Paper 1: "Write a commentary." You will have a choice between a prose passage and a poem.

How to Review for Paper 1 (Commentary)

· Review feedback on previous commentaries.

· Review the Paper 1 Rubric (online).

· Review commentary sentence starters and commentary organization packet (online).

· With a partner, annotate a passage separately, then discuss together.

· With a new poem/excerpt, practice:

o The pre-writing process, which includes annotating, dividing the text into sections, writing the thesis, and writing the topic sentences for each of your body paragraphs

o Writing the introduction, including thesis and poem/excerpt summary

o Writing body paragraph topic sentences

o Writing analysis of devices that focuses on the significance of the author’s choices

o Set a timer for two hours and write a whole commentary.

· Read good examples of Paper 1 (online)

Paper 2: A question that asks you to compare two works (out of Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Fences, and Death of a Salesman) on a particular topic related to drama. You will have three choices of drama questions.

How to Review for Paper 2 (Comparative Essay)

· Review the “If you don’t know these things, you’re screwed” chart.

o And/or read the Sparknotes for each of the four plays.

o You can also review theme charts, reading questions, and close reads from class.

· Review the Paper 2 Rubric (online).

· With a partner, pick the same question and complete the organizer separately, then discuss.

· Pick a Paper 2 question and practice:

o Completing the brainstorming/organizer from memory.

o Thesis and body paragraph preview writing from memory.

o Writing a body paragraph that contains specific examples, literary devices, and comparison/contrast to the other text.

o Set a timer for two hours and write a whole comparative paper.

· Read good examples of Paper 2 (online).