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Food Menu

A typical weekly menu would be as follow, taking in consideration availability of vegetable in the garden and seasonal variation as well as dietary requirement of the children in my care on the day.

  Lundi : Meat free Monday.
Meat free Mondays

Mardi :    Kids Cooking day
DVD : LA CUISINE est un jeu d’enfants
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 Jeudi : Taste of the world

 Vendredi : Poisson

Tarines, cereals, fresh juice, hot drink...
 Tarines, cereals, Gruyère, fresh juice, hot drink... Tarines, cereals, fresh juice, hot drink... Tarines, cereals, fresh juice, hot drink... Tarines, cereals, fresh juice, hot drink...
Morning snack
Raisins, fresh fruits, bread sticks with water or organic milk.
 Variety of fruits, veg toast with water provided at St Robert's playgroup.
 Biscuits and juice
 Raisins and bananas or exotic fruits with water or milk.
Variety of fruits, biscuits and toast with juice or water provided at the toy library (when we go), or Fruits here.  
Vegetarian main course.
Fruit and cake.
Kids choice
Olives or canapés.
Fromage frais or/and Fruits.
Pasta in a delicious sauce.
Clementine and grapes.
Chilli con carne
with Nan bread
or curry with pompadums
or goulash with groats
or Stir fry with noodles...
Fromage frais or yoghurt and fruits.
Fish based main course. Fish finger & chips with pies,  or oily fish sandwiches with sweet corn and salad.
Afternoon snack 
(Le 4 heure)
Tartines de confiture or Nutela broast. Water
Crèpes au sucre. WaterTartine de confiture et fromage. Water
 Tartines de confiture or Nutela broast. WaterTartines de confiture or Nutela broast.Madeleines. Water
Evening meal Week 1
 Pasta with tomato sauce and hidden vegetable.
Salade de fruits
 Salade verte
Swiss cheese fondue
Boiled potatoes and herbes
Swiss roll
 Home made soup
Nice bread
Stew with extra vegetable
or egg base dish.
 Tomatoes pasta with spinash
Yogourth and fruits
  Evening meal Week 2
 Vegetable stir Fry
pistachio baklava
 Savoury crèpes de sarasin (gallettes with ham, cheese, eggs, tomatoes)
Chocolate or lemon crèpes
(celebrate Mardi Gras)
  Salade verte
Boiled potatoes and herbes
Apple strudel
 Salmon pasta with broccoli
Yoghurt and fruits

Milk we supply

Milk means heat-treated (e.g. pasteurised) liquid cows’ milk. It includes whole and semi-skimmed milk. It does not include milk with flavours, colours, added vitamins or any other additions. It does not include fully skimmed milk, goats’ milk, soya milk or unpasteurised milk.

“Infant Formula for babies under 12 months should be provided by parents unless otherwise agreed.