 sq mi).

By the way Ephestia is a genus of small moths belonging to the family Pyralidae. Some species are significant pests of dry plant produce, such as seeds and cereals.

The name Kemmuna is derived from the plant CUMIN. The cumin plant can be found abundantly in Malta and is plentiful in Comino.

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum), from the family Apiaceae. Cumin which is a herb and seeds that are used to spice many foods. Cumin also has medicinal and culinary uses.

To seeds are ready to be harvested when the pod turns brown.

Cumin plant

Cumin Seeds

The Island of Comino is mainly a tourist resort now, dominated by the hotel which serves that island. You can also find

St Mary's Tower which was built around 1618 by Knights of Malta     it-Torri ta' Santa Marija

The island is very popular with scuba divers as the sea is so clear.
There are frequent trips from Malta and Gozo to Comino with one locality called "Blue lagoon" as favourite destination.

Comino - Blue Lagoon