St Joshep's Church

The church at Manikata was desiged by Richard England. I was born at Manikata and saw the new church being built. I remember the local people including my dad helping to build the church. The church was designed in 1963 and took about 10 years to complete.The church has curved walls is widely recognized as a unique entity in Malta. The small village of Manikata became a parish in 1975 and the architect who built the church took his inspiration from the "girna"

which one sometimes sees in the middle of a field, a small stone building put up by farmers to store in it their implements.

The Manikata Church, which is dedicated to St Joseph, was approved as a scheduled Grade 1 building by the Mepa board on Thursday, August 4, 2011

The church is at the top of il-Manikata village.

The old Manikata church is still standing. I was an altar boy there in my youth serving with Dun-Manwel. Dun Manwel Grima died in 1971.