Il-Manikata is close to the seaside, Golden Bay being just 1 kilometer away and il-Mejjiesa is about (1.5 Km) both ideal for a walk to enjoy the locality. Being close to the seaside local fish is plentiful. Many Tourists visit this village all year round. Closeby is the Holiday Village of Hal-Ferh. Horse riding is enjoyed at Hal-Ferh. The word manikata is derived from the Italian word 'manica' (sleeve). The area may have derived its name from the abrupt turning of the main road (until recent times the only road).

A Small village in the northern area of MALTA local farming is the main industry. Many visitors walk to the village from the nearby Radisson Hotel. il-Manikata is a typical Maltese rural village. You will find many reminders of how Malta existed before modern times. Malta is now more of a Holiday Island and farmers from Manikata provide fruit and vegetables to the tourist industry. Farming areas are not that abundant in Malta.

This hotel is located at Golden Bay, Malta which is a short walk from il-Manikata.

Golden Bay is one of the most popular sandy beaches on the island.

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