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About the actual facts; Grandpop Jake always said, "Don't believe anything you read, and only half of what you see."

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   You must understand that The Potato Project is not so much about me and Linda. It’s a story about our rabbis and what they teach us of the Gospel of God.  It’s a story about the Holy Spirit.  A story about Diaconal Minister Linda Zawaski,  Reverends Larry Schell, Lou Johnson, Brian Derrer, Bishop Dave Strobel, Ned Dresher, Tom Reinsel, Bob Machamer, Keith Rohrbach, Paul Hansen, and Bishop Sam Zeiser.  It’s a story about imperfect people of God who have Christ so deeply ingrained, that I cannot aspire to the possibilities of their heart felt understandings in the Words of Christ. This is a story about The Holy Spirit and what this influence can help us do when we open our eyes, ears, and hearts. The Potato Project is a story about the church in motion outside its walls.  If you write nothing else, write this; The Holy Ghost of God – The Holy Spirit, is an entity, and is real.  I do not do this thing because I want to, but because we can, and it is a good and right thing to do.  Frankly, I'd much rather be out riding my Triumph whereabouts, or playing some golf, really. Both of which in leisure time, I miss alot. -/WaltZ

 Lutheran Magazine July 2012

80,000 pounds isn't enough   -Story by Rachel Pritchett

ELCA member lost his job and began a potato project

In Pennsylvania Dutch country sits a potato patch that yielded 80,000 pounds of Kennebecs for 250 food pantries in three counties last season.

The Potato Project began in 2008 with Walt Zawaski of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kutzown, Pa. He'd lost his computer job and got inspired by a TV report about a Colorado farmer who had a bounty crop of potatoes, invited takers and was overrun. "Well, I didn't think things were that bad [here], but we could do something," Zawaski said.

In his backyard, he stuck some potatoes in the dirt. Pantries gladly accepted the 7,500 pounds Zawaski and volunteers gave in 2009.

The patch grew to 13 acres. Last year, 988 volunteers harvested the crop in 103-degree heat. In four-hour shifts, they traipsed behind a dusty tractor that turned the potatoes

Joyce Esser works with members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Kutztown, Pa., to help harvest 80,000 pounds of potatoes for 250 food pantries.

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up to the surface. Sent to the Greater Berks Food Bankfor distribution, the 80,000 pounds quickly vanished.

"I had no realization that I would be in the potato business," Zawaski said. "[Volunteers flock to Louisiana and Tanzania] but nobody comes here to Kutztown."
(I didn't write the Story. I just gave a telephone interview." Editorial License did the rest... /wz)