Ms. White

Which describes your path to becoming a teacher most closely?

Bachelor's Degree in Education

What did you major in in college and what college degrees do you have?

I majored in Integrated Language Arts. My college degree is a Bachelor of Science in Education.

Did you have other full-time jobs before you became a teacher? If so, what were they?

I worked in retail at a major mall store and at a Zoo.

When in your life did you decide you wanted to become a teacher?

I knew from a very young age, like around 5 or 6, that I wanted to be a teacher.

Did you complete student teaching before becoming a teacher? If so, describe that experience.

I completed my student teaching experience in a Junior High School that was completely dedicated to the 8th grade. My experience was in an 8th grade reading classroom, so all of my instruction focused on reading.

What are the pros and cons of being certified in the method you used?

Pros: It was helpful to be able to focus on the ideas of parts of ELA that aren’t usually separated out

Cons: I did not learn how to effectively teach writing until well into my career.

Would you recommend your path to becoming a teacher to others? Why or why not?

YES!!!! By going to school and completing an undergraduate degree in an education program, you aren’t only learning the subject material that you will/possibly may teach, you are learning how to effectively teach it.

How many years of experience to you have in the classroom? Do you plan to remain a teacher or do you have other career aspirations?

This school year is the beginning of my 11th year in the classroom. I am planning on getting my master’s degree in administration and possibly another in Exceptional Children.