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Working Group on Geoarchaeology

We define Geoarchaeology as the geosciences and geographical methods and techniques applied to prehistory, archaeology, and history. Our aim is to promote geoarchaeology in an open-minded way and from an interdisciplinary point of view.

- Presentation of the Working Group on Geoarchaeology (Fouache et al. 2010)

The IAG/AIG Working Group on Geoarchaeology WGG was formed in 1997, and the board was renewed in every four years. In the 7th International Conference on Geomorphology held in Melbourne in July 2009, Kosmas Pavlopoulos was appointed as chairman of the Group; Morgan de Dapper (founder of the WGG) as honoured Chairman; Patricia Fanning and Sanja Faivre as vice-presidents. The latest board was renewed in September 2013 (see Board).

Main objective for 2013–2017

  1. To structure an international network of national associations, and scientists (geomorphologists, geologists, archaeologists, palaeoenvironmentalists etc…) involved in the field of geoarcheology and to increase the distribution of the electronic newsletter.
  2. To promote regional area of interest from the viewpoint of geoarchaeology.
  3. To publish a collective geoarchaeological field book.
  4. To organized at least two intensive field trips for young geoarchaeologists.
  5. To continue to encouraged regional syntheses in geoarchaeological studies.


The aim of the Newsletter is to broadcast all information that WGG members (institutions or individual scientists) wish to announce in the field of geoarchaeology, such conferences, field trips, publications, call for papers and projects. The Newsletter is circulated once a year in the HTML and PDF formats. You can also download back issues.

Recent publications of the WGG

Recent conferences where the WGG members convened a geoarchaeology session

EGU = European Geosciences Union



  • EGU 2014 (Vienna, Austria, April 27 - May 2, 2014)





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