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Plots 2017

Program Acres Assumed for 2017, as of 4/19/17          
  • St. Mary's RC Church, Hamburg, Plots were offered.
  • Shaner Plot, withdrawn 11A FC.
  • Raudenbush, 2A FC out of production, upper plot, transfered for season.

        2017 Acres Thus Far: 58.67 Acers, in our step quest for 70 Acres. Then onward to 150 Acres for marked sustainability.

Crop assigned to plots above is tentative. Planted this Spring is:

  1. White Potatoes – 8 Acres.
  2. Carrots – 2.5Acres, in raised beds.
  3. Sweet Corn – I ordered enough seed for 1 Acre in 4 Sections for picks starting August 9th.
  4. Watermelon Trial, for fill in +/-1.3 Acres worth of seed. Doesn't look good at all at this point, 8/7/17.
  5. Sweet Potato Trial, - 4.5, +/-345Ft Rows of Slips, into raised beds as trail.
  6. Cabbage Trial – .5 Acres, as live transplants, as trial. FAILED.
  7. Onion Transplants – some rows, as trial, 3, 415ft. rows in raised beds. Ready to pick Aug 9th-
  8. Field Corn, there will be about 40 Acres or so of seed for planting, at this point.

 P=Potatoes, SP Sweet Potatoes. FC=Field Corn, SC=Sweet Corn, CA=Carrots, CB=Cabbage, W=Watermelon, SB=String Beans, YB=Yellow Wax Beans, SP=Snap Peas, LB=Lima Beans, SO=Soy Beans 

James 2:14 - Faith without Works Is Dead. 14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but do not have works? Can faith save you?