Ethical Living

I try to live my life in an environmentally Friendly manner.

  1. I have calculated my Carbon Footprint with Resurgence and I have pledge (and achieved) to reduce it by more than half with advice from 10:10. How have I reduced my Carbon Footprint ?We have installed Cavity walls and loft Insulation (saving 40% of our heating Gas bill)
  2. We have installed hot water tank jacket and Heatkeeper Energy-Saving Radiator Panels (saving up to15% of our Gas bill)
  3. We have installed a wood burning stove (saving 10% of our Gas bill)
  4. I have fitted secondary double glazing with Magnetik strips (available in My Green Shop). Soon to be replaced by A ratted double glazing by Polarglaze.
  5. I monitor my electricity usage with an Energy Monitor (saving 15% of my electricity bill) and I have swap my Electricity supplier to OVO who offers 15% of it's electricity from sustainable sources at a cost 13% cheaper than e-on. (e-on was producing less than 5% from sustainable source when I swapped)
  6. We grow some of our own fruits and vegetables.
  7. I recycle plastic bottles (90g CO2 per bottle) and cardboards as well as what is being picked up in the Kerbside collection.
  8. I have a green policy We exclusively walk or cycle to school. We take part in each year.
  9. I register my car trips with and with a car sharing club WhipCar Whenever you need a car you can rent mine. My Car Breakdown Cover is with ETA - The world’s only climate neutral motoring organisation.
  10. We have installed Photovoltaic-Panels (PV) on our roof to produce electricity and earn via the Feed-in Tarif, and I have a 100% renewable tariff, Click on this link to save and get £20 Gift voucher.

How will we reduce our Carbon Footprint further?

I have help other reduce their Carbon footprint in taking part in the Low Carbon Guide project and Eco team.

I am a member of Friends of the Earth, Royal Horticultural Society, Wheel Easy and RSPB.

We take parte in the

If you are interested for French Tuition or Childminding please know that I have a green policy and I offer a green discount of 5% for those not driving to my house this includes people walking to my house or taking tuition online.

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