Call for papers: Human dynamics in hot deserts (due 1 Apr 2016)

Post date: Dec 20, 2015 9:38:01 AM

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to authors to the special issue of Quaternary International, which titled "Human Dynamics in Hot Deserts".

This call for paper was originally addressed to attendees of the cognominal session at INQUA 2015 Nagoya, although those who did not attend the session are also welcome to contribute. Please read the following message from the editors (listed as CC), and feel free to circulate to your colleagues.

Best regards,

Yasuhisa Kondo

IAG Working Group on Geoarchaeology


Dear all,

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Human Dynamics in Hot Deserts session in Nagoya and for making it such as success, including the presenters for the diverse and fascinating array of research, everyone who attended and for making it a fantastic, friendly atmosphere.

As we mentioned at the end of our session, we have arranged to produce a special issue focusing upon Human Dynamics in Hot Deserts with Quaternary International. We hope you agree that this is the most appropriate format for publishing the outcome from the conference as it provides the combination of managed peer review process, rapid online availability and a venue with growing impact factor. All interested parties are invited to submit manuscripts to the volume so long as they fit within our broad remit, so this is not restricted solely to teams that presented research at the conference (indeed this mail has been sent also to people that were not in Nagoya). Please can you contact us by the 15th of January if you are interested in contributing to the Special Issue of QI. In outline, the volume will focus upon human behaviour and environmental change in arid regions and we hope that many papers will combine new descriptive information with thematic assessments of how humans have engaged with desert environments in response to climatic change at varying spatial and temporal scales. Please read this information and the attached file, which describe the process by which this special volume of Quaternary International will be published.

The deadline for initial submissions to the volume is 1st April 2016, and in the interest of fairness to authors waiting to see their paper published, we expect you to adhere to this deadline. However, the submission system for the volume is now open, so there is no need to wait until the final week to send it! Papers will appear in press online once the review and revision process has been completed so the sooner you submit the sooner your paper will be available and can be cited. Our role as editors is primarily to manage the peer review and revision process. Once this is completed the manuscript goes to the Elsevier production department who are very efficient and will provide clear instructions and pdf proofs, etc.

Please note in particular the standards for the use of the English language – Elsevier can provide assistance with this; our job as guest editors is primarily to guide the process of scientific review, not to rewrite papers. Further information on the QI specifications (such as referencing format and the like) can be found online in the ‘guide for authors’ section at:

Submission should go through the new EVISE system, where you have to create an account at (click on the small Register Now line on the right side of the log in box):

Figures should be provided in as high a resolution as possible. In most cases we would advise there be up to ten figures, but we recognise that in some cases more figures are important so we can discuss this if you would like more than ten. Papers should be less than 8,000 words in length, but again this can be discussed.

During the uploading process you will have to choose an editor (Atsushi, Marco, Andrea, James [Jimbob]). Broadly, we recommend papers on Pleistocene archaeology and environments select Atsushi and Jimbob, and for Holocene topics select Marco and Andrea. Finally, all papers will be reviewed by at least two reviewers (normally 3) and publication of your paper of course depends on the reviewers and editors opinions of the paper. We expect that if wish to publish in this volume you will also be willing to act as a peer reviewer for other papers.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing your papers and working with you on the production of what we are confident will be a timely and important addition to the literature.

With very best wishes for the new year.

Atsushi, Marco, Andrea, Jimbob


Marco Madella

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CaSEs Research Group

Universitat Pompeu Fabra and IMF-CSIC

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