Ms. Adams

Which describes your path to becoming a teacher most closely?

Undergrad Degree in Education

What did you major in in college and what college degrees do you have?

English and Secondary Ed

Did you have other full-time jobs before you became a teacher? If so, what were they?

No, not a career job. I waited tables while I searched for a teaching position.

When in your life did you decide you wanted to become a teacher?

Junior year in college.

Did you complete student teaching before becoming a teacher? If so, describe that experience.

Yes, it was a GREAT experience. It was so great to receive guidance from an experienced teacher.

What are the pros and cons of being certified in the method you used?

Pros: ready for a job when I graduated, did not have to attend more school, took a variety of ed courses.

Cons: not very rigorous, did not get to go deeper into my content (English).

Would you recommend your path to becoming a teacher to others? Why or why not?

Yes because you are ready for a job at the end of four years.

How many years of experience to you have in the classroom? Do you plan to remain a teacher or do you have other career aspirations?

This is my third year. I view teaching as a season of my life, I did not intend to teach for my career.