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 Session Reservations this year are available starting on first Saturday of September - BELOW     

New Registrations for 2018 Harvest Sessions are CLOSED. We are near finished Harvest, and no additional Registrations are projected to have crop to harvest as of this projection time 9/22/18 PM. We will make notification as necessary to sitting Calendar Registrations and those who have Registered but who I have not placed on the Registration Calendar, lately, if and when we are actually finished. Please "Walk-in" and join us at Heritage Center 10/7/18 1PM for Carrot Harvest -/WaltZ  eMail: Ph:  484-648-0381 ET. Thank you!

Any:  Saturday 9AM-1, and/or 1PM-5, and Sundays 1PM-5, Group Sessions
    With checking the Calendar once I have placed your requested Reservationupon, you can always eMail me personally to verify, or call 484-648-0381 as well. Calendar placement should occur within 48 hours of on-line registration. - If it does not contact us as soon as possible.
Legal Protection Stuff: Make sure you have viewed the CONSENT Page, Release Document. Using the Harvest SignUp Page confirms you have viewed the Consent Page and accept the document with all implied conditions. CONSENT Page Link
View Current  > Calendar < When you SignUp Group, or to see when other Groups are planning to attend, you'll be on it as well. Note: Newcomers Link on left of Page. Individuals are responsible to check Calendar and/or Facebook Page for changes and/or cancellations, etcetera. We do not "track" individuals planning to attend (or by eMail) but Groups for preparation reasons. 

Individual "Walk-ins" are always welcome without signing up, to join in the harvest with other attending groups, any time.  Note that - your calendar "date" is not exclusive. We simply need to know about how many people to expect.  Make sure too you verify the assigned Harvest Plot Site through the Calendar, as things can change day to day during harvest season. > For special dates other then the two on Saturday and one afternoon Sunday Session, please contact us in advance to discuss. We can handle Groups of 2 to +/-400 people in a Session.

ALSO - Please Note: When I Register your Harvest Session from the information you provide below in the Google Calendar, there are issues with your Time Zone, your ISP's Time Zone, and Google Calendar IE: The subsequent automated eMail "Invitation(s)" you'll receive from the Google Calendar, may show a different Time Slot then you actually registered for, and you may IGNOR that. You get the regular slot of registration. You need only check the actual Calendar for actual registered Day, Time, and Plot Location. Plots are also Mapped below on this page. Watch the Google Calendar for changes as well, as in Plot Location or cancellation due to weather. If something is incorrect when I register your Session Slot in the Google Calendar, let me know for corrections. Thanks -WaltZ.

Harvest Registration


Plot Sites and Locales: Program Acres Assumed for 2018.

Walt Zawaski,
Apr 1, 2016, 5:26 AM