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Goals 2017

IHartHarvest, Inc. - The Potato Project 2017

   Thoughts on Goals for 2017 

Goals for 2017:

  1. √ Board Meeting is scheduled the last Saturday of January 10:00AM to 12PM, and friends of the project are invited to spectate and to be heard during specified times during the meeting.
  2. √ Placed the October 2016 order for 350, 50 pound seed potato bags being 17,500 pounds for 2017, with Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware, which are being 100% donated.
  3. √ Seed Potatoes are Scheduled to be cut in public invited Sessions, Saturday & Sunday 1PM-4PM April 22nd and 23rd, at Zion Moselem EL Church Schoolhouse. 
  4. √ Ordered 3 pounds of Carrot Seed for 3 acres.
  5. √ Endeavoring to start the Vegetable Transplant Project (starting with low density, Spring Planted short season Cabbage in 3 acres).  √ Cabbage Transplants were ordered early January. Delivery of 2,664 Cabbage Transplants in April 24th time frame, intended for 3 acres, √ 1,000 Sweet Potato Slips, and a √ new 3Pt. Transplanter Unit to expand and diversify our food supply offerings throughout the growing season starting 2017.
  6. √ Hope to produce 120,000 pounds of potatoes to be harvested and distributed to local food pantries and the Greater Berks Food Bank. (In 2013 when we planted 18,000 pounds and harvested 202,296).
  7. √ Desire to upgrade and add field equipment - Visit the Wish List Page.
  8. √ Desire to expand field farming operations with additional acres being placed into the program, particularly for Field Corn Project toward sustainability, which helps support the " potato project" successive year Spring startup, if/as the opportunity for additional land is presented. Lenich's +/-3Acres.
  9. String Bean or Sweet Corn Project startup; searching for associated harvest equipment which may be found available. The String Bean Project (Green String Beans, Yellow Wax, Snap Peas, Lima Beans).
  10. Consideration for physical facilities to be added for storage of Combine and additional equipment, being two additional carports type structures.
Initially looking for these equipment items in 2017:

Additional CAPEX Purchases under consideration. Used equipment unless otherwise noted.  
a. √  4Row Corn/Bean Planter 3500-8K +/-$4,000  $4775.00 Delivered
b. √  Flexible Grain Head Platform 913, for J.D. 4425 Combine +/-$3,500  $1125.00 Delivered
c. √  Water Wheel Transplanter - Ordered from Nolt's Produce Equipment +/-$1,991   $1800.32 Picked up, New
d. Deckover trailer, 10K GVW Tandem Axel, used +/-$4,000  
e. New 1Row 3Pt. Potato Digger +/-$6,000  
f. OR,Used 1Row Potato Digger         +/-$1,000  
g. OR,Used 2Row Potato Digger +/-$3,800  
h. Sweet Corn Harvester +/-$8,000  
i. Bean Harvester +$15,000  

The question being; how much are the residents of Berks and surrounding Counties willing to support and do to help hungry neighbors in need?

What is Possible?

John 3:21 - But those who do what is true come to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that their deeds have been done in God.”