Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that primarily affects reading, writing and spelling but may also impact on memory, organisation, mathematical and sequencing skills. Dyslexia affects people of any age, intelligence level and background, and difficulties vary from slight to severe.

“Specific Learning Difficulties (such as Dyslexia) are the single biggest preventable cause of educational failure."

This is why I wish to do everything in my power to help children and adult learners with Dyslexia. I understand parents' concerns about their child and their contributions are valued.

The Environment I offer:

● Positive ‘have a go’ ethos

● Appropriate height of chairs, tables

● Lots of natural light (and good lighting for after dark)

● Friendly atmosphere

● Water available

Resources available

● Blackboards and whiteboards

● Alphabet game

● Magnetic Word on the Fridge

● Overlays & Highlighters

● Variety of writing materials on offer including coloured writing paper

● Dictionaries

● Range of suitable software available on the iPad

● Dictaphone function available on Iphone and iPad

● Headphones available

● Homework help and One to One tuition

● ICT is a key tool I use to help dyslexic learners for their learning experiences, as well as accessing or recording written or verbal information.

Method of Tuition

● Varied

● Multi-sensory (I use Music, toys, everyday objects, books, drawings, boards, recordings, posters...)

● Friendly

● Praise for the efforts and progress

● Session can be short or have lots of breaks including offering water or food.

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