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Goals 2018

Thoughts on Goals for 2018 - Updated status: 6/23/18

Operations Directions

·      Near Term – 2018

Review: Current 2018 crop planning features 8 acres of food production crops for neighbors in need:

·  5 acres of Potatoes; 3.5 at Becker’s

·   2 acres of Potatoes at the KU PA German Cultural Heritage Center (HC)

·   2 acres of Carrots at HC - Changed to 1 Acre.

·   1 Acre of Sweet Corn at HC - Changed to 1.25 Acres.

Support Acres:

  • Starting non-GMO Soybean rotation at remaining HC acres. +/-10.75 and 1.75 at Process Masters. Soybean program with Harlan Burkholder's Mill.
  • Other available acres in Field Corn at various retained plots, till sure Combine repairs can handle Soybeans. - Arranged to acquire a JD 653A Row Crop Head for combine to handle Soybean harvest.
  • Winter Rye Cover Crop in post potato production plots, and any idle plots planned.

·   Repeat planting of Onions and other 2017 trial crops, for 2018, is suspended at this January 2018 report.

 ·      Short Term – 2018, and Beyond

    Operate per past norms, forward.

Thoughts on Goals for 2018

  1. √ Placed the November 2017 order for 250, 50 pound seed potato bags being 12,500 pounds for 2018, with Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware, which are being 100% donated.
  2. √ Seed Potatoes are Scheduled to be cut in public invited Sessions, Saturday & Sunday 1PM-4P April 21st and 22nd, at Becker's St. Peter's EL Church.
  3. √ Ordered 2 pounds of Carrot Seed for 2 acres.
  4. Hope to produce 62,500 - 125,000 pounds of potatoes to be harvested and distributed to local food pantries, and the Greater Berks Food Bank Shillington, and Second Harvest Food Bank Allentown Food Banks. (In 2017 when we planted 17,500 pounds and harvested 229,694).Expect to do Sweet Corn again - searching for mechanical harvester to enable more acres.
  5. Desire to upgrade and add field equipment - (Purchased 4Row JD 7000 Planter in Fall 2016, upgrade in progress to No-till Configuration.√ ) Visit the Wish List Page. Acquired MF275 Tractor & 17Ft. Deckover Trailer.
  6. Desire to expand field farming operations with additional acres being placed into the program close by, ranging from KU Heritage Center, particularly for Field Corn Project toward sustainability, which helps support the "potato project" successive year Spring startup, if/as the opportunity for additional land is presented. √ We expect to be consolidating from some plots. Would like 3-5Acre size plots "the farther out we need to travel".
  7. String Bean or Sweet Corn Project startup; searching for associated harvest equipment which may be found available. The String Bean Project (Green String Beans, Yellow Wax, Snap Peas, Lima Beans).
  8. Consideration for physical facilities to be added for storage of Combine and additional equipment, being two additional carport type structures.
  9. √ Changed Field Corn Seed to Conventional type, new Brand and Vendor, saving +/-$30/Acre.

Initially looking for these equipment items in 2018:

Additional CAPEX Purchases under consideration. Used equipment unless otherwise noted.



  Deckover Trailer, 10K-12K GVW Tandem Axel, used




Truck, for grain hauling primarily matching Combine harvests, & Planting, used.

+/-$1500 - 8000



 Tractor, larger 75Hp Class, or 90-110Hp to expand operations, used




Plastic mulch layer, and lifter units




New 1Row 3Pt. Potato Digger




 OR, Used 1Row Potato Digger




 OR, Used 2Row Potato Digger




Sweet Corn Harvester, used




Bean Harvester, used



  • Acquire an accessible 1 Acre of land Place Office, Equipment Storage, Produce Storage and to scale Produce Processing Facility, Equipment, Maintenance Shop, as an Operations Center.
  • Acquire additional sustainability equipment to improve stability of food crop operations.  See Website Wish List Page. (MF-275 Tractor, 17Ft. Deckover Trailer.)
  • Acquire additional field food crop automation equipment. See Website Wish List Page.
  • Acquire a manned potato digger, sweet corn harvester, string bean harvester, other.
  • Receive Additional Land - 1) desire to received into the project for use to support and expand what we are doing  2) and would like to do – 70, 150, 200, 750 upwards. 3) to 1000 Acres and 1Millions pounds of grown and donated fresh food to regional hungry neighbors in need. 4) From a future facility for Farming, Food Storage and Processing Facilities, Retreat Center, Cabin Housing, Worship Center, Modern Meeting and Education Center, and Other related activities.

Learning from our 2017 Season,there are 3 things we need to do:

  1. Extend our geographic provider reach
  2. Improve and shorten logistics
  3. Help a variety of "front line" ministries
Walt Zawaski,
Jun 23, 2018, 12:03 PM