My 8 years old daughter, Nicole, supervised by myself, wants to look after small domestic pets for few days when you go on holidays for a small pocket money fee.

Nicole reads to the rabbit  :-)

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment ESPECIALLY at school holiday times as we can look after the small domestic pets of only one family at a time. Bring with you any toys and written instructions that will make your animal feel at home and happy. We also ask that you provide all your animals food and any other dietary requirements; their stomach is quite sensitive and therefore change of diet could cause stomach upsets.

Health & Hygiene:

Rabbits must be vaccinated against VHD and Myxomatosis (at least two weeks prior to arrival) Current vaccination certificates must be seen upon arrival, as well as overall health check of the animal. No animal will be admitted showing any visible signs of clinical illnesses or distress.

If your pet does become ill whilst in our care, or needs veterinary assistance we will call the attention of our local vet (Shamrock Veterinary Clinic, Knaresborough Road, Harrogate. Any treatment will have to be charged to you directly from the vet under your name and address, however you will be contacted immediately if we have any concerns. Your choice of vet is also offered if preferred. If directed, simple medication will be given. We care very strongly for your animal and only act within the animals best interest.Dog walking:

Please ask for assessment to see if you dog and location (walking distance from Gramby corner, High Harrogate) is suitable for Louis to pick up your dog after school.

Boarding fees:

Rabbit: £2.00 per night (£1.00 per additional rabbit sharing a hutch)

Guinea pig, Ferrets or bird: £1.00 per night (£0.50 per additional small animal sharing a hutch)

Rabbit & Guinea pig sharing one hutch: £2 per night

Hamsters, gerbils & mice: £1.00 per night per cage (£0.50 per additional small animal sharing a hutch)

Hens: £3.00 per night + the eggs (We have a coop for 5 hens, 3 are living with us on permanent basis)

Small tank of fish, Happy Frogs or stick insects: £0.50 per night

Snake, Lizard, Tortoise Boarding: £1 per night

Your pet will live with us as part of the family. We reserve the right to refuse animals if we believe the health and safety of the children could be put at risk.