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Wish List

IHartHarvest - The Potato Project  

Equipment Wish List, 8/15/2018

   Equipment - Other than making-due with what we have, simply because I think we can do more…

  - Mind you now, the equipment doesn't need to be new, just working, operable, and repairable.

   For sustainability expansion at this point forward, it appears and is  evaluated as requiring the 3Ts, a Trailer, a Truck, and a Tractor (listed in progressive expense); a Deckover Trailer of 10 to 12K GVW, a 300Bu. Grain Truck, and a bigger Tractor (if new just over 100Hp due to Tier4 emission standards for pulling capacity, or if older model (pre-2012) 90Hp range - #2, 3, & 8). Or in the 75Hp range to match the 4210 in capability, but with adjustable tire width. We can continue minor horizontal food crop expansion within reason as we currently exist, provided donated stewardship funding continues at a sustaining level, month to month and year to year. For what we do, helping hungry neighbos in need, is afore the kindness and grace of those who avail to provide.

Top List of Practical Now Needs and Wants:


 2. Sweet Corn Harvester. There's many version types.

PTO Powered, Tow behind, or preferred a 3Pt Hitch Attached.

Looking for Used obviously +/-$3,000 - 15,000.00

(No separate engine units)

Got this - Pequea 716 DO - April

 2.  Deckover Trailer: Really good to have a dual axel deck-over, 10 to12K GVW+ class trailer to handle the larger wide equipment such as the bigger tractor, wide 4Row corn, potato planter, disc, as when needed to be hauled around from distant plot to plot. +/-3K - $7K, used to new. #1 in Sustainability Expansion List

3. Grain Dump Truck: to match the output of the Combine at harvest. 300-400 Bushel capacity, single/dual axle, dump body. And handle increased seed/fertilizer planting distributions in the Spring, as well as the start of produce distribution, in lue of having a box truck with or w/o a frig unit. Used about $1,500 to $8K depending on age and condition. Simply cannot afford a new one. #2 in Sustainability Expansion List

 If and When we acquire a Grain Truck, we can deal our Dump Trailer to help off set the expense.

6a. 3Point, Plastic Mulch Layer +/-2K

    6b. Plastic Mulch Lifter. +/-2K


Our JD 653A Row Crop Head Pic
4. 453A matched Row Crop Header, and a Cart, for our John Deere 4425 Combine. Used +/-$4000.

Was able to acquire a JD 213 Flex Head for $475.00, and $650 delivery, with Cart! 8/16/17.

Now, to hope to get enough stewardship help to buy used parts and repair the hydraulics on the JD 4425 Combine to run the head.

The 453A header is for 30" planted Soybeans (or Sunflowers, Milo, and the like) planted with our JD7000 planter. If we get this item, no need to repair Reel Hydraulics on JD4425 Combine.

   We have a 653A 6Row Header now, and we are willing to trade straight up for a 453A 4Row Header in like good condition. You deliver and pickup/exchange heads at our place. Or, you can buy our 653A for $6000 and we'll go hunt a 453A then.

 7. Soil Saver for Min-till, 5 Tooth, towable, w/RAM.
    This particular one at Wenger's, is $5,200 at the moment.

Adding a Manned Harvester would be excellent to our operation.

One Row Manned Harvester

5. New Willsie or like Potato Diggers.

Base: $5,478.98+ New

After 9 years, it's time. Our old used potato diggers are wearing out with all that metal-on-metal works, and no other old used ones are becoming available in the local region at reasonable cost. We began to salvage parts off some to upkeep others this year. One has also been taken out of service as a spare since it's really worn down.


 Two Row Potato Digger. Sure would like to get one. +/-$3500.

Also we always need another 1Row Tater Digger, +/-$400-1500. New or Used 1 Row and 2 Row Chain Potato Harvesters, either PTO Powered, or Ground Driven, as our older in use models are wearing out, and chain bed replacement is more expensive then another used digger.

More used 1Row potato diggers.

A NEW towable 1Row is about $7,500+. 3Pt around $6K

Got this - MF 275 Tractor - April
 72-120 HP Tractor w/3Pt Hitch, all around weights, ready to work.

For Expansion needs, for taking on additional ground. +/-$15K-$35K Used.

Need too; associated implements like 4 bottom plow, chisel, and sundry for such for tractor.

#3 in Sustainability Expansion List

Acquired a dealer preped 1975, Massey Ferguson 275 Tractor, 74Hp 3Speed Trans, Hi/Lo Range, with MF "Multi-Power".  Tractor Blue Book valued at $10,849.00, May 3, 2018.

 4Row No-Till Corn Planter  with Liquid Fertilizer System.  

 Corn, Soy, and String Bean Seed Plates as applicable (capable and available) and needed. 30" row spacing. Varies $3,700-$7,000 used.

A plateless, no-till, with liquid injector fertilizer system, would be best. For Field Corn, Soy Beans and Custom Crops like String Beans, Peas, and the like.

Acquired a used refurbed John Deere 7000 4Row Min-till Planter with Monitor, & dry fertilizer units - October 2017. Upgrading it to a No-till configuration with floating Razor wheel row cleaners, Posi closing wheels, seed firmers, planter unit setbacks, additional weights on each seeder, and on the row markers. Finger pickup for corn, has soybean cups, and milo adapters.

 9. Car Ports and 1Acre Admin Space, erected for equipment storage protection for Combine and other such as JD 4000 4Row Planter.
 10. 8ft Transport Cultimulcher.

Makes a nice seed bed for corn planting, crushing the clumps for carrots and sweet corn before planting.

Typically, $900-3500 Used.

11. 8Ft, 3Point Disc. Used $400-3000.

12.  3/14 or 2/18 Roll-Over Plow, Used.


13a.  Fork Lift - Field (dirt surface) Accessible, low profile, able to handle 2,500 pound lift pallet capacity.

I find it an increasing challenge to continually handle hundreds of  +50 pound bags of seed potatoes, fertilizer, and seed throughout the busy Spring planting season, and year. As we do more as well, we need to handle the unit throughput expeditiously to be able to keep up with the work pace during planting, with the limited work day people power available. +/-$1800 used.

 13b. And an Electric Pallet Jack

 14. Used Row Crop, High Clearance Tractor with Cultivators & Fertilizer Applicator.  $3000 Up to $20K venture.

15. 100 gallon 3Pt Sprayer 20ft booms +/-$2800.
If I5can just get the bigger tank, as I upgraded our present sprayer with 20ft booms in 2017, it would be AOK for now.

 8.  5 Shank, 3Pt Chisel Plow.

5T Towable for our 72Hp Tractor now.

7T, 3Pt if we can get the bigger Hp Tractor.

 1.  2Row Potato Ridger. Would like to do a better job with the potato crop potential. Now that we have a tractor like the MF275 which can have the tires adjusted to the width to fit the 34" planted potato row spacing, we can successfully utilize a 2Row passive Ridger.

 Or, a Sweet Corn Picker, which ever comes first - less expensive operation all around.

 16. The String Bean Project: 1Row String Bean Harvester. Used Bean Picker and associated needs to start this project.

Bean picker, for string beans. http://www.sweere.net/Files/OXBO_BH100.pdf for expansion of the project. This is a dreamy goal. I had this idea; that if we had a 50HP output tractor and string bean picker, with more ground, we could do two crops of string beans, and/or peas along with doing the potatoes - we have the tractor. It would take 1, 2, 3-4 or 5 people to harvest this crop, an operator on tractor, and optionally 2 or 3 working with the pulled harvester machine to mechanically pick this crop. We could better diversify with low intensity harvest work and better help out with hunger in our local area. New BH100 runs about $45,000 with SHI and Prep. 1/5/15-wz. Used $8000-18,000.

 We need to purchase and put in a packing line with the String Bean/Pea harvester to compensate the lack of volunteers as needed at the food distribution facilities, to process this time sensitive fresh food crop.
This type, about $5K Used


 17. Grain Auger, 6". For unloading grain wagons into trailer for hauling. $1000-$3K used.
 18. Automated Seed Potato Cutter, New or Used
 19. Grain Bin with Dryer, 5,000Bu capability, Unloader, and outside Auger to load.

  20. Box Truck with electric tail gate, with or w/o refrigeration unit. Enlarge our supply footprint to outer Food Banks Districts.

 21Woods Mower, 540PTO, Towable or 3Point for corn stalks. Can be smaller then in Pic.

     Upgrade our JD7000 4Row Planter to Liquid Fertilizer System, replacing the dry. ASAP.
 Alpha-Omega. In the high vision of this Diaconal Mission; we could use Endowment Fund(s), toward envisioned expansion to (Now at 55Acrs in 2016) 70, 150, and 300 acres, the possibly of gifted or granted use of a Farm Facility with that acreage, moving toward the 'Christian Center at Hamburg' of 1,000 acres a year producing 1,000,000 pounds of fresh food grown yearly all donated to local hungry neighbors in need, while offering other additional retreat-type services as well. Yes, I know, you're blinking. But this is the possibility.


Or, in near term reality, an accessible 1Acre flat plot of land, to have and move all our equipment and outfitting to, overhead storage for equipment, with a garage to work on equipment, and a small residual office / shed(s).

In reality, we are in need of additional land use. Especially for sustainability / support crop land.

 A pot-o-gold.

·  Fresh "String Bean" packing line system.
· Two row Cultivator & Hiller setup for bigger 30HP Class Tractor.
·  4/14 moldboard trip plow, 3Pt. or IH Trail.
·  6ft drag disc for the fellas with smaller tractors to use.
·  More Cleaning Tables like AllenG. made in 2009; The AG SpudMaster 5000

· Potato Cleaning or Washer System

· Potato Bagging System

· Pound Weigh Scale(s), larger and more suited then the bathroom scales we use for the 5# bags we pack, as we move to bigger faster clearing infrastructure systems for tater harvest.

· Hospitality Trailer, such as the small ones seen at local fairs and carnivals. Make it easier for us to supply hospitality to volunteers at Harvest Sessions – French Fries, Drinks, Hotdogs and the like. It’s extra curricular and extravagant but would help, for our numbers are few between me and Linda. Will make our picking sessions easier as we go mobile to various remote plots.

·  Potable portable Water Tank setup for Remote Hospitality harvest sessions.

· 5# or 10# (prefer mesh or paper) Potato Bags & Ties for this seasons potatoes, or 10# Paper Potato Bags and Sealer/Sewing Mechanism 5# - Eastern Poly 5,000, 10 Pound 3,000 - if Paper with Window.

·  A second 3PT Pallet Fork lift for our existing tractors.

·  If we run across a mechanized potato harvester/bagger, and it is affordable, we wouldn't turn it down.


Matthew 14:13-21.    {'No, you do it, for I will be with you.' }
13Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a deserted place by himself. But when the crowds heard it, they followed him on foot from the towns.14When he went ashore, he saw a great crowd; and he had compassion for them and cured their sick.15When it was evening, the disciples came to him and said, “This is a deserted place, and the hour is now late; send the crowds away so that they may go into the villages and buy food for themselves.” 16Jesus said to them, “They need not go away; you give them something to eat.” 17They replied, “We have nothing here but five loaves and two fish.”18And he said, “Bring them here to me.”19Then he ordered the crowds to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven, and blessed and broke the loaves, and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds.20And all ate and were filled; and they took up what was left over of the broken pieces, twelve baskets full.21And those who ate were about five thousand men, besides women and children.