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Patrons 2016

Our Patrons, Making A Difference - enabling The Project to happen for neighbors in need in 2016, and beyond.
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Help Us Change the Lives of Children, Families, Elderly, Veterans, & All Those in Between.
Each year, IHartHarvest helps in providing food for neighbors in need to some 100,000 children, youths, families, veterans, and adults.
In addition, our venue provides a hands-on way to live out the words in scripture through participation by hundreds of volunteers locally and regionally.
Your charitable donations help the potato project to change the lives of even more local neighbors who find themselves hungry and in need.

Matthew 5:14–16   “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid.  No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven."

> Please note that should you wish to remain anonymous from general public view, please state as such with your stewardship donation.
 Weaver's Ace Hardware, Fleetwood  /wz

 Ed's provided support on 350, 50# Bags of Kennebec Seed Potatoes being 17,500 pounds through Weaver's.  Thanks Ed!  (Valued at +/-$6,392.75) Received 3/15/16, #4917.50, 15.05/B.


 Albright's Mill LLC
 Gary Wessner and Family, support in providing fertilizer needs for 2016 planting season. 
 Fertilizer: 1Ton 50 Bags 10-10-10. $412.50 - 04/22/16
 Fertilizer: 1Ton 50 bags 20-10-10. $487.50 - 04/28/16
 Fertilizer: 5x50: Urea, $55.63  - 04/28/16
 Fertilizer: 125, 50# Bags 20-10-10 - 05/26/16. $1218.75
 Herbicide: RoundUp PowerMax - 05/26/16.  $272.00



 Walt & Linda Zawaski  /cp

 $4,629.10 in support, via CP. 

 $3140.68 in support, via CP.

 $1,058.00 via KCC.

 $355.32 in support via CP.


 Zion Moselem EL Church, Kutztown, LindaZ, Minister.
 $115.00 in support (12/31/15)
 $143.00 in support
 $175.00 in support
 07/14/16 - M. Ziegler disbursement      $400.00 in support, from 12/19/15 01/08/16  
 Cole Seitzinger /cp $120.00 in support 01/09/16 
 St. Paul's EL Church, Mertztown    $100.00 in support (12/30/15) 01/11/16 
  Thrivent Choice Fund Dollars  
David Owen, Krumsville of TELC
  $896.00 in support 02/06/16 
 Bob Nicol via Aetna

$137.50 in support

$156.00 in support. 

$116.69 in support.   

$100.02 in support.  

$133.36 in support, assumed as Bob


04/23/16, 05/03/16



 Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries, via the Topton Home Residents
Colleen Kristula, Chaplin
 $500.00 in support 3/1/16 
 Thrivent Choice Fund Dollars  
 Jan Bond, Kutztown of TELC

 $300.00 in support
 Msg. Rev. Walter T. Schaffer
 $250 & $500 for $750.00 in support      3/17/16 
 St. John's ELC, Nazareth, Rev. David Schaeffer   $250.00 in support 3/31/16 
  Thrivent Choice Fund Dollars  
Nancy & Robert Seidel, Lenhartsville
 $652.00 in support     04/06/16 
 The Rev. Elizabeth A. Haines $300.00 in support 04/11/16 1/27/17
 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. $2500.00 in support     04/16/16 
 The Fleetwood Rotary Club $1000.00 in support     04/22/16 
 Christ Mertz EL Church, Rev. C. Meinschien       $400.00 in support     05/02/16 
 Rotary Club of Kutztown & Rotary International $7,000.00 Sustainability Grant toward Corn Project equipment - Used Combine 10/19/16 
 M&E Tiderman of Becker's St. Peter's EL Church $20.00 in support 05/08/16 
 Rev. Virginia M. Biniek, Ret. Hot Dog, this is it... $222.00 in support 05/10/16 1/27/17
 Frieden's Lutheran Church, Stoney Run, via Chester Hartranft     $2,500.00 in support, from Benefit Dinner Event 05/22/16 
 Trinity EL Church, Kutztown
 $50.00 in support
 Paulette K. Obrecht, Northampton     $100.00 in support 05/31/16 1/27/17
 LARRY & LOUISE OLSHESKI, St. Mary's RC Ktown, $100.00 in support 06/22/16 
 Greater Berks Food Bank, via The PA Commonwealth PASS Bill.     $7,500.00 in support of produce this September: 8/16 -4Bins Sweet Corn, 7/14/16 
 Thrivent Choice Funds     $50.00 in support
 Amazon Smile $9.11, $5.00 in support     2/12, 5/19/16 
 East Berks Mission District, NEPa Synod, ELCA $750.00 in support     8/01/16 
 Trinity EL Church, Kutztown. Mission Support Team. $767.00 support via Benefit Breakfast Event 05/07/16-08/18 
 Kutztown Lions Club $500.00 in support 09/24/16 
 Karen Wuchter $20.00 in support      09/25/16 
 Zion's Perry ELC, Rev. Bruce Osterhout     $100.00 in support
 Rotary Club of Kutztown $7,000 toward sustainability dedicated purchase - used Combine, for Field Corn Project, which helps Potato Project. 10/22/16 
 Lori from CT;      $25.00 in support 10/23/16 
 Maidencreek Church, Rev. Sara Hertzog     $500.00 in support     10/24/16 
 Thrivent Choice:  David C Strunk  $28.00 in support     11/8/16 
 St. Paul's EL Church, Fleetwood $504.00 in support 11/21/16 
 Sundry CASH Donations at large $99.44 in support 11/31/16 
 Thrivent Choice Funds: Rev. Virginia M Biniek $72.00 in support     12/06/16 
 Client 1st Foundation Fund of the Lehigh Valley
 Community Foundation, recommended by Michael J. Fischer
 $250.00 in support 12/15/16 
 Becker's St. Peter's EL Church, LindaZ, Minister     $290.00 in support 12/19/16 
 Bill Shollenberger $500.00 in support     12/30/16     1/27/17
 St. Paul's EL Church, Mertztown $487.00 in support 12/31/16 
  Every, every donation amount matters - THANK YOU! Note that IHH operates on a "cash basis accounting" fiscal year January 1 through December 31.
Donors will receive a letter, where able, acknowledging their stewardship donation, which may be used for tax purposes - donations may offer tax benefits as allowed by law.

May you convey thanks and regards on behalf, to these peoples for their vision in stewardship to community service for local hungry neighbors in need. "Let them know."

If we've missed putting you on this list, please let us know so I can make correction. -/WZ

The Greater Berks Food Bank serves Western Montgomery, Berks, and Schuylkill Counties. To our greater part, we serve the Greater Berks Food Bank.
Participating harvest groups took bagged potatoes back to local pantries in Allentown, Lehigh, Northern Lehigh, Northampton, Bucks, and York Counties, of which we are aware in 2015.

IHartHarvest Inc. is a Pennsylvania Domestic Nonprofit Corporation 5306, Federal 503(c)(3) TE.
Tele: 484-648-0381 ET USA 
Federal TE 501(c)(3), filing a 990N

 Financial Stewardship, and Equipment Donations;
-Checks may be written and sent to: 
   IHartHarvest, Inc.

   Attn: Walt Zawaski, or Linda Zawaski - Diaconal Minister 

   The Potato Project

   C/O: 1892 Moselem Springs Rd.,

   Hamburg, PA 19526

IHartHarvest Inc., is a PA Domestic Charity Corporation, and a Federal 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt mission group serving hungry neighbors in need with fresh food through local food pantries and The Greater Berks Food Bank. - The Potato Project - A Unique Ministry Serving Local Hunger Issues.

Please help us with financial stewardship.

Everything, everything we do for hungry neighbors in need, depends on you.

This is, your project.

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Thank you. Walt & Linda Zawaski