Ms. Chance

Which describes your path to becoming a teacher most closely?

Lateral Entry

What did you major in in college and what college degrees do you have?

B.S. Biology (UNC-CH), Master's in School Administration (NCSU)--principal's license

Did you have other full-time jobs before you became a teacher? If so, what were they?

Worked in a lab (LABCORP) for 4 years

When in your life did you decide you wanted to become a teacher?

After working a year as a TA for a kindergarten class in Chapel Hill.

Did you complete student teaching before becoming a teacher? If so, describe that experience.

Did not student teach.

What are the pros and cons of being certified in the method you used?

Both a pro and a con: had to get it together quickly and figure it all out (curriculum and behavior issues).

Would you recommend your path to becoming a teacher to others? Why or why not?

Could not recommend teaching to someone today; not with the stress and fighting over grades and pettty things--students rather memorize than learn and apply what they learn; too limited support from state and often the district in the sciences (really all the EOC classes) though more is required of us.

How many years of experience to you have in the classroom? Do you plan to remain a teacher or do you have other career aspirations?

This is my 21st year and don't know about continuing; it is my true passion but the stress and workload gets worse every year, and not more manageable as it should. Not enough accountability placed on parents and students especially with regards to attendance.