Harbour Geoarchaeology Week (12-18 Oct, Aix-en-Provence)

Post date: Oct 10, 2015 9:26:36 AM

Dear colleagues and friends,

This should be the final programm of our next geoarchaeological week.

Best regards,

Christoper Morhange


Harbour Geoarchaeology Week MOMARCH-MMSH 12-18 October 2015

MMSH - Salle Duby

MONDAY 12 October 14.00-17.00

1. Canals and artificial waterways of the 1st millennium AD. Geoarchaeological perspectives from central Europe.

2. Men and environment in shifting fluvial landscapes. Valley floor (Geo-)Archaeology in medieval southern Germany.

TUESDAY 13 October: Visit to the ancient harbour of Marseille et du Musée d’histoire.

WEDNESDAY 14 October : One-day excursion with students of MOMARCH- Aigues Mortes and Old Camargue .

TUESDAY 15 October : Whole day

9.00-11.00 Dr. Anna Pint (Cologne)

1. Microfossil analyses - basics and methods

2. Microfossil analyses - application in geoarcheology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction 11-13.00 M. Giaime (AMU, CEREGE) Évolution des paysages littoraux et des ports antiques

1 : Evolution géomorphologique du delta de la Kouban (Russie)

2 : Localisation du port romain de Pollentia (Baléares)

3 : La course à la mer des ports d’AKKO (Israël) depuis l’âge du Bronze


Case study: Geoarchaeology of harbours of Ephesus and Miletos (F. STOCK, Cologne)

Connecting harbours. A comparison of traffic networks across ancient and medieval Europe. (L. WERTHER, Iena)

FRIDAY 16 October : One-day excursion with students of MOMARCH - Fréjus port antique et catastrophe de MALPASSET. Visites du vivier du Kipling et du vivier de la Gaillarde.