Ms. Cain

Which describes your path to becoming a teacher most closely?

Lateral Entry

What did you major in in college and what college degrees do you have?

BA, International Trade & Spanish; MBA, Business Administration; and Juris Doctor

Did you have other full-time jobs before you became a teacher? If so, what were they?

Yes, too many to name :-) Project Manager, Business Owner, Vendor Manager, Immigration Manager, etc.

When in your life did you decide you wanted to become a teacher?

I participated in Teacher Cadet in High School but wanted to travel so opted for business in college. Later in my career I made my mind up when I became a witness to the challenges that my son faced in school with a learning disability.

Did you complete student teaching before becoming a teacher? If so, describe that experience.

A VERY abbreviated version through NC Teacher Corp.

What are the pros and cons of being certified in the method you used?

Pros - I have a greater depth and breadth of experience which to draw for my content area. I also am more confident having worked with some of the most difficult and challenging people the world - Corporate Executives.

Cons - Instructional Strategies to help kids cross the finish line is a weakness for me. I know my content but I am still trying to learn how to be an effective/results-oriented teacher.

Would you recommend your path to becoming a teacher to others? Why or why not?

Yes and no....I think every teacher should work prior to teaching but I also think that everyone desiring to teach should work on becoming an effective teacher before having their own class.

How many years of experience to you have in the classroom? Do you plan to remain a teacher or do you have other career aspirations?

This is my 2nd year of teaching. Yes, I plan to teach for several more years but I think that I may be more effective in Career Development or Administration or Policy.