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Help Wanted

Positions Available, maintaining the mission to help hungry neighbors in need

1. Equipment Operators.  There is always help needed in the farm fields by Equipment Operators:
 Moldboard Plowing, Discing, Harrowing, Raised Bed Maker, Hilling, Cultivating, Harrowing, Discing, Corn Planter, Potato Planter, Carrot Planter, Pesticide Spraying, Potato Digger Operations, Hospitality Attendants, Other Harvest Day Key Jobs such as Bin/Pallet Assembler and Fill Attendant, Corn Picking, Trailer/Hauling, Corn Crib Filling, Elevator Operations, Stalk Mowing, Equipment Wrenching... Experience suggested, will train capable individuals. We have two 35Hp class Ag Tractors now; a 2011 Kubota L3800 Hydrostatic, and a 1980 John Deere 1050, four speed Hi-Lo Range gear drive clutch, with 3 point hitches Cat1 for associated matched equipment. A 1994 Case IH 4210 72Hp Cat2 Tractor with manual clutch trans Hi/Lo 4 speed. Many times folks bring their own tractors to help out - this is greatly appreciated. Normally this is donated time, equipment, and fuel  by the owners of the tractors for The Projects. Often a seat is available as well. One should be of good character, carefull, mindfull, observent, logical, have good common sense, and be able to work on and repair equipment. Come and help.
Contact: Walt Zawaski   eMail: ihartharvest@gmail.com  Ph: 484-648-0381 ET USA

2. Bookkeeper.   An opening is available to be considered as our Bookkeeper. This is a donated time position. Individual takes care of the General Accounting, A/R and A/P record keeping.  Contact: Linda Zawaski   eMail: LZawaski@Hotmail.com   Ph: 484-648-0381

3. Capital Campaign & Fund Raiser.   The volunteer position will develop and organize these, this function, helps garner, and oversees groups and individuals to aid and help them raise stewardship funds for the project, toward our general operations, budget, and special projects. Contact: Walt Zawaski  or Linda Zawaski, eMail: ihartharvest@gmail.com  Ph: 484-648-0381

4. Mentee for the "Executive Director" Position. Accept complete training to operate and run IHartHarvest, Inc. Learn and become familiar with all aspects of business and field operation(s), perform business and field duties, operate equipment as needed, mentor volunteers, organize, work with volunteers for farming duties, and crop harvest functions. Individual can and will eventually assume the President position as approved by the Board of Directors. Contact: Walt Zawaski,   eMail: ihartharvest@gmail.com  Ph: 484-648-0381

James 1:22 (NIV); '22Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.'